Carlton Draught brings blokes a life in 'Slow Mo' in new spot via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

DANCING MAN.jpegThis Friday will see the premiere of the new Carlton Draught 'Slow Mo' television commercial, via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

Directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films, it stays true to the great Carlton Draught tradition of 'taking the piss', bringing slow motion camera technology into the pub to showcase men in all their 'Slow Mo' glory.

GOAL CELEBRATION.jpegMADE FROM BEER.jpegThe campaign was shot using two Photron SA1 SD high speed cameras, which can shoot anywhere between the normal 25 frames per second and an incredible 9000 frames per second. The scenes in Carlton Draught 'Slow Mo' were shot at speeds between 500 and 9000 frames per second, giving them that beautiful (and hilarious) detail - such as a peanut flying out of a guy's mouth, or the reverberations of an ample backside dropping on to a bar stool.

Every 'Slow Mo' shot needs to be accompanied by important, grandiose music. And if the soundtrack sounds familiar, it's because Puccini lent his famous tune to what will surely become the thinking pub goer's new anthem:

Slow motion.
Men in slow motion.
Men look much better in slow motion.
It makes me want to sing quite loud.
Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne.
Men in slow mo...
In slow mo...
Slow motion.
Blah blah blah...
Slow motion.

Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne executive creative director Ant Keogh, says finally, slow motion has found its true subject matter. "Since the invention of the Phantom super-slow motion camera we've seen it used to beautiful effect. We thought we'd jump on the bandwagon but subvert the usual beautiful imagery and focus on blokes and the dumb stuff they do; blokes in all their wonderful, fallible, glory," Keogh said.

Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Team: Richard Williams and Anthony Phillips
Senior TV Producer: Sonia von Bibra and Pip Heming
Group Account Director: Paul McMillan
Account Director: Mick McKeown
Account Manager: Phoebe Farquharson

Director: Paul Middleditch
Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
Production Company: Plaza Films
DoP/Cinematographer: Daniel Ardilly
Editor: Peter Whitmore - The Editors
Music Production Company: Level Two Music Electric Dreams
Sound Designer/Engineer: Cornel Wilczek
Sound House: Electric Dreams

Client: Carlton & United Breweries
Marketing Director: Peter Sinclair
Group Marketing Manager: Vincent Ruiu
Senior Brand Manager: Richard Oppy
Assistant Brand Manager: Shencina Formenton


Anonymous said:

Here's to the after hours athlete.

Anonymous said:

now that's what i'm talkin' about

Anonymous said:

love love love

Anonymous said:

genius, again.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Yep. Fantastic. Could relate to all that, punters will too.

Well done to all involved.

Dave said:

Very fucking funny. Well done again guys.

Anonymous said:

Air kick. Then immediately look for lady's approval. Awesome.

Anonymous said:

Ad. Of. The. Fucking. Year.

Great work Rich and Ant. You're out-mastering the master.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

I take my hat off to the creators of this ad.
It is bloody good.
It's about punters and beer... and it's funny.
The music is incredible, and edited to perfection.
Well done.
Well done.
Well done.

If there are any haters out there... please refrain from mindless vitriol.

Anonymous said:

really funny - top work

Anonymous said:

Middleditch. Beer. Jesus, his arse must sparkle with the amount of blog tongues stuffed inside it.

Anonymous said:

The Slow Ad

Anonymous said:


Amazing what you can do when you cut the shit with weird bearded folk singers and get back to the core idea that made Carlton Draught advertising so good... this is from the same place as Big Ad:

Hero everyday blokes drinking an everyday beer with a production technique that overplays such ordinariness to the absolute fucking extreme.

A good lesson in not getting too far ahead of yourself, and not always feeling the need to change stuff for the sake of change.

Hmmm. Maybe that client was right after all.

Anne Onymouse said:

Almost makes me wish I could pee standing up

Anonymous said:

Fuck you Ant Keogh, you bastard!

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Fucking love it. let's hope it also ends all the shit slo-mo ads with no idea that have flourished since schweppes.

Anonymous said:

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Anonymous said:

Ditch singing is genius

Brendan Greaney said:

Well that's just fucked the rest of us. Cunts.

No Way said:

Are you kidding? Just because they shot with a Phantom doesn't mean it's automatically good. Seriously... slow motion doesn't make a great ad, ideas make a great ad and this one don't have one. And for the record this is the weakest ever tagline for any beer, ever. "Made of Beer." Are you serious? That's all you can say about your beer? That's like saying Nike - made of shoes. WTF.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Could've been excellent, but it's still very good.

