NZ marketer Michele Teague appointed managing director of The Campaign Palace, Sydney

The Campaign Palace has named Michele Teague as managing director of its Sydney office. One of New Zealand's leading marketers, Teague has had extensive experience in a number of NZ's leading corporates in technology, FMCG, tourism, retail and advertising agency sectors.

She joins the Campaign Palace from Telecom NZ where she  recently held the position head of communications for retail. She is also on the the board of the New Zealand Rugby League, chairing the remuneration committee. Teague  has also had senior marketing and management roles at Restaurant Brands (operators of the KFC, Pizza Hut and Yum franchises in NZ), Pacific Retail Group, Woolworths and as global marketing manager for Air New Zealand.
Teague started her career on the agency side, including eight years at Y&R's Mattingly.  Career highlights have included developing the  'Inspiring Journeys' brand strategy for Air NZ and the branding campaign and relaunch of Telecom's 3G XT mobile network last year.
TCP executive chairman Mark Mackay said he had searched globally to fill the Sydney post and Teague was the standout from a shortlist of well credentialled candidates: "Michele comes to us with an outstanding corporate background and will have serious credibility with our clients. Her experience with retail, FMCG and fast food, her ability to manage significant budgets and staff, and her track record in building and reviving brands, speaks for itself. She is a very good marketer who has an innate understanding of brand and retail communication.

"She's also a pragmatic, capable leader and a great communicator. Michele will be a huge asset to the Palace team."

Says Teague: "I am delighted to be joining an agency with such a wonderful creative body of work, and portfolio of blue chip brands.  It's an exciting time to be in the advertising industry as we embrace the challenges of new channels, content and branding of the complete customer journey.  The Campaign Palace is well positioned to rise to these challenges, and I look forward to leading the team in this direction."

Teague, who is effectively replacing South African CEO Jacques Burger, will start at The Palace on October 11. UPDATE: Her appointment comes as AdNews reports that Westpac has dumped The Palace from its roster.


Palace suit said:

that's the way to do it Palace.

drive out hire somebody popular just as he was making creative progress and replace with somebody with no creative agency experience, no reputation or profile in this market and who has had 6 client side jobs in 8 years, including about 2 years not working

exactly the recipe for success and stability the agency needs.

wow said:

will the last one to leave please turn out the lights

Anonymous said:

Give her a chance, you tonsils.

Anonymous said:

This must be a joke - let's take all the progress made between Lindsay and Jacques and kill it off by appointing a client to run what is supposed to be an agency with creative ambition

Palace fan said:

What global search? Why the excitement? Sounds like the appointment that really signals what Y&R wants to do with The Palace

Anonymous said:

Wouldn't be surprised to see talented people exit following this move

hurrumph said:

global search unlikely.

more likely search among people currently out of work and known to the group already to ensure a quick press release and save on fees.

Anonymous said:

When I worked with Teague at Mattingly 15 or so years ago she was hardworking, tough, smart, and only took as many prisoners as she could eat. Good creative came out of her accounts, and Air New Zealand did some excellent stuff while she was there. If you are a slacker, a wanker, a mummies boy better leave now. If you want to work in a business rather than a pleasure palace stay on. I found her difficult and a pain in the arse but respected her for her determination, balls, and ability to go 10 rounds.

Anonymous said:

good luck Michele - you'll need it!

Anonymous said:

Might be a change to see an agency run by someone who not only understands creativity but also business

Anonymous said:

i'm sorry but it looks like the talent pool interested in heading The Palace under Y&R and some of their stellar global leaders is fast shrinking...

Anonymous said:

Hey Michele - good luck - first job will be to replace Westpac - shouldnt be a surprise though - everyone knew it would walk once Burger did

in the know said:

there's more to come.

look for an announcement in the next few days about the next high profile departure....and I don't mean Westpac

Grumpy old 80's Palace creative said:

Wouldn't have happened in my day.

Troublemaker said:

Michel Teague was very highly regarded by Woolworths NZ, so much so they hired her from Y & R Mattingly to be Marketing Manager.

Now as she comes to Sydney, where the Director of Supermarkets at Woolworths Australia was a senior manager at Woolworths in NZ when Michel handled the business at Mattingly, you have to wonder how long it will be before the Palace knocks on their door.

Bets anyone?

Anonymous said:

Michele was a client of mine some years ago, and a bloody good one too... she gets creativity and has balls.

Anonymous said:

@ in the know

Well, it can only be Domino's, Bonds or Cam.

And Bonds and Domino's seem okay.

So, Cam, where you off to?

Anonymous said:

I've heard grumblings of an imminent merger or takeover.

Interesting times, Palace people...

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