HungryThirsty? Oak tackles hunger and thirst head-on in first campaign from the Monkeys

OAK PR_PIC 3.jpgThree Drunk Monkeys and Parmalat have created a new campaign for Oak, one of Australia's most authentic and iconic flavoured milk brands. The campaign sets up Oak as the perfect solution to "hungrythirsty", the state of weak indecision when you're a little bit hungry and a little bit thirsty but can't decide what to do about it.


OAK01.jpgOAK02.jpgOAK03.jpgOak claims it's the only flavoured milk that can hit the "hungrythirsty" spot because it hasn't been watered down or compromised to fit in with trends, fads or societal pressure. Parmalat is promoting Oak flavoured milk as the perfect solution to tackle hunger and thirst in the brand's first campaign by Three Drunk Monkeys. 

The campaign, entitled "Kill Hungrythirsty Dead", consists of a 30-second TVC spot airing in NSW and Victoria with outdoor and POS launching in early November. 

Says Fabio Buresti, Three Drunk Monkeys strategic planning director: "The obvious thing to do with flavoured milk is to play on the nostalgia of the category, but we didn't think this would get people drinking Oak more often or give us a real point of difference in the market. Once we discovered 'hungrythirsty', we knew it had the potential to create a new occasion for Oak, getting people to think about it and drink it more regularly". 

Referring to the star of the ads, executive creative director Scott Nowell adds: "If this man tells you to drink Oak, you don't argue." 

Says Mel Beikoff, senior product manager at Parmalat: "The key issue facing Oak is one of consumption frequency - people are only drinking it as an occasional treat. Our strategy is to remove this limitation by repositioning Oak as the only drink that satisfies you when you're 'hungrythirsty'. We believe this strategy, combined with Oak's unapologetic and full-on tone of voice will address our frequency issue."

This is the first campaign for Oak created by The Monkeys since winning the Parmalat flavoured milk brands account in May.  

Executive Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Art Director: Matt Heck
Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald, Alex Derwin
Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorn 
Group Content Director: Dan Beaumont
Strategic Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Strategic Planner: Fiona Lake
Account Director: Suzy Coman
Content Manager: Kate Behne
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Simon McQuoid
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Producer: Pip Smart
Designer: Erwin Santoso 

Executive Creative Directors: Justin Drape/Scott Nowell
Art Director: Matt Heck
Copywriters: Damian Fitzgerald, Alex Derwin
Group Content Director: Dan Beaumont
Strategic Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Strategic Planner: Fiona Lake
Content Director: Suzy Coman
Content Manager: Kate Behne
Designer: Erwin Santoso
Print Producer: Tom Harrison, Chris Benson
Photographer: Andrew Cowen
Producer: Samantha Simpson & Adam Watson (SAMIAM)
Art Buyer: Alice Quiddington
Retoucher: Toby Pike (Toby & Pete)


Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

love the line. love the headlines. but the TV is a major bummer.

Fart said:

You don't fuck with Akko (Ignoramuses:See 'Two Hands' for relevance).

Anonymous said:

Love it! Killer insight! well done, monkeys.

Anonymous said:

I don't know who you are 12:19, but you're an idiot. This is pretty fresh work and a bloody good strategy.

Dr Fist said:

This is so good.

Anonymous said:

What's wrong with them? I like them. Better than what the Monkeys did for Telstra thank Christ

Anonymous said:

Crap, planner should fired

Anonymous said:

Spot on. Love me.

Anonymous said:

THere's no TV here.

Jay said:

Now I'm hungry thirsty!

Awesome - I love it. Great tag!

JJ said:

Awesome. Love that dude in the ad.

Anonymous said:

Well done, fucking cool

Anonymous said:

Really good, hats off to those bloody monkeys

Anonymous said:

what are you commenting on? There's no TV here.
You've blown your cover.

Anonymous said:

Great strategy. Pity the creative is confusing and try hard. Also don't know where the other anonymous commenters are viewing the TVC from as there's no link in the blog - maybe from the Monkeys internal server?

Anonymous said:

Why is the man so angry?

He scares me.

