DraftFCB and Digipost create NZ's first 3D cinema commercial - for the uber-exclusive Mini Soho

MINI_Logo.jpgAuckland based Digipost has joined forces with DraftFCB to create New Zealand's first stereoscopic 3D commercial for cinema. Screening nationwide, the cinema-specific ad heralds the launch of the uber-exclusive MINI SOHO, and an innovative retail strategy from the forward-thinking car company. The ad features MINI SOHO 11, one of only 15 in the world, only available online and only in New Zealand.
DraftFCB ECD James Mok and CD Tony Clewett oversaw the project. "With 2011 approaching, we wanted to launch '11' in a futuristic context and and stereo-3D was an ideal medium", explains Mok. "We have a great relationship with Digipost and they were the obvious choice to help us with that."

Lead Flame artist James 'Jimmy' Corden collaborated with DraftFCB writer Jane Jamieson and art director Leisa Wall to develop the 40-second piece. Corden built the entire ad in Flame, executing a hard-edge graphical style, and leveraging Autodesk's new stereoscopic 3D toolset to great effect.

The process involved creating left and right field HD images within Digipost's cutting-edge Flame 2011 environ, rendering these to create the stereoscopic image. The results were tested on the latest high definition 3D television.

Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 6.58.31 AM.pngSays Mok: "Jimmy brought strong visual ideas to the mix, suggesting the graphical and monochromatic aesthetic would help create the impact we wanted. Digipost's technological leadership, and their capability across both pictures and audio was central to creating such a great outcome."

Digipost sound designers Clive Broughton and Adam Iles produced the Dolby® 5.1 Surround Sound mix, crafting a fitting 'atmospheric' sound track.

"The combined ingredients of collaboration and communication, creativity and cutting-edge technology have produced a great outcome for the MINI project", says Digipost GM, Stephen Douglas."These are truly exciting times for our industry. 3D technology is just one of the new directions being taken by Digipost. We're very much looking forward to the future".

If you want to see the ad in 3D you'll need to go to the cinema, or you can see a 2D version here.

For more information about Digipost's stereoscopic 3D capability, or for a 3D viewing, contact Stephen Douglas on +64 9 631 1770, email stephen@digipost.co.nz


Anonymous said:

Absolutely brilliant.

james cameron said:

now you can polish a turd in a whole new dimension

Anonymous said:

Bloody cool stuff - I guess a first for us Aussies also?

Jade Lim said:

wow! can't wait to see them on screens! :)

Anonymous said:

10-09 You are a big wet, steaming turd! Go listen to Barry White on ya 8-track! This is cool shit, bro...

Anonymous said:

Love it!

Anonymous said:

thats a great idea

Anonymous said:

12.45 You are a tosser! It is not only about the idea...did you go to Ad School?

Anonymous said:

Good stuff

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Here's the deal, this is something fresh and new....what is so Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz about that? Good on Draft/Digi for putting it out there! Nice work.

Anonymous said:

I was thinking about Mini the other day as a brand.

Where do they go now?

Are they really a one trick pony?

Mike said:

It's not fresh and new. It is boring, irrelevant and badly done.


Anonymous said:

2.02 And I'm going to tell mummy on you!

Anonymous said:

What the fuck are you on about!
It's not new!
It's not brilliant!
It's not Fresh!
What fucking planet are you guys on saying this is brilliant, new and innovative!
3D has been done!
Dozens, maybe hundreds of times before!

Please feel free to criticise my excessive use of exclamation marks.

Anonymous said:

11.22 You are a knobhead! This has not been done before, unlike your career! Now put that exclamation mark up yer arse!

Anonymous said:

But it has been done before. You cunt.

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