Case study: How Whybin's enticed Sovereign's audience to engage in a relationship with a life insurance company while still young and active

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 2.56.24 PM.jpgCHALLENGE: Whybin TBWA Tequila, Auckland set out to achieve the impossible: to get Sovereign's audience engaged in a relationship with a life insurance company while still young and active and while 'the end' is still a long, long, way off.

SOLUTION: To reinforce the idea that you can choose the life you want, the agency launched a campaign to embrace an active approach to life - with Sovereign as your life partner. They created an online interactive game called 'Life's Choice', to allow people to explore how their lifestyle choices related to their happiness and health.

A full complement of online display advertising utilizing real-time polling to allow Kiwis to discover what their choices say about them, their health and happiness, drove their audience to the site - with the added incentive of winning their share of $15,000 to spend on themselves or their family's life.

After playing the game people were able to compare scores, share their 'achievement badges', download their life-plans as screensavers and post their results across their social networks.

RESULTS: After just 2 weeks they had close to 10,000 visits with an average time spent on site of an astonishing 11 mins, and close to half the traffic from social media.


Legs eleven said:

Just saw the Mitsubulshit ad and I threw up a little. Who employs these creatives?

Why is it always the creatives? said:

Account service, planning, management, clients, even the f#@*ing tea lady play a part too. Why is it that most people who comment on this blog are bitter, negative and probably unemployed pricks!

Oh joy said:

We're showing case studies now?

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