BALLOTBOX-BLUE-VOTE.jpgBALLOTBOX-BLUE-YOURLIGHTSWITCH.jpgVOTE-EARTH-SWITCH.jpgLeo Burnett Sydney will soon be launching a new campaign to promote Earth Hour 2009. While the campaign has not officially launched, it appeared on the cover of the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, after finding it’s way online yesterday.
The campaign will hold the world’s first global election, between the candidates of Earth, and global warming. In the lead up to Earth Hour, people of the world will be urged to ‘VOTE EARTH’, by using their light switch as their vote. Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, while leaving them on is a vote for global warming, transforming Earth Hour into a worldwide election night.
Last year in 2008, 50 million people took part in Earth Hour by switching off their lights. With 2009 being the third year of Earth Hour, Leo Burnett wanted to re-invigorate the brand, and generate a level of involvement far exceeding previous years.
“Their task was huge, to reinvent an already famous idea. To say I am proud of what they did would be an understatement. ‘VOTE EARTH’ is a powerful idea that can really make a difference leading to the Copenhagen Summit. It’s amazing to think this will be the world’s first global vote.” says Todd Sampson, CEO, Leo Burnett.
The target set by WWF and Leo Burnett this year is to get 1 billion people around the world to switch off their lights. The enormity of this target needs an equally big idea. Says creative team behind ‘VOTE EARTH’, Michael Canning and Kieran Antil: “1 billion people is a lot of people. To reach this target we need an idea that really changes people’s perception of energy conservation. By turning the issue of climate change into an election between Earth and global warming, it makes the problem very direct for the individual, in the sense that we all have a vote, and every vote counts”.
To achieve the level of global scale which this election deserves, Leo Burnett decided that Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic ‘Hope’, ‘Change’ and ‘Progress’ posters of Barack Obama in the recent US Presidential election, was the only choice to create the artwork for the ‘VOTE EARTH’ campaign. Working with Curious Films, the artwork will be featured in a global integrated campaign, including a TVC going to air in over 74 countries.  
Says Pete Grasse, executive producer of Curious Films: “When the guys first approached Curious with the opportunity of producing this year’s Earth Hour campaign it was a chance we had to jump at. Being environmentally responsible is a core value for us as a company so it was an easy decision. The first challenge we faced was getting Shepard Fairey involved. The guys were adamant he create the artwork. Being no small feat on the heels of Shepard’s Obama election poster, I was thrilled when I was able to deliver. This project has grown considerably since that time and I am really proud of the work still to come.”
WWF are taking the results of the ‘VOTE EARTH’ campaign to the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009, which will be submitted as a united statement by the people of the world against global warming. This meeting will urge governments around the world to adopt official policies to take action against global warming, and will supersede the Kyoto Protocol.
Says Andy DiLallo, co ECD of Leo Burnett, Sydney: “To give the Earth Hour brand enough momentum to get 1 billion people involved this year, we needed to build the brand and give it a new dimension. ‘Vote Earth’ will be extremely powerful in getting the world to take action against global warming, not just for Earth Hour but at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, and also as an ongoing mantra for people in their everyday energy consumption.”
Adds co ECD Jay Benjamin: “This is the first time in history that any person of any nationality, race, gender or age will get the chance to come together and tell the leaders of the world just how they feel. ‘VOTE EARTH’ is a campaign of the people with the power to unite the world and take Earth Hour to the next level. Action. Human action against the world’s biggest problem.”


Anonymous said:

What a brilliant idea. Well done Leo's

Anonymous said:

So it's a petition rather than an election?

I'm confused. Love the artwork, much better than that bevel emboss piece of crap logo they had before.

Anonymous said:

um...1 billion people voting to lower emissions targets for the entire planet sounds a little bigger than a petition. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said:

You know why 8:06? because they ripped it off Obamamamama.

Anonymous said:

I'm in. I'm voting earth. And so should all of you.

Let's help this thing reach a billion and beyond. Fucking impressive.

Anonymous said:

Will there be an inauguration?

Love the comment about the petition.

Anonymous said:

First thought was how Obama-ish the artwork was. Read down a bit and discovered the truth. Good to see originality is alive and well in McMahons Point.

Pete said:

Love it.

Anonymous said:

It looks to me like someone has given the old house a new paint job. It looks fresher, but it's still the same house underneath.

