Jam spreads the night soccer message

Picture 758.pngJAM Adelaide has created a spectacular supersite for the Adelaide United Football Club to promote their night games. The site cleverly reinforced the night aspect of the game by having the player on the billboard interact with the 'moon', which was attached above the poster with a pole, painted black.



Anonymous said:

Very clever.

Rachel said:

That's an awesome idea!

On a clear night, with a full moon, you'll be able to see that if you stand at exactly the right angle for a minute or two.

Should be an Effies gold.

Colin said:

Sorry to be a dullard but let me get this right... if on the right day of the month...for a full moon... when i am am standing at exactly the right spot at exactly the right hour ....i might get the intended idea.

it is a nice idea but really i am sick of ideas that look good as still images and our ridiculously dressed up for award judges...funny thing is this will probably win as award judges don't look deeper.

as i said i like the idea in theory.

Anonymous said:

The way Adelaide United are going at the moment, it works just as well on a cloudy night.

Hans said:

Besides, this idea old... about 4 years old. It was done for a Nike store in Berlin that's open till late and won Bronze in Press at Cannes in '06. Sorry.

Frank said:

as far as the right time at the right place, in front of the billboard is when you would ever see anything in saying that, a full moon cycle would have numerous rotation points that would work, though many that would also not work as in behind the head, though the interaction with missing the ball/ moon is still fun i think, but what of the many nights without a full moon whats the ratio?, all in all i think its a great idea. Though maybe they couldn't let go of this great idea in terms of having flaws....

Chris said:

Gosh, theoretical ambient is my favourite style of advertising! Isn't it just great?! You can do anything you like.

This type of stuff is embarrassing.

Anonymous said:

Frank, I haven't got a fucking clue what you're on about.

As far as the idea goes. Very clever - but I just can't see how this would actually work in the real world.

Anonymous said:

@ 12.01pm - comment of the day.

Matt said:

An image of the moon is suspended on a pole above the billboard you silly people you.

Read the caption...

"... the 'moon', which was attached above the poster with a pole, painted black."

I've seen it in action and yes it looks like a real moon. Viewed at the right time of night you'll see two moons in the sky just like on Tatooine!

Anonymous said:

So it ran for a Nike store being open late and won a Lion. Yet it sems more relevent for this brief and product...so what's to bitch about...just sayin'

Anonymous said:

So they haven't retouched the pole out of the photo?

Anonymous said:

Does the moon have a face? The moooon.

Ben said:

Love it!

David said:

Brilliant idea. And a great use of the outdoor medium having the poster interact with the 'moon'. It would definitely have gotten my attention. Well done guys.

Gazza said:

So, if I can find a more relevant brief and product for a gorilla that plays the drums to a ripping Phil Collins track, it would be considered a brilliant idea instead of a rip-off? ... just sayin'

Greg said:

So 'James' you're saying that because Berlin used a moon in their ads that nobody else can ever feature a moon again?? Showing a billboard that interacts with its outdoor environment (that is the moon) is a better idea than a press ad anyhow.

James said:

No, Greg, I simply said "Ba-bow..." and then included a link to a site that highlighted some advertisements I'd been aware of, that do indeed feature a moon, that also happens to be used as a prop as a soccer ball, that is about to be struck by a soccer player, who happens to be in mid-flight, on a black background, with reverse white san serif capitalised type in the bottom right corner, where you'll also find the logo, advertising a night activity of some kind.

So, by all means feature the moon. It is clearly the single defining element of this truly original advertisement and should feature in all future advertisements from now on without question... douche-bag.

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