Will be talked about, sell a lot of beer and the public will love it.

Well done getting this out.

Anonymous said:

I take my hat off. This is great.
But i work on a beer client and am always getting ads knocked back through APPS for irresponsible consumption off alcohol..or slight sexual tones.

How did they get this through as to me everyone looks really shit faced in this ad.?

Again i take my hat off.

Anonymous said:

No Way, Made from Beer is a cracker tagline.

Watersportsman said:


Anne, yes… you… CAN. You can do anything you set your mind to, girl.

P.S. I’ve actually seen it done – in a shower of course. And I must say, for me, it really redefined the notion of ‘taking the piss’.

Anonymous said:

agree with 11.29. I love everything about it. I also love it because everyone looks intoxicated.

They also did really well to get it through AAPS.

Full marks!

Anonymous said:


Stating the obvious doesn't make you contrarian. Why have something unique to say?

Anonymous said:

Dear No Way,
You're obviously relatively new to this industry, so welcome, but I feel your stay might be quite short.
Now make me a cup of joe, and get yourself a tall glass of fuck off.

Christ I hate haters.

Anonymous said:

No Way @11.05

Clearly you are either a junior working in a crappy agency or a retard.

'Made from beer' is not meant to be an epic nike type tag, it takes the piss out of tags like that.

It goes back to the original CD ad and the strategy is about beer advertising that doesn't take itself to seriously.

Nice spot this, in safer more familiar territory so doesn't feel quite as groundbreaking
as the earlier stuff but still funny, well shot and directed. And the Kung fu kick rocks the shit.

Anonymous said:

Gave me Carlton Draught tingles right down in my goolies. Awesome.

Anonymous said:

Yeah I think AAPS gives a recommendation but you don't have to abide by it. But yeah, looks like Friday night at about 11:30 when it's all becoming a bit of a blur.
The blur does look better in slow motion though. well done guys.

Anonymous said:

@11:05 - I think you might be missing the point.

It's just blokey silliness that celebrates what having a pint with your mates is all about.

You're confusing an idea with a linear story. They're not the same thing.

Yeah, it's more technique than idea, but that IS the idea. Carlton takes the piss.

It's not slow brewed or triple filtered or made from crisp mountain springs or blessed by monks.

It's just beer made of beer.

Anonymous said:

@ No Way.

Mate, if you don't understand 'Made from Beer' and why it is such a great line, you should probably find a new line of work.

This is the closest they have come to brilliance since the Big Ad.

I can't wait to see it on TV.


Anonymous said:

and the idea here is?

Anonymous said:

NO way 11.05 - jealousy is a curse. Love it! Best Australian Beer Ad this year. Congratulations Clems & Middleditch

Toia said:


Anonymous said:

@11.05 is made from stupid, but he thinks he's cold filtered genius. Dork.

ian said:

Inspiring work in a sea of ordinary crap. Well done all at Clems. Just when I was losing the faith and wondering why so much rubbish is produced and why I should keep striving to do better work. Faith restored!

Anonymous said:

Nice work.

nick w said:

love it. most enjoyable ad I've seen this year.

Anonymous said:

@11.05 is made from stupid, but he thinks he's cold filtered genius. Dork.

Anonymous said:

Awesome spot, beer still tastes like a bucket full of arseholes

Anonymous said:

C'mon people. It's humourous, but not ground-breaking. And certainly not 'genius' or 'gold' as many of the posts on here claim. It's a wannabe Big Ad (obviously), just without the...size. It uses EXACTLY the same core elements - pisstake on a well-known operatic track and everyday blokes doing silly shit - just in a different setting, and in slow motion. It's a good ad in its own right, but ultimately, it's a sequel - and we all know how well Karate Kid 2 and Weekend at Bernie's 2 turned out. BRONZE.

Anonymous said:

sorry, not a lover, not a hater.

Anonymous said:

Yes! Thank you Ant, Ant & Richard, friggin fuckin awesome. Fuck yeah.

Anonymous said:

i have a lot of respect for ant, and I really like their work. And no, i'm not bitter or un-awarded, or a hater. But while this is the kind of ad this industry likes, it's not brilliant, and could be for any beer. Falls a touch short for me.

Steve said:

cannes gold

Anonymous said:

Dave Chappelle did it first and funnier.

