Droga5 NY picks up two rare D&AD Black Pencils

Million_Droga5.jpgPicture 52.pngAustralian owned agency Droga5 New York has pulled off a major coup, winning two of the four Black Pencils handed out at the D&AD Awards Ceremony in London tonight.

'Million', the programme that 'turned academic achievement into a brand' won in Integrated, and 'The Great Schlep', the film in which comedian Sarah Silverman championed Obama to Jewish voters before the US election, won for Writing in Viral.

The other two Black Pencils went to Matt Dent's redesign of UK coins for the Royal Mint was awarded a Black Pencil in Graphic Design, and 'Kinetic Sculpture' (left) for BMW by German interactive studio Art+Com won in Environmental Design.  The Black Pencil is the creative industry's most elusive prize, only awarded for truly groundbreaking work.

Says D&AD President Garrick Hamm: "The breadth of creative work that's been awarded this year is exceptional.  We're in the midst of a challenging time, and this work shows what the industry is capable of.  The 4 Black Pencil winners demonstrate the power and all-encompassing nature of creativity - in education, politics and even in the change in our pockets.  These winners are more than just great pieces of communication, they change our behaviour and touch our lives."


Matt said:

Congratulations to Sarah Silverman. I thought her humour and delivery were certainly deserving of D&AD's highest accolade.

james said:


Anonymous said:


Glenn said:

Well done all winners, especially those agencies who were paid for their toil.

Grant said:

Schlep? Why?

Anonymous said:

If you'd seen the making of video for these, you'd understand why.

Craig said:

Schlep? What a joke! The use of a celebrity to endorse a campaign? WTF? Are we that confused. Moreover, that music sucked. Bad call. I had supposed that D&AD were smarter than to be fooled. Shlock!

Rick said:

Whoever voted for schlep is a schmo.

Anonymous said:

I felt super duper circumshlepped.

Abraham said:

Black Pencil? Who's the yutz that voted for that?

Anonymous said:

Rare indeed.

Anonymous said:

Droga - you seriously rock!

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