Can New Yorkers solve the Underground Puzzle?

JLimage1low-res.jpgJohannes Leonardo, New York - co-owned by Aussie expat Leo Premutico - has launched Underground Puzzle  - a 40-piece puzzle that comes together to reveal a branded image that would never be allowed to appear in traditional advertising.

Each piece of the puzzle is printed on one of 40 unique posters found in New York City subway stations throughout downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, including a photographic instruction icon and the hash tag: #Undergroundpuzzle - where instructions, clues and updates will be available on the Twitter stream throughout the campaign.
Title: Underground Puzzle
Client: Undisclosed
Agency: Johannes Leonardo, New York
CCO/ECD: Jan Jacobs
CCO/ECD: Leo Premutico
Art Director/Designer: Ferdinando Verderi
Art Director/Designer: Emmie Nostitz
Agency Producer: Matthew Mattingly
Agency Producer: Frederique Nahmani

Photographer: Tom Hines
Post Production: Tom Hines Photography
Production Design: Jesse Kaufman
Stylist: Anna Maria
Hair: Kayla MiChele


Anonymous said:

Shouldn't the question be "Can New Yorkers (who give about as much of a rats arse about advertising as most of the general public do) be BOTHERED to solve the Underground Puzzle? Doubt it.

Anonymous said:

Is there a reason to care about solving this puzzle? Last time I checked people are pretty busy and probably don't want to spend their time piecing together an ad that is maybe a little frisky at best. Smells of the new age one off award show idea to me.

Anonymous said:

Why would you bother to solve it?

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

talking to themselves

Anonymous said:

So why did Jon Burden leave after such a short time? Anyone know?

Skeptic said:

Maybe it was the burden of answering to Singo, 10:54

Anonymous said:

Sure y it should be #subwaypuzzle

Anonymous said:


Adam said:

Have a little faith people. These guys don't p.r. anything and everything.

Phil said:

Total and absolute bollocks.

Just the sheer arrogance that New Yorkers would excitedly rush around the city trying to piece together, this, what, porn?

People don't give a fucking shit. The only people that do are your ad mates in that trendy SoHo bar.

Oh, and the Thai/Mumbai jurors. But then, they're your audience aren't they?

Much as I hate to say it, Spiller's the only Aussie expat in the US who's doing the business.

Chrysler, 250,000,000 win for an agency he's just walked into? Yep. That's what we're paid the big bucks to do.

Anonymous said:

What are you paid to do Phil? Wank?

Anonymous said:

Phil don't be a dick man, they're a start up. They fight like every other little start-up to make a little noise and get themselves noticed. Leo and Jan are just doing their own thing. They've still got to put food on the table like everyone else. At least they're doing shit their own way. What are you doing Phil? Still working for a big Multinational? Paying of you mortgage and not doing anything to rock the boat? Don't be so bitter and jaded... You're just being a cliche.

I'd rather look at these puzzles than have to sit through that Chrysler shit. Let's see if Spiller can actually do great work on it first before we start singing his praises. Otherwise it's just purely business. If you want to talk cars look at what Goodby Silverstein did with Hyundai. Now that's great work.

If we didn't have guys like this advertising would be a much more boring place. These guys set the standard that you're always trying to catch up to. Maybe not on everything but who is?

Anonymous said:

2.38: Ever lived in New York?

If you had, then you'd realise that the campaign is flawed before it even ran. Sure, they're a start-up, but this work ain't gonna work. Try running the subway.

Remember, people are lazy. This work has a target market of ad juror's only. Therefore, in my books, it rates only slightly above scam.


Anonymous said:

This is so self indulgent.

Anonymous said:

What kind of arsehole would want to waste their time to solve this puzzle? Where's the incentive?

Remember guys, punters hate ads. They don't work in advertising and they don't care much about it.

Anonymous said:


Right, so a quarter of a billion dollar win is nothing to you.

It would probably mean a hefty bonus, a happy agency and the potential to do great work around the corner.

It also attracts more business as it demonstrates that Fallons are back in the game.

As far as the 'start up' argument is concerned, no client in New York will even bother taking their 'puzzle' concept seriously.

It's not designed to build their business, it won't.

It's designed to impress advertising peers and juries, because the lads obviously think awards mean new business.

Alas. A horribly mis-judged business decison.

New York clients don't give a toss.

Show them the money. Show them how you'll make them money.

Treasure Hunts are shit said:

Seriously when is crap like this going to end?

No one gives a fuck about a puzzle/treasure hunt/wank fest. People have lives.

Anonymous said:

Thanks 10:45

"It's designed to impress advertising peers and juries, because the lads obviously think awards mean new business."

Spot fucking on.

Clients do not give a shit about awards. They care about money. Y'know, that stuff that makes the world go 'round?

Anonymous said:

You're all fucking haters.

Anonymous said:

why is rookie taking the photo?

Anonymous said:



Nope. Just people with the realisation that business has changed. For ever.

After the biggest economic downturn since the thirties, we're expected to be able to do our jobs, make money and win pitches.

Oh, and a few awards don't hurt, but they're not as important anymore. They're just a bonus.

Ask anyone who's shown their books around London in the last few months.

Scam is laughed at. Scorned.

Do a good campaign for a big client - get a job.

Win a Cannes for a one-off - you're just a liability.

Anonymous said:

12:04 I'd rather be a hater than a delusional arrogant fucking prick.

Anonymous said:

Rrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties!
Another treasure hunt!
Me best be gettn my iphone - tak'n pictures - download'n - enter'n me details - receiving SPAM for me efforts - and winning nothin but a picture of a half naked lass

Roger said:

Arrr! This be lame, I proclaim! Arrr!

Anonymous said:

Looks like a conceptual ad that won't fit together to point out that traditional advertising doesnt make sense ...or some other self flagellating toss that will only get noticed by jurors ...if they have taken their valium.

Anonymous said:

i particularly like the fact no client is listed....oh coz it is a

Anonymous said:

Ooh: "self flagellating toss".

I love that. I'm going to use that more in conversation. Probably when I next get briefed by one my least favorite AMs.

the man said:

I want to slap whoever was involved in producing this GARBAGE.

And buy a drink for whoever solves the puzzle.

Sheesh, just give us the whole puzzle or a link to an online game. 40 pieces?! Gimme a break - the vanity!


Negative comments are from haters... Of course!

Get a life... I feel bad for people that waste energy on topics like this!!! People should put negative energy into issues that will actually change the world for the better!

What the fuck is wrong with putting creative energy into the underground of my city? The thoughts that went through everyones brains while viewing this artwork is far more interesting & inspirational & fun then most ads you see!

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