Anonymous said:

Jase said:

I heard it was the client's idea and the agency just brought it to life.

James said:

That's an improvement!

Anonymous said:

You know why 10:04? Because the same artist created it. Learn to read.

Anonymous said:

Yep, milk that Earth Hour until the last piece of shiny metal.

Anonymous said:

You can 'Vote for Earth' as well on LiveEarth website sponsored by Al Gore.

Anonymous said:

Can't wait to see the rest of the campaign. Finally, it's more than just a logo.

I really think anyone who criticizes this has to take a long hard look at their priorities. The idea is all about publicity and getting as many people involved around the world as humanly possible. So, getting the artist who does this campaign style and happens to have more fame than any other artist in the world right now is actually genius.

I love the comment about 'originality'. World's FIRST global election sounds like the definition of original to me. Using the best election people in the world to execute it just makes sense.

Great stuff.

Anonymous said:

This idea is genius.

They couldn't have used the popular culture attached to the US election in a more effective way. Everyone is always talking about creating content ideas, but it's nice to see it actually being done.

This is going to be huge. Awesome idea, wish it was mine.

Anonymous said:

If that turgid self serving presser ends up being printed a million trees will die

Anonymous said:

Score! Nice one Grasse. Make sure you get me a signed print, fucker.

Anonymous said:

9:28 PM and um, other people calling this an election. The reason I asked if it was a petition is because, unless you're electing a global counsel of elite butswipers, it's a petition for big business.

Who's running for the election?

What do they do?

Can I vote for Al Gore or Kofi Annan?

If I can, it's the world's first global 'yes we can' election.

If not, it's the world's 15 billionth petition.

Why don't we spend more time on creating ground breaking ideas instead of PRing them as ground breaking ideas?

No offence to the guys. Like it. Well done on using that artist, he's great, although been used many times before and you could have saved some coin using a local artist. And I am a passionate supporter of ending global warming, hence why I walk everywhere instead of rocking up to work in a SUV.

But what is it. Petition or Election?

Sorry to be so pedantic on semantics.

Anonymous said:

“This is the first time in history that any person of any nationality, race, gender or age will get the chance to come together and tell the leaders of the world just how they feel."


Anonymous said:

Hey 3:54, you know that planet thing that you live on? That one with the blue skies and pretty trees? The one that you love with all that air that you breathe and stuff? This press release and this campaign are making an attempt to do their part to save it.

So, if you think about it, these guys are doing something FOR YOU. Self serving? I don't think so. Think before you write something like that. We should all support this and be proud of the fact that Australia is doing something to try and influence the world on this issue. Our government sure isn't.

On to Copenhagen!! Good on ya.

Anonymous said:

The people will decide, not petty ad industry infighting. Let's see what happens. Its spread on the web will be key.

Anonymous said:

Fairey has been arrested going to his exhibition opening in Boston and it's all over mainstream media and the web. Gold!! It's like arresting Warhol at this point.

Anonymous said:

Correct 3:54. I believe this campaign will achieve very little, if anything at all.

Can someone please tell me exactly what it is that Earth Hour has achieved with the exception of giving people an easy out - turn the lights out for one hour a year - phew, great, I've done my bit - conscious clear.

If Earth Hour is the success people claim it to be [that's different to how many people participate for 1 hour a year, recall the message, or even support the idea], surely by now, there should be an Earth Hour every day and I'd no longer be able to stare at the city lights on my next flight home to Sydney.

Corporations love things like Earth Hour - "One hour a year?" - "Sign us up and give us a certificate to hang in reception". It just lets them off the hook. If Burnetts hadn't invented Earth Hour you can be sure a major corporation would've.

Now we have the World's First Earth Vote. Whooppee!!!

And what will that achieve?

Not much - people would've participated in the World's First Global Vote and that's about it.

We'll read about it, Todd will get more TV airtime and we'll all marvel at how many people have participated and how good we all feel about 'doing something'. [But, unfortunately it has all the hallmarks of Kevin 07's exercise in popularism, The Ideas Summit].

And what is the stated purpose of the Earth Vote? To influence global policy makers on the climate change protocols to supersede Kyoto.

Save your energy people.

The politicians will thank you for the photo opportunity and be only be too happy to tell the world how important it all is but, honestly, Earth Vote has as much chance of influencing the Chinese, Indian and US Govts as the Kyoto Protocol did - zero.

