Kris Moyes' film 'City Limits' for fashion label Romance Was Born launches in Sydney

CITY-LIMITS.jpgLast night director Kris Moyes, screened 'City Limits', a short film launching the Romance Was Born, Autumn Winter 2010 range, to a packed theatre at the Dendy Newtown.

Having worked with Romance Was Born on two music videos for Architecture in Helsinki and Softlightes, Romance Was Born approached Moyes to make 'something' that featured their Autumn Winter 2010 range. Moyes' response: a film, which in his words is "a short ridiculous story about a smart, hot, rich tyrant named Katherine Bowden who goes on a killing spree of sweet revenge once she hears that her egg headed financial adviser has drained all her savings. She's a killer and she's cooler than the other side of the pillow".
Bowden is played by the Croatian model Tanja G. Romance Was Born suggested Tanya G for the role, having just worked with her on their latest print campaign and Moyes admits to having his initial reservations about casting her. But, after screen testing Tanya he described her as "Incredible and perfect for the role. A strange combination of the costumes and her character tonally pushed the film in a completely different and unexpected direction".

The crew includes cinematographer Danny Rulhmann (Little Fish) and 1st AD Deb Antoniou (Where The Wild Things Are). The music was composed by Alex Akers, Rohan Bell-Towers (Bamboo Nights), Kim Moyes (The Presets) and Myles Heskett and Chris Ross (ex Wolfmother).
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Creative Credits
Director: Kris Moyes
Production Company: Revolver
 Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Line Producer: Alex Kember
Screenplay: Kris Moyes & Ben North
Clothes by Romance Was Born
Cinematographer: Danny Ruhlmann
Editor: Stewart Reeves for The Editors
Starring: Tania Gacic as Katherine Bowden
Starring: Matthew Charleston as Egg
Art Director: Chris Tomkins
1st Assistant Director: Deb Antoniou
SFX/ Prosthetics: Matt Boug
Colourist: Danny Scotting for Efilm
Online: Kristian Whitlock for Efilm
Sound Designer: Michael Baird
Sound Designer/ Engineer: Simon Kane for Song Zu
Original Compositions: Kim Moyes, Myles Heskett, Chris Ross
Fashion Launches Rocket Launches, Rohan Bell-Towers, Alex Akers


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Anonymous said:

girl finds out her blood donor has HIV. she goes on a revenge rampage and eats her victims carelessly. she is so mad she even ate her pillow.

Anonymous said:

The source of the problem is that commercial shorts lack an audience and so dissolve into being so characterless and vacant. Sorry to be critical. However, a strong narrative would have made this promotion piece much more watchable.

Jeffrey said:

Liquid Sky meets Scarface to a Giorgio Moroder soundscape. Love it.

Oh yeah ... GO USA!!!

Anonymous said:

12.23. I have no words. Hang on... Tool. Yes that will suffice.

Anonymous said:

The barbarians have breached the gate, and it's every man and woman for themselves I guess.

Branded Entertainment, more soul destroying than disco.

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