Andrew said:

No Way. Diickhead.
How's that for a tagline?

Anonymous said:

wish they'd sped it up.

Anonymous said:

A well polished turd that makes no sense whatsoever.
The Emperor's new advertising.

Anonymous said:

12:02, is your name Evan Roberts by any chance?

Anonymous said:

Keep it real people, this breaks no ground, the client has broken the shovel.

Anonymous said:

Pauly fucking Paul that is fucking amazing. Well done.

Anonymous said:

I don't normally comment on this blog but so much gushing over this?

Anonymous said:

@ Andrew, did you just use two i's in Dickhead? Sure that isn't you Siimon Reynolds???

Seriously nice ad tho' gave me a tingle in my man plums! Hats off to all involved, capped off perfectly by the kung fu kick!

Anonymous said:

Looks like the clems boys have spent a bit of time on the blog.
Good try gentlemen, average at best.

Anonymous said:

Get it on telly now. I can't watch anymore campaign ads... it's pissing me off so much I almost read a book last night.

Anonymous said:

1.49 "dave chapelle"? who the fuck is "dave chapelle"?

Anonymous said:

I was a bit underwhelmed when I first watched it, but it's growing on me. And everyone here seems to love it, so I'm happy to admit I'm wrong.
It doesn't say anything about the beer, but it doesn't really try to say anything at all, which I'll take any day rather than be beat over the head about a beer's ingredients or where it comes from.

And the likes of 12.24pm and all the other haters, please fuck off with your fucking youtube links or posting a link with 'Hey, I'm just saying'.
Talentless coward.

Papa McDizzle. said:

I work for the competition.

This is awesome.

If you say it isn't, you are just another jaded advertising knob.

Teats, you hot little pocket rocket, well done.

Token ad wanker said:

I do not enjoy this silly piece of low-brow crap, as it is not "ground breaking" and does not contain "an idea". Plus I am confused about my sexuality & only drink cosmos.

Dan M said:

Put some more shelves up.

Anonymous said:

I love it! First aussie beer ad that's made me laugh out loud for years.

It's great just to see a funny thought executed to perfection and nothing more. Reminds me that not every idea has to break new ground or make me a facebook friend and I appreciate the lack of 'go to the website to see how you can be in slo mo too' or somesuch garbage.

In my humblest of opinions, funny by itself will always get the job done.
Thanks for the morning giggle.

Anonymous said:

"Where's the idea???" they scream.

It's beer, knobs. It doesn't need an idea. Just enough blokes guffawing to make it good.

Success, Clems.

Anonymous said:


Tis good no? said:

I like it.

I like the fact it's back to Carlton Draught Spoof campaign.
I like the fact it's taking the piss out of the slow-mo trend -
despite the fact I've been trying to get one through for a while now.

One concern: a few viewings might do me head in.
But most award juries will only have to watch it once or twice.

Apart from that, come on - it's pretty good

Anonymous said:

5:01 PM Nailed it.

It's beer you tepid antisocial twats, what fucking idea does a man need to convince him to drink it?

Ben who loves to drink Carlton Draught says said:

Absofuckinglutely brilliant. Gold star!

This actually makes up (and more) for that tingle crap that was churned out last time, and I didn't think anything could have gotten that rotten taste out of my mouth.

But this did.

THIS is a Carlton Draught ad. THIS is the Big Ad in slow-mo. Fucking brilliant. Love it.

So simple, no wonder the rest of us don't stand a chance. Well done.

Colombian said:


Anonymous said:

Well played chaps.

(. )( .)

this is from the premier beer agency?? said:

it seems like a watered down version of all the UK beer spots from yesteryear. I remember all the those spots and feel we are doing pale imitations of all of them...don't you think?

Anonymous said:

In the interest of balance it's not a patch on Boags which deserved its gold.

And all the Clemenger based blogs here show that Clemenger has disappeared up it's own collective arse and can't let the work speak for itself.

It is not a good look guys.

Anonymous said:

I'm pretty sure that's Hincey doing the Kung Fu kick for the girl towards the end...............

AWESOME! said:

I think it's brilliant.

What's even more brilliant is everything in this ad shows pissed behaviour, and it still got past the ASB/ABAC.

Let's go through them in glorious slow motion.