If you really want to make a difference, forget the 'easy-outs' of Earth Hour and Earth Vote. Stop telling other people what to do [for an hour a year] and start reducing your own consumption.

Turn your own office and home lights off when they're not needed, not just for an hour a year, but every day. Let's stop kidding ourselves - I bet 99.9% of people who support Earth Hour don't even turn their TV's off at the wall!

And stop trying to influence the whole world and start influencing our own world - stand candidates in local elections who'll demand office lights must be turned off every night.

It's going to take time and energy to achieve it - but that's life. Throughout history, all social change has come at a cost. The problem with Earth Hour and Earth Vote is there is no cost.

That's why it's so popular with individuals and corporations alike.

And it will always be why Earth Hour and movements like it make a lot of noise but not a lot of difference.

Earth Hour and Earth Vote aren't the solution, they're part of the problem.

Anonymous said:

I suspect the people in the northern hemisphere, suffering yet another colder than average winter, won't be touching the switches on their lights and heaters for some time yet.

Though the Swedes have decided to turn the switch back on to Nuclear energy, an example we should follow if we seriously believe the current cycle is permanent.

Anonymous said:

Great idea. Well done getting Shepard. The posters rock. I hope you pull off getting a billion votes. That would definitely send a message to world leads.

Anonymous said:

Who cares. Global Warming is a fraud anyway.

Anonymous said:

Nice work to the people at Leo's on this campaign. Leadership is needed.

And to those too willing to throw mud:

It's all too easy to write a few snide words from behind a screen. Merely expressing your opinion on how things should be done doesn't accomplish a thing.

Plain and simple.

Get off your arse and do something.

Anonymous said:

So shephaird fairey design the poster?

Anonymous said:

Earth hour. PR year.

Anonymous said:

I agree with 11.20.

One hour a year. Surely global warming has moved on from simply being an awareness issue?

Last year I "watched" earth hour unfold in Sydney from a high rise building.

There was no blackout. More lights were switched on than off during the hour.

Nice tribute to Obama's campaign though.

Anonymous said:

Earth Hour is only in its third year and it started right here, it's an outstanding achievement for it to have gone global in such a short time and yes, this stemmed from a brilliant idea.

And I think some of you are jumping gun with your opinions, don’t forget, this is the only the first piece of PR that has gone out, Earth Hour isn’t until the end of March so I for one will hold off until I see what else these guys come up with. Jumping on the US election coat tails and using Fairey is proving genius already so I'm expecting to see some really cool stuff.

I’ll definitely be voting and you should all too. Vote Earth!

PS It’s an election dickhead, why so pissed off about it anyway? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Stan said:

The planet we live on is warming up. True. So anything that is done to stop this is good.

It's not an election - who is being elected? It's not really a petition either.It's just asking people to do something at a specified time.

Earth hour actually does fuck all, everyone turns off the lights for an hour then puts their washing in the dryer for an hour, thinking how green and good they are.

And despite the PR spiel, agencies and creatives are usually motivated more by adding more trophies to their shelves than saving the planet.

Nice art - but Shepherd is now officially the 'hip' street artist that every ad agency uses when they want street cred.

Anonymous said:

8:33, I think you missed the point. It HAS moved on from awareness which is exactly what the release and all the quotes say. read the last quote 'Human action against the world’s biggest problem'. They have finally taken care of everyone's 'issue' with Earth Hour. It's no longer just an hour to think. It's a statement. They are taking the results to the world leaders at a global conference where this is the issue to be discussed.

I just love how for the last two years everyone has complained that Earth Hour wouldn't do enough if it only involved the people. Now they are going after the leaders of the world and people are complaining that the leaders won't listen so it's a waste of time. One question for the haters. What are you doing about global warming?

Anonymous said:

If Leo's hadn't created Earth Hour and Earth Vote The Hollowmen would have eventually.

Anonymous said:

Add a word or 2, change some colours and bingo, instant art direction.

Anonymous said:

The popular 'Vote For Me' campaign launched by the Green Party via Special, Auckland in September has been opened up to the public to create their own billboards online.
By logging on to anyone can create their own 'Vote For Me' or 'Vote For Us' billboard. Just upload a photo from your computer. The personalized billboard can then be sent from the site to three friends by email. Those friends can enjoy your billboard, then go on to easily create their own.