Make him stop.

Anonymous said:

Oh, c'mon guys.

The print / poster is straight out of the 90's and the telly is a bit scary.

Kills hungrythirsty - yeah, quite cool. Hardly groundbreaking.

I'm not a blog wanker who comments negatively on everything, but if I look at all the comments above, I reckon we need to raise the bar.

It's nice work. Just nice.

Anonymous said:

Why is he angry. Great line 'Hungrythirsty', but why deliver it like so?

Anonymous said:

What's with the Old Spice-style-dialogue-band-wagon so many people are trying to jump on?

Anonymous said:

Where do I know the actor from - someone please!

Anonymous said:

Rubbish.....a poor mans Johnnie Walker.........a very poor man at that.

JJ said:

I watched the TVC on Best Ads.

Fart said:

See my comment at 12:28, 2:30.

Anonymous said:

dan beaumont is fucking hot.

Anonymous said:

So, client says the problem with consumption is that people are only drinking it occasionally. When thirsty?

So we do a campaign to tell them to drink it when they're HUNGRY. Is there any intrinsic reason for them to do that? Is it a meal replacement? Does it have more substance than other flavoured milks?

You can't just tell people to do stuff and expect them to do it. Seriously, why are people heralding this as a breakthrough strategy?It's like doing a campaign for a mattress around 'Good for sleepywakey', because people aren't spending enough time in bed when they're awake.

Stick to your day job. said:

Q.Why do we need creatives now that planners write the ads?
A.Because ads like this prove that planners are not that good at it.

Anonymous said:

I watched it and thought 'Meh, convoluted and over done'
My 22 yr old PA watched it three times and liked it

Anonymous said:

Monkey's have done some good stuff of late - but this is shit.

Frank said:

Can everyone at 3DM stop commenting on their own work please. It's becoming evidently obvious.

Anonymous said:

very very poor stuff. not even funny, not scary and poor David Field dredging up his OLD chopper character. How very very sad...

Anonymous said:

@2:30 - it's keithy george from chopper.

BTW - great ad

Anonymous said:

Thank you Parmalat. Thank you for giving us permission to drink chocolate milk when we're hungry.

We've always wanted to do that, but up until now we were never allowed to. Thank you for removing that limitation.

Oh sorry, you couldn't hear me. You had your head stuck up your bum.

Anonymous said:

This is shit. Give me my 30secs back and give Keithy George back his dignity. Poor bastard. Monkey's - LIFT!

Anonymous said:

what a let down. the other one was much better.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Fresh, and based on a genuine insight. Nice work.

T said:

Advertising wankery, nothing more.

Unless you work at TDM in which case, this shit rocks 'yall.

Anonymous said:

he was better as Acko in two hands.
Guide Dogs ad was better. Maybe give that Junior team a promotion?

Dannyboi said:

Now when I'm hungrythirsty I can keep drinking my favourite flavoured milk brand

Anonymous said:

different but crap.

Anonymous said:

Over convoluted planning, Over convoluted execution. Reeks of untrained hands.

Not what I'd expect from the monkeys, more what I'd expect from monkeys.

Anonymous said:

good job monks. dude is hardcore. fully sick

Anonymous said:

@7:17 you make me angry. I want to fight you. Not because you're having a go at the Monkeys, but because you're wrong. It's not convoluted. It's brutally simple. Watch the ad again. If you dont understand it then youre in kindergarden and stumbled across this blog accidentally while researching your homework. You will probably mistake me for a monkey too, but I'm not.

Anonymous said:


imafan said:

No dignity lost 3:38 if he didn't want the job, he wouldn't have taken it...dick... its a good ad

Anonymous said:

Wow, so close. I was genuinely excited to see this when i saw the title. Hungry thirsty is a great idea from a brilliant insight. It's the of course, why didn't think of that. Well done Fabio. But that's what they should have stuck with. I don't know why they had to add on the 'kills' part. Then the tv execution is just lame. And not even done well. And I love that actor (also the director of the combination).
Sorry monkeys but I feel ripped off. It was an opportunity gone begging.