Scene 1 - guy throwing a dart, misses the board and hits the wall, suggesting he's pissed.
Scene 2 - guy dancing like an ostrich trying to impress a member of the opposite sex, to which she's smiling suggesting drinking leads to sexual conquest.
Scene 3 - fat guy jumping / dancing, suggesting alcohol has altered his mood as he's too fat to be allowed to smile.
Scene 4 - guy shoots pool ball which hits mates finger, suggesting he's pissed and missed his shot.
Scene 5 - closeup on two glasses doing a cheers while the beer spills, suggesting they're pissed.
Scene 6 - guys ass crack showing, suggesting an inebriated state which leads to lack of care for self.
Scene 7 - crowd jumping in the air, spilling beer all over themselves, suggesting they're pissed.
Scene 8 - bird shit dropping into a guys beer while he looks at a guy in a suggestive manner, linking the beer / 'good luck sign' to potential sexual conquest
Scene 9 - guy dancing even more like an ostrich with girl laughing even more, suggesting he's even closer to picking up
Scene 10 - guy spitting on his friends face while talking, suggesting he's has a few too many and can't control his fleck
Scene 11 - guy spilling tray of beer all over three gorgeous ladies, suggesting he's pissed, and a douche.
Scene 12 - guy air running suggesting even more inebriation, while the girl is even more impressed with him, suggesting sexual conquest. At the end, his fat friend that shouldn't be allowed to smile (clearly pissed) rewards his behaviour with a satan sign.
Scene 13 - pack shot.

Well done getting this through lads, how beer ads should be - guys getting so pissed they'd be thrown out of most pubs.

Anonymous said:

Paul you stand alone my friend as the best commercial director in Australia. I understand the concept and the lyrics are brilliant but at the end of the day to pull off such an execution takes that of a master craftsmen. I think this is your best commercial yet. Keep on going my son.

Anonymous said:

Best passive aggressive comment ever 9.38pm.

Anonymous said:

Are all the Clems people done?

Average at best.


Anonymous said:

are you people all serious?? really? or just drunk??

Anonymous said:

It will bomb in all award shows guaranteed...

Anonymous said:

When Old Spice came out, everyone said watch out for all the copycats. But you can't copy Old Spice. Its MO was to fuck with how you perceive advertising.

This ad doesn't copy Old Spice but it uses the same MO, as did the Big Ad. It fucks with how you perceive advertising. You can't do it if you are only very, very good. You have to actually be great.

To all the twerps criticising this, you're making your own head hurt for no reason. You are looking at a great thing yet your brains are revving like lawnmowers trying to analyse it. Learn to recognise a great thing when you see it. Then shut up, or just say "thank you".

This thing works on so many levels it is scary. This, and Old Spice, are my favourite ads of the year, for so many complex reasons.

Advertising may still be in the game. Thank you Old Spice, and thank you Ant and Co.

Anonymous said:

Congrats Rich and Ant. Awesome work.

Anonymous said:


While I like the ad and love the humour, this is a parody. Originally meant to parody the Schweppes 'Burst' commercial, but they changed the music at the last minute. Personally I would have preferred the Schweppes track.

Old Spice, is not a parody. It is not taking the piss.

Now get back on your pedestal, you've had enough of a spanking for now.

Anonymous said:

Srry 9:38, when does the bird shit in his glass? I think ur watching the wrong internetz,

Anonymous said:

More stupid fucking slo mo, taking the piss or not it feels too long and looks like poop.
If it was a series of 15's only, it would feel better but the entire thing in slo mo bores me after the first viewing.
The Tingle spots were way funnier and despite not seeing them for months I can still remember the jingles which surely is the point of great advertising not another poxy piss take, punters won't even see it that way.
There's your irony.

Anonymous said:

He's thinks the slomo foam shot caused by the dude clunking the top of his
mates beer (the goofy look on that dudes face after he's done it makes me laugh every time too) is birdshit.

Anonymous said:

It's not slo-mo enough.

GPYR Creative said:

Really nice. Well done kids. Makes me happy in the pant.

Homer said:

Duff is dead to me

Anonymous said:

you people all need a big circle and a single Weet Bix.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

@ Awesome

Only one of the people involved in the creation of this ad would know about the bird shit.

No one else will ever notice that - no matter how many times its viewed.

In the harsh world of awards shows, that may well be its achilles' heel.

Anyway, back to my brochure.

Noah said:

Funniest. Australian. Ad. Ever.

I'm. Serious.

Anonymous said:

The only person I'm qualified to speak on behalf of is me.

And I love it.

