BCM launches new campaign 'The Devil wants to be your friend', for Queensland Theatre Company

QTC_Faustus_Facebook_TheDevil1.jpgTo support and promote the spectacular new Queensland Theatre Company production Faustus starring the diabolically brilliant and acclaimed Australian actor John Bell, BCM is launching an integrated campaign inviting people to befriend the Devil on Facebook.

Originally created in the 16th Century, Faustus is based on a character who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for unending knowledge, power and worldly pleasures - still relevant aspirations in today's fast-paced, materialistic world. 

The story has been adapted many times throughout history by leading writers and composers of their time including Marlowe, Lizst, Schumann and Mahler.  In this latest adaption by Michael Gow, Queensland Theatre Company has partnered with the Bell Shakespeare Company for what is sure to be a brand new take on the centuries old myth. 


QTC_Faustus_Facebook_The Devil2.jpgSo, how can theatre compete with the vast arsenal of entertainment options available to people these days and how do we introduce a 400 hundred year old story to a new, young audience?  Our answer: We put the Devil on Facebook and ask people to befriend him.  In the new campaign to promote Faustus, people will be asked to 'visit' the Devil on Facebook and trade something with him for a chance to win tickets to the Faustus Opening Night at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 2 June.  

The online Facebook campaign is complemented with Outdoor, eDMs and PR activity.

This is the third QTC production BCM has produced creative for, following the agency's appointment to the account earlier this year.  

Agency: BCM
Client: Queensland Theatre Company
Client contact: Colin Fruk, Marketing Manager
Creative Director: Marco Eychenne
Art Directors: Steve Schollum and Marco Eychenne
Writer: Deb Enright
Agency Partner: Paul Cornwell
Group Account Director: Lisa Neighbour
Account Co-ordinator: Mathilde Dujardin
Head of Channel Planning & Integration: Jo Stone
Interactive Specialist: Scott Esdaile
Interactive Designer: Steve Mair
Interactive Developer: Som Meaden
Interactive Producer: Elise Plumbley
Photographer: Ben Rollison


Anonymous said:

That is balls-out genius - using a facebook page to promote something.....seriously... genius.

Anonymous said:

Well actually, I think it looks great. The theatre audience tends to be rich, old and traditional (nothing wrong with that mind you). Good to see the QTC attempting to reach a wider audience.

Anonymous said:

that guy's got a great face.

Anonymous said:

Unexpected solution for this type of client. Really like it. The execution is great, couldn't be a better face for the devil.

Anonymous said:

Very, very nice.

Anonymous said:

Astro turf alert

Anonymous said:

Very cool FB execution. Love the photography.

Tom Hoskins said:

Marco your French influence is very visible in the red + white+ blue hero shot!

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