Paul Dery promoted to ACD at R/GA New York


Paul Dery - the son of M&C Saatchi's Tom Dery - has been promoted from copywriter to associate creative director at digital powerhouse R/GA New York. 

He'll report directly to R/GA chief creative officer and fellow Australian Nick Law who is in Australia to present the keynote speech at the Caxton Awards in Noosa the weekend after next. 

"Paul is in the vanguard of R/GA's transformation into one of the most multi-discipline agencies on the planet," Law said. 

"A prodigiously talented writer from the marketing and advertising world, Paul's deft collaborative skills have him working with a myriad of disciplines across R/GA," added Law. "Despite his regular off-colour jokes causing offence, most of the 350 creatives rattling around in our New York office want to work with him since doing so usually results in great work."

In his new role Dery will lead various creative teams across R/GA's most prestigious blue chip accounts Nike (American) Football, MasterCard and ChapStick.           

The move caps off a meteoric rise for the former Sydneysider who began at R/GA as senior writer soon after landing in the US during the height of the recession 18 months ago.

"I was just happy to be employed! Working at the agency I had targeted before leaving home was a huge plus," Dery said.

He has had a roving commission working across all parts of the Interpublic Group owned agency, widely considered the world's most progressive digital shop. His role has included winning R/GA a plethora of new business as a key part of its pitch team.

"Traditional thinking is still key, but is totally under-utilised if not merged with leading technology and that's where R/GA is at the forefront," Dery said of his employer, recently anointed Adweek's Digital Agency of the Decade.

The former M&C Saatchi copywriter gained notoriety at R/GA last year for creating an iPhone app for a Pepsi energy drink that became the second most downloaded app in the world before being pulled by the client for being sexist.

The app, for the AMP brand, instructed men on how to pick up different women "types", including "married girl" and "rebound girl" caused a furore amongst women's rights groups.



Louis said:

Awesome stuff mate.

Not sure what is more impressive, the promotion or that your "off colour jokes" got a mention.

Michael said:

Well done Paulie. Well deserved.

Shane said:

Congrats Paulie.

Jets suck. Go the Giants.

Frog said:

Mate that's nearly as great an achievement as you scoring your maiden ton for Easties back in the day!

Hope all's well.

Anonymous said:

Well done mate.


Anonymous said:

Well done Paulie, good to see you're doing well mate


Rod said:

Onya mate.

Don't forget to let Soho House know there'll be an even greater flood of girls trying to get up to your private table.

Go Yankees.

Paul said:

Nice one Paulie.

It was always only ever a matter of 'when' not' if'.


kcuk said:

Nice one, Paulie.

You're still 2nd bottom of the Fantasy League though. ;)

Lacazealicious said:

I can't believe you've still got that hat on in your publicity pic.

Congrats mate

Andy F said:

Sorry we couldn't see you when we were over.

Congrats mate.

Soho House for cheekies I presume.

Ryan said:

Go you sexy thang.

I miss you crumpling up my briefs and throwing them across the room.

Dan said:


Good on ya fella.

matt said:

congrats paulie, couldn't happen to a hairier bloke.

David said:

Fantastic. Well done mate. But are you going to the Caxtons?

Charles said:

Awesome Paul! Yay our award school class rocking in NYC!

Nicholas Anelka said:

Don't worry Paul I'll score you heaps of goals this season.

doubting thomas said:

rga new york has a boatload of acd's. it's not exactly a monumental achievement. still, why let the truth stand in the way of a good story? it is adland, after all. and on a semantics level, is it acd 'of' or 'at' rga? i suspect the latter, which is a bit like being 'assisant to the regional manager'.

Vades said:

That a boy Pauly, proud of ya mate. Go Bloods!!!

Pep said:

I'm so proud of my hairy little man.

Dumps are on you from now on.


YG said:

Well done, Pauly.

Fatty said:

Don't go getting a big head now Paulie. It'll look strange with your new skinny body.

Miss you!

Miks and Lars and R2 said:

Paulie, you are completely amazing.....
Lars says 'you've done good son'

Anonymous said:

Congratulation Paul! I know your dad woudl be very happy and proud! Your doing Australia very proud! Good on you mate

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