Tooheys Extra Dry takes drinkers on the ultimate nocturnal migration in 'Deer' blockbuster via BMF

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 10.49.37 AM.jpgScreen shot 2011-09-26 at 10.49.46 AM.jpgThe Stag, which has been the Tooheys brand symbol since 1869 and was last used in 2006 for Tooheys New via Saatchi's Sydney, once again stars in the much anticipated new television campaign for Tooheys Extra Dry (TED), via agency BMF Sydney.

Representing Tooheys Extra Dry drinkers as they gather together and experience a night out, the stags in the television campaign unite and share the ultimate journey - the nocturnal migration.

The TVC was shot entirely in Auckland over five intensive days and nights in both the city and suburban areas.

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 10.49.52 AM.jpgThe television campaign features real deer, which for two months were trained by specialist trainers to 'act' out specific scenes for the commercial.

At all times during the shoot, two-metre high fences were erected to protect the closed off city and suburban streets and to enable the deer space to roam freely and come together naturally as a herd. It was many of these scenes of the deer congregating and migrating that have been used in the final commercial.

The commercial was shot by renowned director, Garth Davis, who has a long standing relationship with the TED brand, previously directing the 'Tongue' ad, and the recent TED 'Portals' campaign.

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 10.50.00 AM.jpgPost-production company ALT.VFX used motion capture technology on the deer, recruiting specialist talent from all over the world to ultimately create what is the TED nocturnal migration.

The ad is set to The Prodigy's epic track, 'Breathe'.

Over the past six months and in a challenging market TED has returned to growth, re-asserting its leadership of the contemporary beer segment and cementing its position as one of the top five best- selling beers in Australia.

The TVC will be supported by an outdoor, print and digital campaign featuring stags as well as street posters and giant paste-ups placed around the city on nocturnal migration routes.
A 'teaser' print and online campaign kicked off a week ago to build intrigue and interest in the lead up to the TVC launch. The TVC will be screened on free-to-air and subscription TV nationally.

Agency: BMF
Creative Founder: Warren Brown
ECD: Dylan Taylor
Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Art Director: Corinne Goode
Copywriter: Phil Sicklinger
Senior Planner: Simon McCrudden
Head of Television: Sue Hind
Art Buyer: Sarah Thompson
Head of Print Production: Libby Hams
Account Director: Tony Dunseath
Post Production: ALT.VFX
Colin Renshaw and Takeshi Takada
Production Company: Exit Films
Director: Garth Davis
Producer: Karen Sproul
Media: Zenith Optimedia
Digital: Holler
Client: Lion
Jon Bradshaw - Brands Director, Andy Disley - Marketing Manager, Judy Fraser - Brand Manager, Ben Davis - Brand Manager; Naomi Gavan - Assistant Brand Manager


Damien1609 said:

Nice execution, lets hope Opti get some views behind it in YouTube so it reaches its viral potential

qwerty said:

Thank fuck for that.

An Aussie beer ad without a gratuitous beer drinking shot.

Really nice.

Post said:

Man, some nice comps in there!

wisebeyondyears said:

clearly a big f@rkin shoot and lot of effort to get that up. well done all. will clean up.

.... said:


yoyo said:

very nice. the missus even rewinded it about 3 or 4 times...

Art (in advertising) said:

Brilliant, as Garth always seems to do. Great work by Colin and Alt, the new cool player in vfx post.

Because of the adventurousness and creativity at BMF, like Tongue, this will create worldwide brand awareness for a beer that few people outside of Australia have ever heard of, and as a consequence make it semi-cool to drink it here, despite the fact that it tastes like deer poo.

This is the kind of work that Australia is creatively capable of doing every time out, were it not for bean counting, retail client and suit mentalities who have no understanding of long term strategies and what amazing creative executions do for building a brand, and are only interested in this month's sales figures. Hats off to Jon, Andy, Judy and Ben for their courage in letting a great creative agency do what it does best.

Gareth McKinnon. said:

I like how all those young dears were throwing the horns in the club.

\,,,/ \,,,/

steve said:

Like it. Kinda reminds me of when the dolphins took over Springfield in the Simpsons.

