Publicis Mojo launches its 11th Legendary Moments spot for Toyota, starring Wally Lewis

LegendaryMoments1.jpegToyota has launched its 11th Legendary Moments spot with the new ad enshrining not an AFL moment, as in the previous ten, but a classic scene and hallowed hero from NRL's State of Origin series. The first Legendary Moments ad was conceived by Publicis Mojo in 2004, in response to Toyota's brief to help engage Victorians around their sponsorship of the AFL.  

Mojo's idea has roots in an enduring ocker truth: we love to kick a footy around in the backyard while re-living our favourite sporting moments. The original ad, and each of the subsequent ten Legendary Moments, have featured lovable larrikins Steve Curry and Dave Lawson. The two comedians improvise around a pre-crafted script, whilst the player himself is in the dark and has to play along in the re-enactment.


LegendaryMoments2.jpegThe ads have themselves passed into Australian cultural legend, with the campaign featured on the front page of major newspapers, in television news reports, and avidly discussed on talkback radio and in online footy forums. Language and action from the ads are continually replayed in live conversations. Fans have filmed their own Legendary Moment re-enactments and posted them on YouTube, and there is a 'Toyota AFL Legendary Moments Appreciation Society' on Facebook.

Mojo Melbourne copywriter and passionate sports fan Michelle Walsh, who, starting with the famed Jesaulenko ad, has written scripts for the series for four years, says both research and intuition are important in identifying which moments will translate into the just the right brand of humour for the screen. "The challenge now is to keep the commercials fresh and unpredictable without moving too far from the fun, down-to-earth style that connects so strongly with us Australians," she says.   

Response to the new NRL Legendary Moment has been enthusiastic, from both footy fans and the media. The spot featured in an editorial piece on Nine's Today Show this morning, where it was said to be one of the most popular online items of the day.  
Craig Davis, Mojo's co-chairman and chief creative officer, said that the long-lived success of the Legendary Moments franchise is exceptionally rare in the increasingly expendable world of mass communications, where audiences' tolerance for rapid-fire advertising messages are at an all-time low.

"Stories worth sharing are the sweet spot for brand engagement, pure and simple," he said. "Legendary Moments is a compliment to Toyota, who have recognized and committed to authentic, emotional storytelling that goes beyond advertising."

Creative Team: Michelle Walsh & Dave Varney
Executive Creative Director: Craig Davis
Account Service: Davin Power, Aaron Thomas
TV Producer: Tuesday Picken
Production Company: The Pound
Media Agency: The Media Store
Sports Marketing Agency: Gemba


Anonymous said:

I love this campaign - great stuff. But it'll never win at Cannes which must mean its rubbish. Oh no! that means I must be wrong for liking. Delete my earlier comments about lovin' it, I now think its rubbish because a CD from Santiago and one from Oslo didn't get it. What was I thinking?!

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

not an NRL fan, but I'll pay that. good work lads

Anonymous said:

Another great one. Well done Mich and Dave. You guys rock.

Anonymous said:

Sorry but I actually don't like it. I love the campaign and have sung it's praises for years but this is the first one that I've seen that isn't... Well... Funny.

Anonymous said:

I'm with 8.31 on this one. Don't see the humour, it's feels a bit forced. That said it's a brilliant campaign and 10 wins out of 11 is impressive.

Even St. said:

' written scripts for the series for four years' .... I thought Steven Jackson wrote the original ads?

Anonymous said:

Steve wrote the first 4, Michelle hasn't written the other 7...

moo said:

I'm confused now.

Who started the campaign?

Anonymous said:

This is the least funny of all the ads in this campaign (and I LOVE this campaign).

It lacks the spontenaity of the other ads. Wally is hardly involved, and looks like an uncomfortable bystander.

Oh, and Rugby is a rubbish sport, that doesn't help.

Anonymous said:

I think it's just that this cut is too long and tries to play off the wackiness of the hosts, rather than just getting down to the funny re-enactment, which is what makes people like the afl ads. People who like NRL will probably find this as apt, pertinent and funny as we find the AFL ones.

Anonymous said:

10.42 meant to say 'Michelle HAS written the other 7'

Anonymous said:

I reckon you're right 4:00pm. Still a good ad though. Me likey.

Anonymous said:

Probably good for the target. Rubbish for anyone with a brain.

MADMAN said:

RE: 2:05pm

Everyone is definitely in-titled to an opinion that's for sure but when you decide to bad mouth an entire sport, one which is the most popular sport in two major states get the name of it right. Rugby League is the sport I think you were referring to as rubbish. How have the late nights been treating you?

This ad is kind of long, had a few giggles moments so not too bad I guess. Beats a voiced over glade fresh ad. :P

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Re: Even Street

If you really want to go down that avenue I think it was actually Baddiel And Skinner who wrote the original ads...

Dead End said:

Had me fooled for 6 years!!!!
Nothing is original any more.

high said:

'Street' / 'avenue'. Oh snap!

Anonymous said:

I think if Wally sat down and saw what he was coaxed into doing, he'd think again.

No respect. Not even an idiot could respect that rubbish.

I bet he wanted to smack one of them during the shoot. Hope he did.

Anonymous said:

It's funny. Go and write something as funny, you wankers.

Anonymous said:

it's crap!

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