Darryn Devlin to depart Kastner

DARRYN DEVLIN_PIC.jpgDarryn Devlin, founder and ECD of Kastner & Partners Australia is set to depart the agency. One of the country's most respected creatives, Devlin is splitting after seven years building the Kastner brand in the region.

As well as founding MD/ECD, Devlin has mastered the agency's work for Red Bull during his tenure.

CB hears rumours that the creative product may be controlled more closely out of Kastner's head office in Germany.

Devlin is currently one of the founding board members of the new ad body, The Communications Council. With a few spare ECD spots going in the region, Devlin shouldn't be footloose for long.


Rich said:

Kastner and Partners - what's left without him there?

Mike said:

I hear it's the German way or the highway over there!

Anonymous said:

Shame for Kastner - DD was the only worthwhile thing there.

Trish said:

Good luck Darryn - we all had the best time working in your department at BAM - hopefully you can recreate that somewhere else. Call me when you do, please. Trish

Dave said:

Bloody hell DD, you look younger than you did at BAM, what's your secret?
Is it Red Bull?

Anonymous said:

Das - are you taking that chair with you? Can't see Herr Kastner swinging around in that at his age!!

Anonymous said:

I think he just got bored with it all.

At least that's what it looks like in the photo.

Anonymous said:

A true gentleman. A talented bloke. A great CD.
And an above average kisser.

Anonymous said:

above average kisser.??????.....great kisser......!!!!!!

Anonymous said:

better than above average WTF...this is DD.....super sexy DD....best kisser ever......best CD ever..best........

Anonymous said:

........best ever........fullstop

Barry. said:

Yes, he kisses like an angel.

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