Optus penguins to rock Rihanna's Last Girl on Earth Tour in February/March, starting tonight

Rhianna_Lock_SML-web.jpgFollowing on from last year's success with rock star P!nk, M&C Saatchi, Sydney will launch a campaign for Optus tonight (17 August) that features the intrepid pre-paid penguins going inter-galactic to beam up Rihanna.

The campaign, the latest iteration of Optus pre-paid mobile "Live Life Without Limits", has the Optus penguins stepping up their mode of transport from previous campaigns - a Cadillac and a Hummer - to pilot a spaceship.

The TVC features our amphibious space travelers beaming up Rihanna to their craft while the multi Grammy Award winning artist is midway through her hit "rockstar 101", during a live concert.

As the Barbados born beauty floats in suspended animation aboard the ship the song kicks back in. Viewers are then told they merely have to recharge with Optus pre-paid between 15 August and 15 September 2010 for a chance to win one of 500 double passes to see her live in concert during her 'Last Girl on Earth' tour, coming to Australia next February and March 2011. The prize is an extension of the 'Recharge and Always Win' offer from Optus pre-paid.

Screen shot 2010-08-17 at 7.11.20 PM.pngDavid Gaddie, an Australian director now based in New York, shot the TVC in Los Angeles with post production done in Sydney by Post Modern. The shoot required Rihanna to be suspended above ground via a series of wires for four hours.

The campaign will be rolled out via TV, print, radio and digital executions.

Says Optus consumer marketing director Austin R. Bryan: "Aligning the Optus brand with Rihanna is sure to be a big hit with our customers, especially those in the pre-paid mobile market. As one of the biggest acts on the planet right now, Rihanna has that 'out of this world' quality that was a perfect fit for this campaign. She really demonstrates what living life without limits is all about. Yhis is a fantastic execution."

M&C Saatchi executive creative director Ben Welsh said the campaign was "hugely ambitious given timings, and the budget wasn't as big as the end result would suggest. We're over the moon."

Client: Optus
Client Lead: Nicholas Martens, Marketing Manager, Optus
Creative: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
ECD: Ben Welsh
Art Director: Jason Woelfl
Digital Creative Director: Josh Rowe
Digital Design: Fuji Staplehurst; Nathaniel Jones; Benji Chen; Penn Li; Punya Huxter
Group account director: Nick Russo
Account Director: Tara Goh
Account Manager: Courtney Reynolds
Planner: Colin Jowell
TV Production: Rod James/Loren August
Producer: Sharon Ireland
Director: David Gaddie
Production Company: The Colony
Post Production: Post Modern
Media: MPG


Anonymous said:

Who cares?

Anonymous said:

Pink, please go away.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Why is this even on the blog?

Anonymous said:

Lynchy, please filter your posts. This is just boring.

Anonymous said:

What tha

Anonymous said:

oh dear.

Anonymous said:

Jesus, you guys really are a bunch of whiny cunts.

Australia's not exactly full of Bravia Balls ads, apart from the odd beer ad and a bunch of scam for charities and bubble gum, we do pretty well fuck all as an industry.

So, yeah, give them a break.

Yep. it's retail.

But it's good retail. And they got Rihanna in there so good on 'em.

And yes, I do work for M&C.

So show your face or your last ad before you start getting personal eh?

Anonymous said:

The Creative Workflow person must be spewing - they left her off the credits.

Anonymous said:

I wouldn't.

Eve if she was the last girl on earth.

Anonymous said:

You know what, I think the ad looks great. Fantastic post work, tells a decent little story & a nicely done retail promo competition ad.
So there you go.

Anonymous said:

Straight up and down terrible. Makes about as much sense as the list pile of garbage with Pink (well maybe a little more but not really).

True hard... and poor direction.

Martha Real said:

I cannot describe how bueaty and sweet voice she has . I'm kurdish I stay in Kurdistan and work with USArmy I simply discuss MY ONLY GIRL IN THIS WORLD and that you just Rihanna . beleive me no one can harm you trigger you are angle .. I hang your image in every nook at my Home's wall .. I love you really ........ God Bless you and hold you safe all of the time....

Joe Sagget said:

If their objective was to craft bland rubbish, mission accomplished!

I guess that pre-teen mobile market must be massive. Another example of The Colony’s inexhaustible ability to plague us with its lowest common denomination expansionist Manifest Destiny. You have to give it to them, it’s a tried and true, winning formula of celebrity endorsed dog and pony show.

You shouldn’t take that much offence to the above posts, they are just posts. You should be ( and i’m guessing you are) laughing all the way to the bank, this ill conceived stain is paying your mortgage.

Anonymous said:

How much money did they pay for the American popstar? Sure, it was probably a tough brief with more mandatories than callgirl's contract, but it's not worthy of a press release

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