Y&R Brands Australia+NZ CFO Adam Foulsham promoted to Y&R global role based in New York

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 5.22.57 PM.jpgYoung & Rubicam Brands ANZ chief financial officer Adam Foulsham has been promoted to take up a senior finance posting with Y&R Brands in New York.
Foulsham, who has been with Y&R in Australia for the past 15 years, transfers this month to New York as executive vice president Y&R Brands Finance making him one of the most senior operatives in the global Y&R network. His role will include mergers & acquisitions, client remuneration and global CFO responsibilities for Enfatico and Team Dell.
Y&R Brands accounts some 20 per cent of WPP Group's $15 billion in revenue and is the holding company for a number of brands including Young & Rubicam, Wunderman, Enfatico, VML and Taxi.
Foulsham said he was thrilled with the opportunity to take on a bigger role in the Y&R Group: "I am looking forward to working with the management team in New York and alongside colleagues of mine, some of who I have worked with for more than a decade. Y&R Brands revenues and market share have grown across the board and the Group is well positioned to capitalize on new opportunities. It will be exciting to be working on acquisitions and client issues on a global scale".
Y&R Brands CEO Russel Howcroft said Foulsham's new role was an acknowledgement to the outstanding job he had done for Y&R's Australian operations: "Adam has guided the companies in our group through more than a decade of great challenge and change.  CFO is one of the toughest jobs in this business and Adam has managed a variety of different stakeholders and
agendas with absolute professionalism, and a ton of patience. He'll be missed."
Foulsham's replacement will be announced shortly.


anony said:

why is this on a blog about creativity..who cares about finance dudes

nob said:

Big creative news there then.

Stick in on Adnews you fucking idiots.

The Survivor said:

I've had the pleasure of being fired 3 times by this guy's 'creative' number crunching - hold on to your pencils New York, the Toecutter's coming.....

GFC said:

Small-minded comments. Your lack of interest in matters of finance is why your clients don't give a toss about your opinions. Get over your funny hair and cool shoes and develop a bit of respect for the people and industry that pays for your gel.

MEEEE said:

fuck me!!!! Look at this guy. Can you imagine how many creatives this guy has axed in his time.

Mega bonus guy said:

Unfortunately the finance department is still part of the business.
The boring, unimaginative, least contributive and non value adding part of the business.
But a part nevertheless.
The agency receptionist adds more value to my business than these guys.
Say Hi to hamish at the lobby on his way home.

NAA (National Advertising Archives) said:

Last time I checked, the Y&R buy of Patts turned into a financial disaster overpaying for something the ultimately never got.

Hey, GRATS. Take that same go get'em attitude to the sates!

Can't touch this .... said:

Adam is an awesome guy who intimately understands the advertising business and the value of creativity. Congrats on the move, you'll kill it. You're one of the best ever and I've worked with a few.

As for the retards who make comments about why this is covered here, maybe you should grow up and understand advertising is a business, not daycare for you. The agency business is a business, if you don't get that by now get out and become a tortured, starving artist. Rely on yourself to generate the inflated income you demand.

Finance is an ESSENTIAL function to any great agency and can make or break a business, regardless of how you think it is all just about your ideas. Ask any great creative agency founder & they'll defend the role of a sharp finance lead all day long. They'd choose them all day long over a whinging, middle of the road creative.

If you've been fired in the past, look at why and how valuable you were (or weren't) to an agency or a clients business. In harder times, the stars at whatever level always remain. Maybe you were just a 6/10 and your ideas were pedestrian at best?

Now for you detractors back to laying out the catalogs please...

Groucho said:

Can't touch this.................... the first sensible contribution here.

'The Survivor' has a wholly inappropriate name which may indicate the problem underlying his multiple firings.

Mega bonus seems to be talking about hmself.........................

Anonymous said:

Haha - it's funny that people on this blog still believe that advertising is only about creative output. Get real kids, this is the kind of guy that allows you to afford those cool skinny leg jeans and retro man-bags. Suck it up or fuck off.

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