JWT Sydney scores over 380,000 views with Chokito 'Bouncer' web film in less than 2 weeks

Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 6.32.16 PM.pngJWT Sydney has relaunched the iconic 70's Chokito bar in a light hearted TV, online, viral and outdoor campaign.

The campaign's amusing web film turns the tables, big time, on bouncers who are usually the ones telling blokes "No No No". In the spot, bouncers are refused entry into a toilet block and a gym because of their attire and possible beverage consumption. And after less than two weeks on YouTube and Break.com, the viral has received over 380,000 views - with over half of those views occurring before the web film was seeded. And a result of the Break.com posting, the campaign has received over 4000 likes on Facebook.
"Targeting blokes 24 - 35 who still want to break free and have fun, Chokito is standing up for blokes in this strategic, highly entertaining and engaging campaign," says Penny Sarfati, general manager of JWT Sydney.

JWT's intention is to create a strong word of mouth campaign by introducing '"No No No" into consumer vernacular through TV, outdoor and digital advertising as well as through content - like the bouncer web film. The destination for the campaign is a Facebook page where consumers are asked to post their "No No No" on the Chokito Says No No No Facebook wall.

In the three 15 second TVCs: Chokito says "No No No to late night shoe inspections" (outside nightclubs) and only says yes to the good stuff; Chokito even says "No No No to just a little bite" (of your Chokito - even for your girlfriend); And Chokito says "No No No" to mates hearing your pet name (your girlfriend calls you).

"The legendary Chokito bar has been reformulated for an even bigger taste, with crunchy balls, chewy caramel fudge and loads of chocolate," says John Broome, Nestlé's Head of Marketing - Confectionery and Snacks.

"JWT Sydney has been involved with the complete relaunch of the Chokito bar from the re-design of the packaging to the taste testing and relaunch advertising creative and strategy. JWT have been our partner all the way through and this has resulted in a truly on target and engaging campaign that uses humour to position Chokito as the perfect chocolate bar for blokes," added Broome.
View the TVCs.


Anonymous said:

This will not be a helpful comment:

I recently saw a Chokito commercial - perhaps even THIS commercial - I can't remember what the idea was or what happened in the ad, and BestAds won't screen it for me unless I'm a BestAds Pro member - but the good old product ingredient sequence took me back to my youth, reminded me of the yummy chocolatey innards and made me want one - so the other day while I was paying for my weekly tank of petrol at the servo, I bought one and it was fantastic.

Sadly, sometimes a good product ingredient sequence is all it takes.

Anonymous said:

I was one of the 380,000 that watched the clip outside of an advertising forum. Was very disappointed. Idea has been done better by the Chaser who stopped security guards from walking into their own office. Please try harder

Anonymous said:

Who was creative?

Anonymous said:

John Lam, you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said:

Nice web film. Shame the TV is so awful.

Why even bother with it if the client/agency/15" time won't let you do your best?

Anonymous said:

Looks fake to me.

David Ogilvy said:

You can get 380,000 views in 30 minutes on a re-run of Cougar Town. Just sayin'

Anonymous said:

Hence the 15s, I'd say Dave.

Anonymous said:

thats just pain funny!
Well done guys I laughed...

Anonymous said:

Idea stolen from The Chaser's War On Everything:


Anonymous said:

thank you 7.23 now I have to go home and change my undies - piss funny

Anonymous said:

Not sure what the point of it is, but I laughed.

Hardie Ha Ha said:

its exactly the same, though the chaser only has 67k views.... though I guess it will get a lot more now

am sure the chaser boys would like a concept fee from Neste

Anonymous said:

sooo fake, why pretend?

SR said:

All very well to have large numbers of views but on YouTube it's easy (down arrow next to the view count) to see the sources of some of the views and you have to wonder about the value of lots of the thousands of views.

Spanish language soft porn anyone? Wonder what the comments there were saying about Chokito?

Not hard, not even that expensive to boost view counts.

And as for the 'tags' on the video.... if I was searching for some of those topics I'm not sure I'd be that interested in what I'd just seen.


Anonymous said:

Wow! Over 5000 likes on facebook. Whack that on the CV!

el G said:

I think its pretty good.
You see a lot of these where someone in an ad agency says "Lets do a Viral" and they get the poor dude in the Edit Suite to bring the camera and film some absolutely retarded idea that goes nowhere.

This one works. Its not brilliant but its good enough.

Anonymous said:

The Actor is Toby Schmidt, from Sydney Theatre Company. (Also ex-NIDA grad.)

Byron said:

Clearly paid actors in the viral - actually the same bald talent as in the 15', but it's engaging content for the target.
Significantly increased time spent with the brand, generally a higher positioning for the brand in the minds of the 380,000 too.
Like it.
Good work guys...

Anonymous said:

Good enough that they had to rip it off somewhere else.

Anonymous said:

Another bad ad with no credits. This is becoming a trend. I know I've done work before that was forced on me by a bad client and when it was done I asked not to have my name put on it as I thought the work was shit. But the agency didn't then stick it on CB at least.

Adam said:

A watched figure is misleading and should never be confused with likability - you have to watch it first to see if you like it.

We have all watched part of a KFC TV ad - doesn't mean we think they are good or enjoy them.

First cab off the rank (6:44 to you) said:

I like KFC too, for the crunchy coating.

Anonymous said:

I really like KFC.

Anonymous said:

Great stuff.
Very funny and fresh well done JL!

Anonymous said:

Well at least all the Anons from JWT Sydney like it. Seriously, this is not good work. We all think of ideas like this but we move on and never commit them to paper. Look at the World's most awarded work and you'll still see ideas that are relevant to the product and its proposition - it's old fashioned but it works! This trend of making something up when you have nothing to say passed on a few years back. The Cannes winning Snickers Ho Down radio spot is a good example of how to connect a great idea to a product proposition.

Anonymous said:

Bookend advertising in newspapers are a little done aren't they?

Anonymous said:

I thought this was really funny but sadly somewhat agree with 5:03.

However after spending a while in the States, who like it or lump it fostered advertising into the multi billion dollar business it is today, I think the rules are thus:

If you do something funny or memorable, very good job.

If you can do something funny or memorable and people remember the product, great job.

If you can do something funny or memorable and people remember the product and the benefit is clearly expressed in your idea, pull out the carpet slippers and smoke a pipe that's a fucking excellent job.

Sadly, both here, the states and in london we fail to achieve any of the above with the majority of what we do. To me, at least this has done the first exceptionally well.

Anonymous said:

agree with 5.03. no relevance to the product at all.

ANDY said:

Funny, it came out of JWT

Anonymous said:

Perfectly put 5:03!
Cut and paste that into the next award school lecture.

Anonymous said:

Loved the Viral, clever idea and good acting what more could you want.

This is rare

Anonymous said:

walk don't talk and do good stuff like this, don't just talk!

Anonymous said:

Bad and ripped off The Chaser. C-c-c-combo Breaker!

Chaser said:

Jungle Boys did this? I see Trent is still directing the same style as he did for The Review and Chaser's.

Anonymous said:

Ah noo Bru, thetz a but cashule, eh.

Yes said:

Say NO, forced me to remember the name CHOKITO.
Next layer, say no 'cause it's too good to share.
Good strategy. Top idea.
I say YES!!!

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