Fishlock quits The Palace chairman role following arrival of new national executive CD Reed Collins

Fishlock-Paul-SMALL.jpgAs many industry pundits predicted, Paul Fishlock, chairman and until recently ECD of The Campaign Palace, has quit the agency after a seven year stint, just weeks after the arrival of new national ECD Reed Collins from Leo Burnett, Chicago, as revealed exclusively by Campaign Brief.

CB believes Fishlock did not see eye to eye with Y&R worldwide creative director Tony Granger, who hired Collins to help resurrect The Palace's creative reputation.
Fishlock, originally from the UK, joined the Palace in the early 90s after a stint at Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney. In 1997 he formed BMF with fellow Palace heavies Warren Brown and Matthew Melhuish where he helped build the agency until being bought out by his partners in 2004. Soon after he re-joined The Campaign Palace as chairman and ECD.

Since then, there has been a string of creative directors and creative teams hired for both Sydney and Melbourne, most leaving after relatively short stints, while the awards were few and far between - a far cry from The Palace's creative dominance from the 70s through to the early 90s.


Matt said:

Paul was a big part of building The Campaign Palace of old - a creative icon in this country. Sad it's not the place it used to be - then again what agencies are these days!

Good luck Paul in whatever you do - you're one of the few great copywriters who can actually write left!

Anonymous said:

Farewell Fishy. Old school but all class.

Anonymous said:

One of the best writers this country has ever seen, and one of the nicest blokes in advertising. Put your feet up mate, stay out of all this nonsense if you can.

Anonymous said:

Paul Fishlock is not only extremely talented but also extremely nice. Let's not forget that he turned The Palace around 7 years ago and, has made significant contributions to the industry for many many years.
Best of luck Paul; not that you'll need it.

Anonymous said:

Paul is a top bloke. Great to work for, great writer who always pulls the rabbit out of the hat in a crisis, and has a great sense of humor. A loss to the Palace.

jo said:

Did someone realise it's not the 80's anymore?

Anne Onymouse said:

2.09PM - gotta love the ol' 'write left'

D said:

world class
clients love him
go figure

Anonymous said:

Obviously 2:09 is not one of those writers.

Anonymous said:

Agreed, 4:20, 2:09 is no Fishlock when it comes to writing. Paul is ambidextrous and can write left or right.

jacques burger said:

There are not many people like Paul left in our industry - talented, experienced, wise, witty, strategically strong, grounded, a very very hard worker and a great supporter of integrity, honesty, empathy and many other great values that seem to have gone out of fashion in advertising. Those who have had the rare privilege of working with him will know that his departure will leave a massive hole - both from a talent and culture perspective. Wishing you all the best Paul - JB

old hack said:

One of the best writers in the business.

Anonymous said:

Anyone who really knows what they are talking about recognises Paul Fishlock as an experienced and highly talented copywriter. It's such a shame that experience and talent are no longer recognised by those who don't know what they are talking about.

Don't worry mate - "The truth will out" as Shakespeare said. But I wonder - Have the Americans even heard of Shakespeare?

Put out to pasture said:

Not only are experience and talent no longer recognised, 3:17 AM, increasingly they are no longer required.

Anonymous said:

If Hamish hadn't shafted Jacques he would still be there.If Jacques was still there Cam would still be there. If Tony hadn't shafted Paul he would still be there. After the clear out of Lindsay et al they had built a good solid effective team at the Palace that was starting to get traction in the marketplace. Now the geniuses in NY have come in and torn the place to shreds again. Excellent though Mark might be he sure as hell has his work cut out to save the Palace.

Anonymous said:

loved working with this guy ynwa

Anonymous said:

hard to see eye to eye with Granger, unless he bends down quite considerably

nick williams said:

Paul is one of the strongest strategic thinkers in the industry as well as one of the greatest writers ever.

And however good his advertising skills are, he is a better person.

Good luck for whatever lies ahead Paul

Carolyn @ Colin said:

Paul Fishlock gave us a go in the early days of BMF and thereby started our careers with a beautifully written TVC that got us many jobs along the way.
We have been fortunate to work with him several times since, and he has always been brilliant, insightful, polite and an incredibly hard worker. Paul, we're sure that you'll be a smashing success in whatever you choose to do.

Anonymous said:

Keeping Blackpool in the Premiership has to be his immediate focus surely.

Palace insider from the 80's said:

The industry, and the CB blog need more insider insight like that provided by 9:09. But only if it's true.

Anonymous said:

I agree with the sentiment Jacques but f*ck me do you go on a bit. Why use one adjective when 12 will do?

Old school said:

Stick to drawing your funny little pictures, 6:08. Praise is rare enough on this blog, and Shlock deserves all that has been heaped upon him. Even if that takes a few words.

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