Anonymous said:

9:21. You miss the point. Those who question the efficacy of Earth Hour aren't opposed to doing 'something' about global warming, they just believe Earth Hour achieves little other than give people and corporations an easy out from doing the very things they need to do every day to make a 'real' difference as opposed to a token one.

Anonymous said:

I for one like this idea.

In fact, I'm going to live my live by it's credo. Starting today, I shall solve all my issues by devoting an hour to each of them, once a year.

Tonight from 8pm - 9pm it'll be Don't Leave My Dirty Jox On The Floor Hour.

Next week, it'll be Tolerate My GF's Stupid Sister Hour.

Eventually, I'll move on to Stop Pissing In The Shower Hour.

I may even do an hour of exercise this year too.

What a fuckin' brilliant idea. No wonder it won so much metal.

Anonymous said:

There's another acronym amongst judges this year kinda like FUBAR:



Anonymous said:

Hmmmm, so same idea as before, just skinned a little differently.

Anonymous said:

All the campaign has done is make people feel like they're saving the planet because they turn off their lights for an hour.

Anonymous said:

9:37 - that's scary.

Anonymous said:

Wow, some of these comments are really shit. Thankfully they're anonymous because it would be really embarrassing if we actually knew who you were.

Especially you 11.20 with your 'Earth Hour and Earth Vote aren't the solution, they're part of the problem' comment - are you serious? I'm probably one of the very few people to actually finish reading your epic and unnecessary comment to reach that ridiculous statement.

Earth Hour was an Australian initiative which will now reach people across the whole world. In just 3 years it has gained enough momentum to be presented at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, which WILL make a difference. This is the first step to world-wide support against global warming, don't forget, we are quite educated about the issue in Australia, look at countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe - they have no fucking clue and they don't give a shit!

It's a fucking good idea and I bet all the bitches on here - which are probably all the regular don't-have-a-life-or-a-good-idea-in-my-book hacks which are always on here - wish it was theirs.

Vote Earth!!!

Anonymous said:

Getting Obama's poster artist involved in your cause immediately after the inauguration was smart planning. Nice timing.

Anonymous said:

1:58. The question still remains to be answered.

Exactly what is it Earth Hour has achieved in the war against global warming apart from getting x number of people and companies to turn their lights off for an hour once a year?

Anonymous said:

Who is is on the ballet?

Anonymous said:

I think 1.58 needs a hug.

Can someone from Leo's please explain why Earth Hour remains the exclusive property of Fairfax?

I would have thought if the people behind this campaign were genuine in their motives, they would loosen their grip a little.

And 1.58 should pray 9.37 isn't on a jury.

Anonymous said:

9.32 gets it exactly right.

Earth Hour is just the thing they'd think up in Hollowmen.

Make everybody feel like you're doing something, get publicity, achieve nothing.


Anonymous said:

1. The election is between 'Earth' and 'Global Warming'. So if you leave your lights on, you are telling the leaders of the world you don't give a shit. If you turn them off, you are casting a vote to improve emissions targets this year, because Kyoto is a joke.

2. If you are worried about whether it is an election or a petition, you are a nerd.

3. Most of you are saying the same old tired crap you have said for two years about Earth Hour. WWF and Leo Burnett and Earth Hour have already explained many times, this isn't about saving energy. It's about reminding people that they can do things in their everyday lives to help this problem.

I find it very sad and disturbing that so many people have so many negative things to say. There is a ton of research that shows that since Earth Hour has come about, it has raised awareness to the point that people are now turning off their TVs, using washing machines less, using air conditioners less and even driving less due to this yearly reminder. It is a very narrow minded point of view to think that Australians believe if they turn their lights off for one hour that's all they have to do. We are all smarter than that.

Can we all please spread some love here for once.

Anonymous said:

This idea goes 'off'
Fuck you haters.
Go yanks. Nice work boyz.

Anonymous said:

3.43, stop telling people what they can and can't like. It's absurd.

Creating social change on a mass scale is such a huge task, it literally takes thousands and thousands of small efforts to make a difference. Every news report, every pro-bono ad campaign, every organisation (such as Australia's own GetUp), every petition, every demonstration, every Al Gore... they all work together.

