Markham gets worldwide digital CD role at Lowe

Lowe Sydney's digital creative director, Tom Markham has been appointed to the worldwide digital CD role, and will soon be joining the Lowe Worldwide team in New York, working closely with Lowe's South African born chief creative officer, Matthew Bull.

"Tom's remit is to inspire and encourage every Lowe person in the world to create ideas that come alive digitally," says Bull. "Tom has consistently produced world class work, with digital at its core, through his career and for us at Lowe in particular. We want to take his skills and use them both to create work for our global brands, but also to inspire Lowe offices all around the world to create more digital content."

Markham started his career as a mac operator/retoucher at AIM Proximity, Auckland in 2000 rising to digital art director in 2002. In 2004 he moved to Lowe & Draft, Auckland as interactive CD before transferring to the digital CD gig at Lowe Sydney in June 2007. He was appointed head of digital in January this year.

Lowe Sydney will be announcing Markham's replacement in the next few weeks.


Rich. said:

Thoroughly deserved. Best of luck.

Tim Buesing said:

I appreciate that Tom has followed AWARD's rules of creative headshot: slightly tilted head - check, landmark in background - check, creative masterpiece (Eliasson) in background - double check!
Your Lumberjackness will be sorely missed at Creative Social, mate!

Mark AW said:

I've been lucky enough to work with Tom and easily place him on the world stage alongside anyone from any agency anywhere. He and Chris James are the best digital CD's this country has to offer. They both know what tech can do very well, but also understand what a big idea is and how that translates online. Rare fodder indeed!!! Go hard Tommy!

Anonymous said:

well done

Lyndon said:

Congratulations Tom!!!! It's fantastic to Australia's "Creative Social" Folk do well on the global scene.

Anonymous said:

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, i work all night and i work all day...

Anonymous said:

Congrats. One of the only digital people i know who understands that a social platform ain't an idea.

Anonymous said:

Tim, that's almost funny! Well done chap.

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