Mr. Longer said:

Like it but wanted to see a 90 sec version.

Deer me said:

Great insight, beautifully crafted. Well done team.

Comment said:

Love it. Great work.

Anonymous said:

Weird stuff happening in the street. Doesnt anyone write ads anymore?

Doh, a deer. said:

Oh deer.

Impressed said:

I saw it last night with my missus and she said "Fark - that's a nice ad".
Better than some Adwanker like me saying it.

Baahaahaa said:

Please, get your hand off it guys. What a waste of money.

?? said:

This is so try hard. I though we were done with the massive crowd ideas, oh wait lets do it with animals that will be new. This even feels formulaic for Garth.

Rachael said:

Mr Longer, are you also known as Mr Langley by any chance?

And to 11.34, is that all you've got...boring? Do yourself a favour and look up the word boring in the dictionary and I'm sure there's a picture of you there!

honest... said:

big execution. weak idea.

TED said:

What the.... Not sure I have a clue what this has to do with beer. Kind of weak.

Telly Head said:

The only decent ad I've seen or year.

Venison said:

I love it.

half man said:

this is the best thing bmf has done in ages but it's not very good.

Steve said:


When does the feature length family adventure film come out?

ANDY said:

2012 big year for new business.

Nicely shot but... said:

No I deer.

Jack Sparrow said:

This is the kind of commercial creatives will automatically slag off. It is definitely polarising which is always the sign of something good. I reckon beer drinkers (the people whose opinion really matters) will stop like a deer in headlights when they see it. Whether it will inspire them to drink Extra Dry is another thing. If it makes them stop and look, then there's a great chance it will.

observer said:

And the negativity begins.... firstly, I'll say that If all you above naysayers have done better work and gotten better ideas through the line... comment right ahead.

If not, shut your traps and enjoy some nice craft, effort and love from people who just want to make great work, which they have done here.

Hats off boys and girls... this will be one to remember.

Bazza said:

Will it sell beer?

Chuck Testa said:


my 5 shillings worth said:

Heard about the idea a while back.

I think the inherent problem is that while the deer are meant to be human, it's hard to get any human like behaviour out of them. The kiss at the end is nice but apart from that it's really just deers in buildings, on the street etc.

So in isolations it's a nice spot, prob a 7/10 but put it up against hahn superdry and it's a 5.

Huffy McGhee said:

I like it. Good stuff BMF.

tom said:

Indeed. Not very good. No energy to the execution.

Keith Flint said:

Feels a little like the Dulux dog ad.
And what's with using a 15 year Prodigy track? Are they going for 30+ males?
I mean I do still love it, though when Tongue came out with Benny Benassi's Satisfaction it really launched the track in Australia.

Aunty Rose said:

You should all be very proud of yourselves. I'm very proud of you.

Nice said:

Boring - Really, is that all you've got?

It's brilliant, unlike anything seen in a long time. Well done BMF, it's intelligent and it doesn't involve a bunch of drunk men moving around in slow motion. Great choice of music too, must have cost you...

More please said:

All class, nice work letting this one through Lion.

Fail said:

12:50 is bang on. The idea doesn't work because the deer just look like frightened animals (which they probably were) rather than young dudes on a night out.

fan of beer said:

No deer playing Human Hunter at the back of a pub.

Didn't think so, that might actually make it funny.

Oh well, it's a beautifully crafted animated logo.

Human deer said:

1.35 - I'm laughing. Very loud

Back to the ad itself. It's awesome, well done BMF.

Maybe just maybe said:

it would be good if they were polar bears.

AA said:

This is brilliant work guys. Work like this gets me excited about an industry which can suck the life out of you sometimes.

It sure as hell beats all the other crap beer ads we've had to endure of late.