Earth Hour is just one of many. The first effort was pretty scammy (you can't deny that the newspaper shot was a photoshop job) and I think a lot of people react to the huge amount of fawning publicity this campaign has generated in Adland.

When you say "there is a ton of research that shows that since Earth Hour has come about, it has raised awareness to the point that people are now turning off their TVs..." you're being a little naive. Since Earth Hour has come about, there have been MANY initiatives, MUCH written about the issue, and HUGE coverage and awareness of this potential problem. Don't be silly and try to attribute a shift in behavior to one nice campaign. It just makes you look either foolish or a Leo's employee.

Good on them for keeping this going though; it's a good campaign. Oh, and the illustration's pretty shit, to be honest. If there wasn't a name behind it, no-one here would like it.

Anonymous said:

Let's face it. It's a pretty lame and uninspiring piece of creative.

Anonymous said:

5:49, it's 3:43 here. All I'm trying to do is counteract some pretty inane comments with some positivity. You are correct that Earth Hour could never be solely attributed to all this change, in fact only a small portion, but isn't that worth doing? And this campaign is aimed at making a bigger change. I say good on them.

I wasn't telling people what to like or not to like. I just find it sad that a large group of people are genuinely trying to do something positive for our world and people have such damaging negative things to say. I don't work at Leo's but I am very close with some people who do.

Anonymous said:

Wow! This sure has got the blog going. In which case, it looks like its doing everything its meant to be doing.

Anonymous said:

Hmmm...Unineresting and uninspiring and a bit ungood.

Anonymous said:

Lazy effort on the art direction and I find the pastiche doesn't do the cause justice.

Wayne said:

If all the agency people involved don't fly to Cannes to try and pick up awards this year we will know they are serious.

And they should donate the entry fees they would spend on entering it every award shown on the planet to the global warming cause.

Until then it's just a way for an agency and creatives to build a case study for more self-promotion.

Anonymous said:

Global Warming is bullshit.

Anonymous said:

8:14. Just because something is well-intentioned doesn't mean it's immune from comment or criticism. And don't assume critics of Earth Hour are any less committed to reducing carbon emissions than the good folk at Earth Hour.

Anonymous said:

hey, let's repackage the same idea to try and win more awards...

Anonymous said:

My shout 1:10. The more Earth Hour makes people feel good about doing virtually nothing the more counter productive Earth Hour becomes.

Anonymous said:

Wayne that's the best thing i've read on this article.

Anonymous said:

2.23. wayne was good but the hollowmen analogy drew blood

Anonymous said:

1,000,000,000 people to take part!!!! That is roughly 4x the Population of the
United Sates or 35x That of Australia.

If you can't see the power in that do better. Because lets face it, you would be kidding yourself if you think you will ever even come close to creating work that motivates that many people to take action.

If they pull this off it will be the largest social movement in history. A far more entising motivator than an award in advertising.

Anonymous said:

Hollowmen comment gets my vote.

Spot on.

Anonymous said:

It's all a bit like the endless "rock concerts to save the world" we have to put up with.

Everybody goes to the gig or watches it on TV, and that's that. Job done.

Anonymous said:

Creating a huge social movement may well be a richly rewarding legacy for a bunch of agency creatives. But if they had a choice between this thing actually making a difference, and them walking on stage to pick up their Grand Prix at Cannes, I know which scenario I'd be betting on.

As a pretty smart person once said: always back self-interest.

Call me cynical. But a decade of 'public service' campaigns created solely to win awards will do that to a person. And I can absolutely guarantee that if awards shows made the decision to bar all public service campaigns, hardly anyone would bother to do them. Or if they did, they wouldn't put much effort into it.

Just something to keep in mind if you find yourself believing that highly motivated and career-oriented creatives are in the business of making a difference to society.

Anonymous said:

Oh get over yourself 7.42! People turn their lights off every night, just before they go to sleep and it's the majority of the planet, which does a lot more for Earth than EH? Maybe you should encourage people to go to bed earlier or better yet, increase the length of daylight saving.

Very sad that Leo's could not grow the idea of "Earth Hour" for 09 into something bigger like convincing people to catch public transport to work, walk or ride, install gas or solar water heating at home and even just recycle more.

Each year the objective for EH should be something different which would have a far greater effect on the global warming issue than just turning off a light. It would also have an educational benefit for idiots that just don’t care.