Anonymous said:

As soon as I saw this I knew that Dan Beaumont had to have been involved. It's got his name written all over it. Damn he's good. And so hot right now. Does everyone agree with this?

Anonymous said:

10:34, no, you're an ape. Apes want to fight people when they feel slighted by someones point of view.

It's way too complicated and smacks of try-hard.

Anonymous said:

I think its annoying.

Anonymous said:

Just like in an agency, there's more planners and suits on this blog than creatives.

Oh where art thou creative, you dying breed, bastion of all things princely but forced to succumb to serfs whom think they art thine reason this business exists. Why not start a wholemeal packaged goods company and reward your creativity by the sounds of laughter as you skip to the bank, in merriment, not giving an excreted breakfast what the sad, boring fucks think.

Anonymous said:

Prediction for cannes. The end line will get it finalists. Judges upon first and second viewing will love the strategy but then once it gets through to the final rounds it will come undone. It could have been good but it's not. Hungry thirsty is a genius strategy that comes out of the category. It's a drink that fills you... Awesome. But the executions are not good.

Anonymous said:

Why does he keep pronouncing the name of the milk as 'Hoak"?
Did nobody notice this during the shoot?
I would have thought it was hobvious.

Anonymous said:

Did the strategic planner write this?

By the sounds of the posts above, the planners came up with Hungry Thirsty and are pissed off the creatives didn't deliver.

Everywhere else it's the team that comes up with the script, and especially the end line.

Anonymous said:

Much better than the Chill spot with a bunch of straight-out-of-the-sandpit dick and shit gags. It's pretty engaging - find it pretty hard to look away from the guy's monologue -and makes you listen 'til the end. It'll stand out in the category which appears to be a tricky one.

Anonymous said:

Dan Beaumont replaces talent with loudness.

Anonymous said:

@9:12 - don't understand why you think this is a genius strategy. As someone said above, you can't just tell people to drink when they're hungry and expect a result. And even if it does sink in, it's doing a category job for flavored milk.

Sorry, not being a dick here, and actually quite like the telly, but I think the strategy is dead, dead, dead average. Just telling people to do something doesn't change their behavior.

And if I'm wrong, I'd love someone to take me on and explain why.

Anonymous said:

I switch the channel when this ad comes out. Switched it the first time it came up. Commercials are annoying but this one is the most unpleasant to watch.

Anonymous said:


You make a very good point. Oak has done the whole category a favour, yet forgotten to mention why to choose Oak.

Anonymous said:

This is just Telstra Milk


Pigeon said:

Too many words for outdoor and hard to read. I'd shit all over it.

Anonymous said:

Poo flavour.

Anonymous said:

this is fresh in category that has turned

Anonymous said:

Suck it up bitches. It's a tight campaign with a cracker end line. I love this blog, enjoy an anonymous slag here and there - but this is a tight little spot so give props where due, come on!

Anonymous said:


Glad you like your ad.

Anonymous said:


Yes I like the ad, but it's not mine.

It will stop hurting soon. Relax.

Anonymous said:

Yeah cool strategic idea, but ham-fisted TV execution. There's no foreplay, just violent penetration.

Anonymous said:

m 'think big, but not too big' was much better. and whats with the planners bashing the creatives? the creatives didn't come up with the idea?

ouch. way to air your dirty laundry.

Anonymous said:

Great line, strategy and casting. Confusing execution. Stop commenting on your own ad. If you really have to, limit it to a few times. Please.

Anonymous said:

Something strange going on at the Monkeys. Clash of the egos.
Oh, and stop commenting on your own work. Please.

margaret 53 said:

Actor is too angry and agressive. Like the Milk dont like the add.

Anonymous said:


Nicely written TV. Well directed & great talent. Well done Monkeys.

Anonymous said:

I can't believe it took all those people to make a shit TV ad. The old man puts me off drinking milk, and it's really not funny at all.

Numero Uno Consumo said:

Love the product, Love the tag line, but the commercial really puts me off.

