Qantas flying into Mojo?

WILLS-DAVIS.jpgCB hears that Qantas are about to appoint Publicis Mojo, Sydney to part or all of their business, which is currently split between M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy.

The possible switch comes a day after Qantas attempted to quash market rumours it is about to become the target of a $3.5 billion private-equity bid, which includes John Singleton and former Qantas chief Geoff Dixon.

So far, no response from Mojo on this - including national ECD Craig Davis (above right), with Mojo chief Graham Wills pictured by CB in Cannes last year - but hopefully more on this soon.


Mr G Dixon said:

Now hold on just a minute....a few months ago Qantas Holidays removed their business from Mojo. Do the senior marketing people at Qantas not talk to each other? Obviously not, they have all been retrenched. Which one 4 creative teams left at Mojo is going to do the work?

Thom Thumb said:

Jeez, I hope not. Qantas should go to an agency that cares about it. They didn't much care for the Qantas Holiday's side of the business.

oh yeh said:

Private Equity. Perfect. They can do for Qantas what they did for Borders and Channel 9.

Just Sayin' said:

Woah! what a huge blow to M&C Saatchi this one, how does Mojo have so much clout now Micah Walker has left the building? Who's going to service this account, Mojo is a just a shell.

I believe in Brand Karma said:

It's amazing how much "bad will" there is out there towards Mojo. I wonder why?

Publicismergeonthecards said:

Oh dear. Inmates, asylum, taken over, etc

Some dude said:

@I believe in Brand Karma.

Are you serious!? When an agency treats their staff like shit as Publicis Mojo do, yes there will be bad will towards them, pretty simple that one.

Frequent Flyer said:

If QF bought the new spirit they'll buy anything.

QFF gone!? said:

Is Qantas Frequent Flyers marching as well?

What's Bland Karma? said:

In case anyone needed proof that clients do not read Campaign Brief. Here it is.
This is a stamping ground for agencies alone.

Whether or not Mojo is on its knees, is hardly an important consideration when the people at Qantas who make such decisions, read AdNews and B&T at best, more likely though the marketing rags.

Congratulations Mojo, you're not much better, or much worse than any other traditional agency out there right now, and despite the leadership there are some long suffering but really talented people in there. If Qantas need an ad, I'm sure you'll do a tidy job.

earto theground... said:

and optus off to wtbwa

Deckchair Rearranger said:

Qantas management does an almost unbelievably good job of screwing up an icon brand, then they have the nerve to blame the advertising agency(s).
Where have the standards, the innovation, the service, the safety standards all gone?
Answer these questions before you have the cynical, nasty-minded gall to sack an agency or two that have done their best to minimise the effects of your self-inflicted carnage.

Dogma runs over Karma said:

Seriously folks, there's no leadership at mojo. No talent. No originality. No real proof of anything. Still needs a good haircut IMHO

Next we'll hear Singo sing their leader's praises.

(your thoughts BM?)

Pseudonym Required said:

@Just Saying... the answer is the ECD who's taken the reins - doh!

nohoper(sorry carl) said:

the only thing things that qantas and mojo have in common is an absolute focus on cutting all of the quality and cost out of the business, making a potential crash far more likely!

Ghosts of the Past said:

Two words, Lewis Pullen. Two more, Cost Cutting. And the last two, Retail Sensibility.

Ansett, the Lab, can ultimate demise be far behind for Qantas?

rabies said:

well i think the latest ad for qantas featuring dallas cast was great.

i thought they were getting somewhere ...if this is true its madness.

Hope over Experience said:

They might win it. But they won't keep it.
All the people that actually do stuff have been surgically and precisely removed.

Having said that though, I have new admiration of the persuasive skills of the photographed management.

JJJJ said:

Very far from being confirmed folks...hold on your horses.

George W said:

Yeah, there's a lot less to the story than Mojo management are desperately trying to PR.

But then again, if you're a dying agency, you need all the positive spin you can get.

30,000 feet said:

hear Ogilvy is presenting today

Blurb said:

Kindred spirits when it comes to treatment of staff.

Yo Yo said:


Yes the Dallas stuff was good.

Just don't know why Qantas are even thinking about going to Publicis Mojo, it's a shell... everyone that does stuff has been fired, the digital department is an absolute shambles run by idiots... Ogilvy and M&C are streets ahead.

Pseudonymous said:

@Yo Yo 'Ogilvy is streets ahead.' Are you in media or something?

QF23 said:

It'll be interesting to see Qantas' reaction to getting some metal for a change when Dallas starts to pick up - which I'm sure it will.

Groucho said:

This has to be a joke.

No one who walks upright could even contemplate putting QF back into Mojo.
Mojo is even less of a shell of its former self than QF.

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