New look, new work, new team at Carnival

Thumbnail image for geoff hall.jpgSydney-based Carnival has launched its new branding to coincide with a new directorial team.
Maintaining excellence in tabletop production whilst developing dynamic live action and design, Carnival continues to work with a diversity of clients and agencies both nationally and abroad. Now boasting three of Australia's leading directors in their fields, Carnival's body of work continues to attract the attention of local and offshore clientele in an advertising market with a thirst for the innovative and visual stimulation.

Geoffrey Hall - Director / DOP: Geoff (top left), is one of Australia's foremost cinematographers. Having shot numerous feature films, including the latest Australian box office success Red Dog and the classic Chopper, drama, documentaries and TVCs, his reputation has earned him accolades both here in Australia and overseas. At Carnival, Geoff specialises in directing food and product with a keen eye and meticulous detail.
marcelle Lunam.jpgreplacement.jpgMarcelle Lunam - Director / Designer (above
left): Spanning commercials, music, street and surf culture, art, fashion, animation, children's TV and documentary, Marcelle's skills and post-production background deftly combine performance direction, animation, visual effects and design to deliver stunning results.

Viv Scanu - Director / DOP (above right): Scanu's background in photography and passion for food is a must for Tabletop directing. It has ensured he can direct the big picture whilst knowing how to build it up technically from the outset, saving time and ensuring phenomenal results.


Lucas Jatobá said:

May I give them gifts?

Master Chef said:

I direct food too. In fact, i think I'll direct a couple of hot dogs in the direction of the microwave!

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