Leo Burnett's Black Pencil Academy seeks young creative talent - entries close Friday July 31

leo_burnett_universe_wallpaper2-web.jpgLeo Burnett Sydney is extending an invitation to imaginative people to become a part of their internal training program.
The Black Pencil Academy is Leo Burnett's comprehensive training programme which provides emerging talent with the necessary skills and experience to succeed in today's communications industry.
The invitation is open to applicants looking to kick-start their career in one of Sydney's leading creative advertising agencies, with some of the best people in the business. Successful applicants will be offered a four month internship at the agency.
Leo's will select the first two interns on 31 July 2009, with the initial placements scheduled from 3rd August - 27 November 2009.
Applicants to send their details along with creative portfolios by 5pm, 24 July 2009 to:

Sarah Palmer
Leo Burnett Sydney
Bond One, Level 6
20 Windmill Street
Walsh Bay  2000



JF said:

This is great, it really is. Nurturing young talent and stuff. But it just seems a little reactive to DDB's Launchpad program. This sort of thing is almost like our industry's version of social responsibility. Actually, come to think of it, it's really just a good opportunity for self-promotion. If they didn't send out press releases telling everyone about these programs, they may have a bit more credibility. Then again, how would any of the emerging talent find out them? Advertise in the right places, I guess.

Anonymous said:

JF - Leo's have been giving away placements for Young Gun student winners for years. Your comment seems a little reactive to all the know it all ponces who've been in the industry for less than a year spouting and slagging off like they've been doing this since vietnam.

Anonymous said:

Wow JF. Good to see you have a conversation with yourself and eventually figure it out. Not really much to hide here. Sounds like Award School is about to graduate. Seems like a good time for Leo to launch a program inviting young people to come and learn more in their agency. The blog seems like a good place to put that invitation. Not really an agenda there as far as I can see.

Sammy said:

And M&C Saatchi Sydney hires a 2009 AWARD student on a proper salary and doesn't write a press release.

Before the results.

That's news in any economic climate.

Ray Black said:

Congratulations to Leo Burnett, DDB and M&C Saatchi for hiring some of our new, young talent during these “Henny Penny” times.
These agencies are not making charitable gestures, it’s just plain good business to do so.
They are also helping to reinforce one of our most fragile business conditions: confidence in ourselves.
It’s never been easy for young talent, such as AWARD School graduates, to get a job in advertising but creativity thrives in tough times. One measure of this is AWARD School students over twenty six years have survived recessions in 1982/3, 1987, 1991, 1996 and will in turn, 2009.
Not all made it then but those who did understood the value of perseverance and thankfully, there were agencies out there then with the foresight to hire them.

Ray Black

JF said:

You guys are so easy to wind up.

Leila said:

JF Don't, now, act like you were winding anyone up. Just walk away thankful you're hiding behind anonymous.

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