TrinityP3 announces the release of world's first agency remuneration iPhone business app

Picture trinity2.jpgTrinityP3 has released an iPhone business app that will be an invaluable tool to help agencies, marketers and procurement calculate costs and fees in any market and for any resource.

A world first, the Resource Rate Calculator app is based on TrinityP3's current online calculators and works with the variables involved in cost based agency remuneration; salary costs, billable hours per year, overhead and profit margin.

Says TrinityP3 founder and managing director, Darren Woolley: "We deal with agency remuneration and remuneration agreements every day and so calculating this is relatively straightforward. But for those marketers, procurement and agency people that don't, this application allows them to calculate this no matter where they are in the world."

The application, developed with Lomah Studios, is user-friendly and simply requires the insertion of one variable, such as salary, and the Resource Rate Calculator app will do the rest.

For example, ever wondered how much that head hour rate equates to an annual salary?
Simply enter a head hour rate and the Resource Rate Calculator app will calculate the equivalent annual salary. So, if you know what a certain role or position is getting paid, you can calculate the head hour rate that person should be charged out at to justify their salary.

Says Stephen Molloy, creative director of Lomah Studios: "Brands which successfully move into mobile devices will be the brands of tomorrow.  TrinityP3's Resource Rate Calculator app extends the user experience to the mobile device, giving users the opportunity to utilise this tool in almost any location."

Woolley added: "The average iPhone user has 75 apps installed on his or her phone, so we believe the Resource Rate Calculator app will be a must for anyone in Marketing or Procurement."

The free iPhone business app will be available from August 24th, 2011.
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Annoyed beanie said:

Nice one P3...letting clients know how much we are paying everyone. Will you let us know how much you pay your people too?

??????? said:

Can it compare pitch consultants too?

ex junior said:

I think the real danger, beanie, is underpaid agency staff finding out how much they're being charged out at.

Anonymous said:

Clever to tether your brand to something that is a useful tool. Every time someone uses it, they are effectively choosing to watch an ad about your company.

The point I don't get is the mobile aspect. How often when you are out and about do you need to calculate agency remuneration?

It's a little bit 'how can we turn what we do into an app' even if an app is not all that relevant?

That guy said:

It's a calculator!
"giving users the opportunity to utilise this tool in almost any location". I can do that with my calculator or if it's out of batteries I can use my head.

eep said:

Another useless app. Lets all reduce our digital footprint.

Woolley Thinking said:

Another example of the Woolley Thinking we're used to from TrinityP3.

Anonymous said:

Nice one eep.

Anne Miles said:

This goes both ways I think. Agencies I deal with sometimes don't actually know how to properly calculate their value or to recoup overheads. I've seen agencies, film companies, VFX houses and other creative services under value what they offer and buckle to client pressures without knowing that they're essentially doing it for free in the end, or it is actually costing them. The P&L can look OK but the job profitability is dangerous.

I'll be digging it out and using it to validate rate reviews with my agencies too - the app format means it's as easy as using a calculator instead of having to log on to the website. For those that are not mathematically minded it's not an easy formula to remember off the top of your head.

Staff, surely, are aware that the office overheads and share of admin gets added to their wages to be charged out at a higher fee? The choice is - full time for a lesser fee or freelance here and there for a higher fee.

Yep, an ad for TrinityP3 - with something useful for people who want it and use it. Those that are complaining don't need it obviously. Perhaps the head hour charge to complain on here needs to be reviewed too?

Mobile Renumerator said:


Empty Pockets said:

You're all knuckleheads who have clearly never seen the inside of a remuneration negotiation. This is a bloody useful tool for agencies who are daily being right royally screwed by clients.
If "almost any location" includes the client's boardroom, then being able to show how the MD of the agency could end up being paid $60 an hour under some spurious zero cost base calculation then I'm all for it.
When you overpaid wankers own your own shops, you'll know what I mean.

Anna Nonymous said:


There I was thinking that the pressure on budgets mixed with
'digital pitched' client expectations couldn't be driven any harder
and luckily there is an app that can take care of that worry.

I heard that a large agency group is in development of a
creativity and media planning app, which will then make it all
cheaper and the need for satans 3 pronged fork up everyone's
backside will be removed. A trident......Trinity......prongs x 3..
Hey!...TrinityP3...Is that how they came up with the name ?

Please accept this free app as my gift to you my ex-colleagues.

Next time you are asking for a pay rise you can pull out your iPhone, punch in the rate the agency charges you out at and show the CD / ECD / CFO / Finance Director / MD that while they charge you to the client for $X that means you should be paid $Y (Sorry for the mathematical jargon that probably takes you back to Year 10 algebra).

Anyway if $Y is more than you are getting now you have a case for a pay rise. If not, then probably best to keep it to yourself.

And please do not overwhelm me with your thanks. It has been my pleasure entirely.

I'm Dreaming said:

They may as well have made an app to translate dreams.

Useless App said:

I am pulling it out and playing with it now!!!!

Short changed said:

Just used the app to see how much I should be getting.
So, so depressing.

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