Turning off your lights for an hour is merely an excuse for feeling good about doing nothing positive for the rest of the year.

This “Vote” idea is lame! It's merely a nervous attempt at trying to be different, infact it's exactly the same idea as previous except for the Vote element, which means nothing.

Most people will also light candles on the night which is far worse for the environment than having a light on. Look it up!

C'mon Leo's, Fairfax and WWF, please do something good for the environment for once and stop PR' ing and growing “yourselves” and your business behind the EH brand.

Good point 8.51…but I don’t believe Leo’s can win a creative award for EH again for the same idea: “turning off your lights for an hour”.
They can still win an effectiveness award.

Anonymous said:

7:42 misses the point. Quote- ".......motivate that many people to take action".

Motivate to do what? Turn their lights off for an hour? Spare me.

Anonymous said:

"Good point 8.51…but I don’t believe Leo’s can win a creative award for EH again for the same idea: “turning off your lights for an hour”.

And that's precisely why they've adopted the 'Global Election' idea. If you've been in Cannes the last couple of years, you'll know that juries are falling over themselves to award anything that makes us feel like we're doing something of social importance, rather than just coming up with clever ways to sell stuff.

The PR release for the campaign contains quotes like: "This is the first time in history..." If that level of hyperbole is already being used, you can only shudder at how much hype the 5 minute Cannes entry will contain.

This has been created to win big pieces of shiny metal. Of that, have no doubt.

Saving the planet my fucking arse.

Anonymous said:

"If you are worried about whether it is an election or a petition, you are a nerd."

No 3:43, it's like taking a spade and calling it a fucking backhoe.

Don't bullshit your industry colleagues it pisses people off when you insult their intelligence.

Anonymous said:

10.58. You make no sense!

The idea is to turn off your lights for an hour to show your support against global warming.

The Election posters are an execution to encourage you to participate in the I missing something?

Anonymous said:

Can't wait until the actual campaign launches! If just telling everyone something is coming draws this much insecurity and vengeance, imagine what will happen when all the rest comes out. Very exciting indeed. Whoever you are, you are showing yourselves to be a sad, negative, perhaps even depressed lot.

When some kid in Guam is able to feel the empowerment of hitting a switch, knowing that his voice will be heard by leaders of the world, I hope they listen so you can all go back to whatever deep dark hole you came out of.

If this idea gets even one country to change their emissions targets by 1%, it is worth doing. Get over yourselves. You are seriously deluded if you think the allure of awards is overriding the thought of getting 1 BILLION people to make themselves heard.

Anonymous said:

"You are seriously deluded if you think the allure of awards is overriding the thought of getting 1 BILLION people to make themselves heard."

You obviously don't know much about the sweet, sweet lure of awards my friend.

And 12.11pm, I fear it is you who doesn't quite understand the difference between a product and its advertising... when this campaign is entered, the entry will focus on the creative idea (which is quite obviously the whole global voting thing) as opposed to the product (turn your lights off).

So yeah, I'd say you are missing something.

Anonymous said:

Sorry, one last thought because I think it's hysterical.

50 million people 'got' this idea last year. Hopefully 1 billion people will 'get it' this year. 50 or so bloggers don't. Fuck, that's funny.

Anonymous said:

1.17 You idiot, try growing up.

Anonymous said:

“This is the first time in history that any person of any nationality, race, gender or age will get the chance to come together and tell the leaders of the world just how they feel".

Didn't they already do this last year for this thing called Earth Hour where 50 million people around the world turned off their lights?

Just a simple question.

Anonymous said:

10.59 it's like taking a ice cube and calling it Antartica.

Anonymous said:, they didn't do this last year. Can you read? Last year 50 million people turned off their lights to make people aware of the fact that the simple notion of hitting some switches in your house can make a difference. This year, the difference is much more real, emissions targets. If this goes down properly, emissions targets will change. Holy shit, I say. That's the type of stuff I wish I was doing. Please participate.


Anonymous said:

The disappointing thing about this campaign is the disparity. promotes earth hour in 2009, yet it shows no resemblance or mention of the "Vote Earth" campaign.

Get it together Leo.

Anonymous said:

From the SMH:

"Households show few signs of reducing their energy use.

Last year the total amount of energy used by residential consumers grew by 3.9 per cent, above the long-term average rise of 2.5 per cent and the biggest jump in four years."