Anonymous said:

Great ad for Optus.

ho hum said:

I didn't think anything would make me yearn for the old Mojo days when two old farts crooned 'I feel like a Tooheys or two' and then I see this. Ok, it's a big ad. My God, it's Big. So freakin huge... with deer." I clicked on the portal ad. Wow, another big production. I was seriously disappointed. I expected better. Sorry BMF, both ads left me feeling flat. At this point I would like to ad something constructive , er... in the words of Billy Birmingham, who wrote those killer radio spots for Tooheys, "what an underwhelming experience." Ah positive feedback, You might cringe at the mention of the word jingle, but those old ads made me thirsty for beer. Not sit up and say, "great computer generated effects." As for that wanker who said, 'let's hope it reaches its viral potential', have another chardonnay you tosser.

Ho hum dum said:

Ho hum - move with the times. You're giving away you 'freakin' age.

lol said:

If the 'Nocturnal Migration' is anything like the one you normally see post 12:00am in Sydney, I would have thought a couple of deers being glassed, one being thrown into the back of a police van, one pretending he's not the owner of a suspicious package that's been hurriedly lobbed onto the pub floor, a couple throwing up and at least one being dragged away by his mates with the call 'he's not worth it!' echoing into the night would have made it somewhat more realistic.

agree with copycats said:

all it needed is a simple product shot and would be so much more enjoyable than the
try hard deers on nikes and probably more memorable

I don't know why we bother said:

With your illiteracy, so are you 2:26.

Alcoholics Anonymous said:

Thanks BMF. We need more great ads like this to discourage young lads from drinking. Keep up the sterling work.

President of the Craig Moore Fan Club said:

I'd just like to know what Moose thinks of this.

Ex BMF'er said:

Nice work Phil, Corinne & Shane.

You did a great job and justice to a fun brand.

Joe M said:


Best pun said:

Deer me.

Here we go again said:

Ignore the haters - you know the deal. Bag out any half decent ad in some feeble attempt to discredit the agency and the people that work their arses off. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Good job BMF, it's beautifully shot and a very clever idea.

OMG said:

Another commercial with poorly animated CGI animals running down the street. I haven't seen animation that bad since the movie Jumanji.

Underwhelmed said:

I understand there was an entire post house set up just to make this commercial. Talk about underwhelmed.

d said:

it's great and we would all love to have it on our reel so all the negative nellys need to shut up

Deer Dani said:

Underwhelmed @ 5:29, a pure hater, You must work for a company who would have loved this job but missed out. Or maybe you were just never in the running? Deep breaths....

Toia said:

Very cool,
Nice job Garth... well worth the effort.

Bean Wife said:

Big ole congrats, loved it.

lost said:

Why should i drink that namby pamby beer.

And deers dont migrate at night time.

is there an award for best use of logo?

i am a bit lost.

John said:

Did you guys just watch the same ad that I watched? Because the one I watched had The Prodigy on it.

designer said:

I am curious as to how much of this was 'in camera' and how much was computer generated. I cannot pick which is which in this spot, the execution is outstanding and I take my hat off to the director and the post house. Not sure I totally get the concept, but I still like what I see.

bambi said:

I agree with underwhelmed.
This is very average - I can't see it winning anything internationally I'm afraid.

Under-brained said:

@ Underwhelmed.... I bet if this was on your reel your comment would sound a little different. Let's see what you've made in recent times before you throw stones.

Giant cynic said:

And I think we can all agree, that despite some picky little pickers, this is a bloody good beer ad.

And can we just remember this is from a team who are pretty fresh to this industry so let's encourage them while we can?????

Yes it was expensive. Yes it involves post-production. Yes it has a track from the Prodigy. Whatever. It is different and cinematic. The logo is an undeniable part of the brand real estate that hasn't been exploited. They're a good bunch of people and it doesn't feel american and cheesy and Tom Kuntz-afied.

I'm suitably not as cynical as I usually am.

Fred Nile said:

If the young folk of Australia behaved as well as these good-mannered deers it would end all the problems we have up at The Cross. This ad reminds me of my courting days. All good clean christian fun. It just goes to show you don't have to drink to have a good time.

Bambi's bollocks said:

@ Bambi - should we take a bet on that, I think you may be eating your words in a few months...

Richard Attenborough said:

Do deers migrate?

@ Richard Attenborough said:

Do gorillas play drums?