Anonymous said:

Number 100 motherfuckeeeeeers!

Oh, and I think the ad's quite cool.

Team JD said:

Well done Sirs.

Anonymous said:

I started off quite liking it but after reading all Clemenger blogs selling it to everyone I hate it - lots

Anonymous said:

Oh Dear,


All you people seriously think this is special?

Wow. So this is what our industry has come to. When Schweppes used the slow motion idea, it was relevant and made a point about the product. This? God, it goes on forever and yet goes nowhere at all. Incredibly boring.

They've taken the same musical idea as Big Ad, set it in a pub, and filmed in slow mo. And ended up with something that will have people reaching for their remotes in record numbers and at record speeds.

If it ever gets on TV, hopefully they'll cut it down to a bunch of thirties to make it less agonising.

Anonymous said:

is it the same camera as schweppes?
- I only say cause it's the same idea

Anonymous said:

Yep. Good. Basterds. Well done.

Anonymous said:

Clems making a parody of a brilliant Patts ad. Weird!

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

tooheys new - embarrassing
tooheys extra dry - pulled from air
xxxx gold - old mans beer
hahn super dry - unoriginal

carlton draught - made from genius

cub - oy oy oy
lion nathan - you got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:

As Meatloaf said all those years ago, 4.16 and 4.18... you took the words right out of my mouth.

Wow. Slow motion. But not just slow motion. Really, really, really slow motion. Oooh.

Surely no work was done at Clems last week with everyone too busy sending in all those wet undies comments.

Not total rubbish. But definitely not special.

Anonymous said:


on the CUB side you're forgetting VB and Pure Blonde, both smashing it creatively.

When Anthony Heraghty left GPYR Melbourne to become Marketing Director at Fosters, it effectively was the beginning of the end of the Patts Melbourne office for several years, but the rest of the industry that works on Fosters beer clients should be very thankful.

Alex said:

Wish I'd done it. Tis brilliant. Awesome on the telly. Well done all.

Anonymous said:

It's not celebrating the use of slow-motion, it's lampooning it, a fact that most of the commenters on the blog have failed to grasp.

Thank you Paul for putting a stake in the heart of high speed photography to achieve an artistic, emotional effect. Carlton Draft, the anti-Schweppes.

Anonymous said:

Yup, if you don't get that this is taking the piss out of the overused slowmo technique (altho burst was first and great) you are a stoopid douchebag.

This came on during the code on saturday night and the lads (non advertising types)
loved it.

Anonymous said:

It's entertaining. It's relevant. I love it.

Anonymous said:

Yes, we got it.

It's a joke on slow motion.

Tick the box.

But that doesn't mean we have to get on our knees in adoration.

It's not especially funny. It doesn't bear repeat viewing. And it's generally pretty tiresome to watch.

As someone said above, if it goes to air at this length, the remotes will be hard at work all around the country.

Anonymous said:

1:28 To the contrary, the bloke, according to the majority of people on this blog, has pretty well missed the mark. His story will be a little embarrassing for him I think - this "Patts are great" article is quite pathetic. I think this work will work.

Anonymous said:

1.28, as the quote at the bottom of the article says "Simon Canning is The Australian's marketing writer and has been covering the industry for 16 years".

He's a journo covering the industry, not necessarily anyone with any experience or understanding of what is actually a good ad or idea.

You know, that old chestnut about 'those that can do, those that can't...'.

Out of the lot since the Big Ad, I'd reckon this runs a close second.

Pattsman said:

I remember Canning bagging Burst when it came out.

Anonymous said:

You don't need to work inside the ad industry to recognise a good idea from an average one. That's a pretty patronising point of view to have.

That's equivalent to saying you can't express an opinion on a movie you've just watched unless you're a screenwriter or a director.

Anonymous said:

Pa-ro-dy (clap clap clap) pa-ro-dy (clap clap clap)....

Anonymous said:

Meh, people always think I'm too patronising (that means I treat them like they’re stupid).

Anonymous said:

I don't agree with No Way about the made from beer tagline. Obviously he's a bit tone deaf BUT I do agree with him when he says that there is absolutely no idea in this ad. If however the idea is that when you drink beer you get pissed then erm okay.

the scorer said:

Clems 10
Carlton Draught 0

dean said:

who gives a fuck about the wankers who obviously put jack shit thinking into the ad....the use of slo mo is good but fat men and slim a pub...?....and for fucks sake give the singer some credit....who sang the fucken song?

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