Six Young Lions to go to Cannes

IMG_0420.JPGIMG_0434.JPGIMG_0435.JPGIMG_0436.JPGNews Limited tonight announced the Australian Young Lions winners who will be attending the Cannes Lions 2009 International Advertising Festival in June to represent Australia.

The Young Lions Media category winners are:
•    Lauren Cassar from Bellamy Hayden
•    Tristan Burrell from Universal McCann  

The Young Lions Print category winners are:
•    Garret    Fitzgerald from BMF
•    Neil Walshe from BMF

The Young Lions Cyber category winners are:
•    Andrew Fergusson from Tequila
•    Natalie Cheng from Tequila

IMG_0441.JPG"The Young Lions program is a terrific opportunity to mix with the best in a world-wide competition. Winning a Young Lions has been known to have a significant impact on the career of up-and-coming talent," said Garth Agius, Group Director of Marketing: Advertising and Integration, News Limited.

"We're committed to providing Australia's young talent an opportunity to compete on an international scale and further their experience. The quality and standard of the submissions we received this year was outstanding," said Mr Agius.

IMG_0439.JPGIMG_0440.JPGThe Media Young Lions briefs were based on a number of News Limited media assets. The Print Young Lions Competition was for Moshtix and the Cyber Young Lions Competition brief was for Vogue Australia 50th Anniversary.

"The first round of the Young Lions media program featured a number of briefs across News Limited brands. The ten national finalists were then given a 24 hour challenge to present on a new brief, emulating the Cannes experience," said Mr Agius.    

IMG_0421.JPGIMG_0424.JPGIMG_0422.JPGIMG_0423.JPGIMG_0425.JPGIMG_0426.JPGIMG_0428.JPGIMG_0429.JPGIMG_0430.JPGIMG_0427.JPG"It was impressive to see Australia's young creative talent in action. There were a number of great entries that nailed the brief incorporating Moshtix's core message 'more mosh, less dosh'. I can see the winning print entry working as part of our marketing activities over the next year," said Adam McArthur, Managing Director, Moshtix.
"Natalie and Andrew's entry best met the objectives of the Vogue 50th celebration with
their high impact, cleverly interactive and stylishly executed solution," said Marianci Baba, Marketing Director, Vogue Australia.

2009 Young Lions winners will represent Australia in the Young Lions Competition, which takes place during the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, 21st - 27th June 2009.                        
The Australian teams will compete against other representatives from all over the world for the prestigious Gold Medal which will be awarded at the Festival.

News Limited will provide the winning Australian teams a Young Lions registration to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, which allows access to all the Cannes seminars, awards ceremonies, showcases and material. Their airfares and accommodation will also be paid by News Limited.

In addition to competing, the Australian Young Lions will be able to visit and participate in the Young Lions Zone which includes, ten master classes, interactive kiosks showcasing entries, winning work from all Young Lions Competitions, a chill-out café and exhibitions of student work from advertising colleges and universities from across the globe.

For the latest update on the Cannes International Advertising Festival or to view the Australian Young Lions winning work please visit:


Anonymous said:

Congrats to the winners.

But I can't help feeling that the restrictions in the brief imposed by News Ltd's self-promotion have severely comprised all the work.

Would any of the teams have done what they did if they were simply allowed to create a great newspaper ad? I think not.

Ben & Steve said:

Congratulations Neil and Garret, bring us back some baguettes!

Anonymous said:

Well done Nat & Andy, shame we can't see the work in the pic but from what we saw it looked crazy & cool!

Ben & Rich.

Anonymous said:

Gaz love you hun!! Well done......were all so stoked for you back here in Victoria.

Anonymous said:

Damn straight!! Well done Gaz. Don't forget us when your famous!!

Matt said:

Congrautlations Loz, frigging stoked for you. Well done.

Tick Mo

Anonymous said:

Hey Garret, congratulations. Have a killer trip.
Jay & Julie

Anonymous said:

Congrats. Jealous as fuck.

Anonymous said:

What is a creative director doing on the print finalist list???????

Anonymous said:

Don't think the 'countries that don't have Vogue' campaign quite fits the brand.

The campaign feels like it's more of an attempt at humour - which isn't really what Vogue is about.

Just my opinion though.

Thought the 'Vogue50in50' had some nice thinking going on. Well done.

Anonymous said:

not very young lions

jake mclennan said:

garret and neil, congratulations! bastards.

Greg and Trina said:

Well done Garret! Enjoy your success.
Love Greg and Trina

Anon said:

Lauren Cassar is the MOST beautiful woman I have ever seen (from an old and anonymous Uni friend).She is doing fabulously well and as such a nice person, i hope she gets everything she wants from life.

I briefly met Lauren Cassar at Maquarie Uni and it was total infatuation....actually, love at first sight.Unfortunately i was just another (and older) fellow that knew he had met a very special woman.I am sooo happy she is smashing it up.Absolutely top class, Lauren will be a force in the Media Industry.Very bright and very determined.

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