Groucho said:

Judging by the drummers I've known yes, gorillas do play drums.

tinkle said:

This gives me the horn. Genious.

Flint said:

The 1990's called - they want their music back.
Shoulda used the theme from the The Deer Hunter and shot it all in slow motion.
That woulda won awards for sure.

Richard Attenborough said:

Whoah, there Groucho.
You seriously comparing this to Gorilla?
Get a fucking life, mate.

Lee Strasberg said:

Nice idea, but the deer can't act for shit, which creates a hugh disconnect and loss of energy.

a fan of this one too said:

like it a lot.

Bambi said:

@Bambi's bollocks - Sure - 50 bucks.

Bambi said:

@Bambi's bollocks -
Sure. Fifty BUCKS (like what I did there..?)

Buck said:

Brilliant ad. didn't know what to expect really. The three hines strutting down the street nailed the ad for me. Good work guys ( & Garth). Bubba was impressed lol

Bambi's Bollocks said:

@ Bambi


elliemc said:

Such a great story and a beautifully executed tvc but..Prodigy, really? It took the heart right out of it and just didn't fit. From the looks of it I don't think it was intended to be a bogan beer ad but the song choice really induced that notion.

The Client said:

Me like creative and here's the But..
Auckland location no like!
Its a NSW beer...! Cue the haka...

Annoyed said:

What an anoying add. This is clearly an add designed by a female with an imagination that does not make sense.

How about you stick to selling beer with clever wit, hot cars and hot woman. Leave the warped anoting crap to the tampon adds.

SharkGirl said:

Well........ To all you negative nay sayers, pull your heads out of your asses and stop taking YOURSELVES so damn seriously! What is your problem, really, the lot of you??
The TVC is awesome! Excellent idea, perfectly executed.
The Deers do an awesome job- they are indeed very human in their mannerisms. The kiss at the end just totally seals it! The choice of music is fantastic!! Absolute PERFECTION!
General concensus from the public, everyone Ive spoken to, is that it is absolutely wonderful and like me they love it! I look forward to it coming on!!! And stop to watch it! GENIUS!
It is not only the best beer TVC. It is the best TVC that has been seen in a very long time!! 110%
Congratulations!! Cant wait to see it clean up with a swag of awards!

Reide said:

Ummmm guys...Did you think no one would notice?

meg said:

Rad. I liked it 10 times more after watching the before and after. Pretty darn cool.


Seriously brilliant. Well done to you all.

Tamperer said:

Right up there competing with 'Guinness Surfer' for best beer ad ever

jodie marks said:

Did you notice that there are 3 animals on the Tooheys symbol?
I was drinking with my partner and our mates when we discovered it. It was the topic of conversation for wks of drinking after this.
I noticed your add with all the usual stags. I think your advertising with be more interesting if you used the 3 animals in symbol.
Or you could have a competition to ask people what these 3 animals are.

Blazz said:

They picked the perfect place to make the ad. Everyone in NZ is in bed by 9 o'clock.

The Stag, which has been the Tooheys product icon since 1869 and was last used in 2006 for Tooheys New via Saatchi's Quotes, once again celebrities in the much expected new TV promotion for Tooheys Additional Dry (TED), via organization BMF Quotes.Representing Tooheys Additional Dry consumers as they collect together and encounter a date, the stags in the tv promotion bring all and discuss the greatest voyage - the evening migration.The TVC was taken entirely in Auckland over five extensive times or weeks in both the town and SUV places.

Digitize said:

This is so try hard. I though we were done with the massive crowd ideas, oh wait lets do it with animals that will be new. This even feels formulaic for Garth.

Need info said:

What are the 3 animals?

Nz said:

I so knew this was in Auckland when I saw it... Amazing ad, well done

stojo01 said:

I haven't lived in NZ since 1991 and as soon as i saw this ad i knew it was filmed in Auckland. The things that give it away are the lamposts, and there is a scene of a brown sidewalk and a building with glass down to the pavement level and i can remember walking down that street many times.

eleisha said:

it is a deer a kookaburra and a kangaroo, they are the three animals on the cap

Kuri said:

Brilliant ad, love it

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