Not a good idea putting the words, 'kill' and 'dead' in any ad that's not for fly spray

No Oaks for Life said:

Bullshit ad... No way in hell I'm gonna be seen with an Oaks strolling down the street anymore...

John said:

Well say what you like about how leading edge and artistic this crap is but it didn't last long on air, could it possibly be a negative public response ? and hey Parmalat I'll give you an idea for your next campaign, get the three fucked monkeys to do chockie milk enemas, I'm certain this would get them giggling like little schoolgirls with delight . Conversely you could save your money and buy shares in Moove.

mary said:

it appears that the concensus is that this is SUPER SHIT add campaign since it has been taken off air... this pleases me as i didnt like it one bit either... ^5 the people, this is a supreme victory :)

Anonymous said:

Very very well written!!....and shot....and acted....Brilliant work by all!! Still prefer Big M tho:-)

Anonymous said:

Where was this ad filmed? Does anyone know?

Patrick Bateman said:

Why is the talent not wearing any underwear ?

Anonymous said:

@ 9:46 it was filmed at picton, see google maps

talbs94 said:

great ad!! and it sells

Milky Bar Kid said:

An ugly psychopath recommending the benefits of sugary milk! What the feck!! That whole concept beggars belief!

Anonymous 1000 said:

I'm not an advertising know-it-all, but I agree with all whom said it was "try-hard"ish. It felt really forced like it they were really trying to be peculiar to the point where it was entertaining.

The ads are ok, I like some of the slogans. But the telly is a bit cringe worthy when it comes on. I don't understand why there is a soft toy bear that gets up and walks away.. Why is this?

me said:

this is the absolute worst add ever. why don't you do everyone a favour and scratch the stupid thing from t.v. you only turn people off your product.

chrissie said:

This ad makes me and the kids (teens +) smile every time it's on. Same with the last oak one too.

Some people really just need to lighten up - it's great to have some things in life that just make you smile or heaven forbid, laugh. Life just gets too serious and it's not meant to be like that :)

Lester said:

You advertising people really know kind of lose touch.
David field of course creates something you drones won't get.
Blame the errr " planners"... I suppose

Kb said:

So bloody annoying

Deborah said:

I think I can see the "fishing line" left behind after the balloon departs from the milk carton at the end of the ad.
PS I like the guy in the ad.
PPS I'd like to be a continuity person....
Currently a Pest Controller - Fume Fatale

Biteme said:

This ad is awful. It parodies schizophrenic (NOT psychopathic) behaviour to flog product. Nasty and unnecessary. Looks like the second version, in the sideshow, was deliberately toned down. Complaints from mental health organisations, perhaps?

Johno said:

I would never drink oak after seeing this ad, nor give it to my son - who is in real estate! Shit ad.

kenny said:

50 yrs old and just amazed in love with the add's the words the lay out... Tooo Good

Tezza said:

Great friggen ad for oak. It captures the ozi dark sense of humour and wraps its product around it. Heaps cool choice of actor too, very cool dude. All thumbs up! I'm a 35 year old medical worker and defiantly appeals to my demographic. Tops!

james said:

oak is a good product for busy people who c an't be bothered to buy a drink and food

Scummy said:

I like him , he's so cool , i wonder if my neighbours would piss off so he could move in .

Billy Scott said:

I want to fight you all. I'll meet anyone for a fight. I'm not scared, oak is mud- masters is the milk of champions

Huntz said:

I love oak I'm addicted

NY kid said:

Super cool ad. Love David Field playing this role! Must be doing something right as Oak sold everywhere now. Great campaign

Pissed said:

Fuck you for the pathetic like a vegan sausage line

Way to patronize and offend a whole section of society even if you werent marketing at them

In general offending people is pretty shit strategy when youre promoting product. Fucktards

MDW said:

The carnival ad is bizarre, hilarious and twisted. Idiots and conservatives won't like it or understand it, but they are not your market. Its the ad of the year.

nice ad bro said:

when was this ad aired?

Ragnar said:

Can some one plz explain the things the guy says at the carnival... At the risk of sounding stupid, it has all just gone over my head :/ I'm just more curious than anything. Thank you

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