This campaign isn't changing our behaviour. Wins lots of awards though.

Anonymous said:

12:11 PM unless you're from some midwestern dumb ass hicksville american town like the one out of oh brother where art thou, "You make no sense" is pronounced "You don't make any sense."


Anonymous said:

Thanks 8:54. This campaign is really nothing more than a bit of well-intentioned feel good window dressing.

Anonymous said:


Judging from your grammatical ability, you also seem semi-literate.


Anonymous said:

This campaign tells me nothing my mum hasn't been telling me 4ever. Didn't make any difference then, won't make any difference now.

Anonymous said: the press release dumbass. The campaign hasn't launched yet. Wouldn't make a lot of sense to have it all up on the website then would it?

Anonymous said:

A worthy successor to Earth Hour.
I hope they do it.
Good luck to Leos.

Anonymous said:

Looks like poo, smells like poo, tastes like poo!... Good thing I didn't step in it.

Anonymous said:

Yay! 90 comments!

Anonymous said:

It's like taking Rosie O'Donnell and calling her Elle Macpherson

Anonymous said:

Holy crap, more comments than the tribute to David Ogilvy.

Anonymous said:

Great shit! Lots and lots of comments!

Ben said:

For all the hoopla, one thing stands out.

After Earth Hour last year, it was found that there was no - I repeat - no overall reduction in the use of electricity on that day in Sydney.

First, very few people actually did anything.

And second, of the few people who actually did turn off electrical appliances, most did the things they were going to do anyway - but just did them before or after the hour.

Many have tried to cover this up, but the figures were there for all to see.

PS: Most of all, I loved the people who DROVE to restaurants to have candlelit dinners during Earth Hour, then DROVE back - using far more carbon than if they'd stayed home and turned on every light and appliance for an hour.

Anonymous said:

Earth Hour is really, really gay.
It's a gay idea.
It's had gay results.
It's poster is completely gay.
And I think LB is now the gayest agency in going around.

Anonymous said:

You're right 8:02...homophobia is soooo much cooler

Anonymous said:

what a bunch of losers who have got a way too much time dropping the stupid comments. do some work people

Anonymous said:

i wish they'd turn the lights out on this idea, it's getting boring.
maybe they should donate the award entry fees to Al Gore's cause and actually achieve something.

b said:

Can you guys change it from March 31?

I'm not saying I don't like the campaign, just it's on my brithday and it kind of sucks to throw a party with all the lights out and everyone driving down to the bridge from Parramatta to look at it. And candlelit birthdays really aren't my jelly bag.


Anonymous said:

No problem 7:56. It's on March 28th.

Anonymous said:

9:17 obviously has way to much time to read them.

Anonymous said:

Yowza! This got you all fired up, didn't it now?

Anonymous said:

8:29. I'm not homophobic.
I just think that in life there is 'the gay' and 'the ungay' - and this is extremely gay!
PS. Are you a homosexual?

Anonymous said:

10:37...Are you 2?

Anonymous said:

Gay was our word first.

Anonymous said:

I write on the blog. THerefore, I'm gay.

Anonymous said:

I'm not gay, but I somehow does not surprise me that this blog became a place for gay people to meet.

I think this ad is fabulous, Andy is fabulous and Leos is just hot like a well tanned oiled man in hot pants.

OK maybe I am gay.

Anonymous said:

Dear Andy & Jay (and whoever was involved)

I hate you a hell lot, because I'm jealous. I hope you are celebrating at the moment, because these comments mean nothing more than the entire industry loving your work. After all, don't expect 20 consecutive comments that are all positive.

Working with guys like you make things happen. Bring out the talent in every creative person, unlike others who just wait for something to happen. So yeah I'm kissing ass.

got a job?

Anonymous said:

6:55. Wear a tongue condom please before you engage in that kind of activity.

Anonymous said:

What's made this campaign so excruciatingly dull and useless is the fanaticism and cheerleading from Fairfax - and the reality that generators do not adjust their power load to take into account an hour of marginal reduction (if at all) of power consumption.

It's purely tokenism. check the National Electricity Market website if you want to see the facts:

Now there's something to be said that tokenism has it's place. But not if it's proclaiming to be otherwise.

Anonymous said:

Kevin Rudd, do something!

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