Doritos Make an Ad, Make a Fortune competition winner to be revealed on Network 10 tonight

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 3.04.16 PM.pngThe winning ad for the Doritos Make An Ad, Make a Fortune competition will be revealed on prime time TV tonight. The ad will be aired during the commercial break of network 10's Good News Week program from 8.30pm (AEST) tonight.
The creator of the winning 29 second commercial will take home $25,000 in prize money, plus $1 for every vote received as a finalist, up to a further $25,000. So there's 50k up for grabs.
The top picks feature a beatboxer with a talent for triangle percussion, a corn chip who eats himself on a deserted island, and Dennis, a man who will back anything Australian, including 'Tasmanian shaped' corn chips. Alex George of Cronulla, Maik Hempel of Melbourne and David Williams of Doncaster East will all be anxiously watching the box tonight, hoping to see their ad voted as Australia's favourite.
This is the second year that Doritos, via agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney, has handed creative control over to the Australian public and invited imaginative minds, film fanatics, aspiring advertising creatives and those who just love their home video camera to come up with the next TV ad for Doritos. The finalist's ads can be seen at


Anonymous said:

Wow. This has really captured the imagination of our industry.

Anonymous said:

It's been said before but let me say it again.

It's a great vehicle for young talent to get some exposure but it's also the cheapest way a client can get an ad (many ads) made and get some exposure - which fundamentally undermines the advertising and production community who loose all opportunity to work for that client.

A nice idea. Production and performance OK, but it doesn't raise any bars.


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