Carlton Draught celebrates 'the greatest team of all' with a limited edition run of 50,000 Geelong Cats themed AFL premiers cans and cartons

grand fin al carton.jpgIn celebration of the Geelong Cats' memorable 2011 Toyota AFL Grand Final win, Carlton Draught is set to release a special edition blue and white themed carton, packed with 24 commemorative AFL premiers cans wrapped with the classic premiership team photo.
The celebratory carton is emblazoned with the traditional Geelong Cats colours, with the team logo taking pride of place on the front of the packaging. The opening line from Geelong's classic club song, 'We are Geelong, the greatest team of all', is inscribed across the base, with a bold 'premiers' tag down the side.

carlton grand final can.jpgThe 24 Carlton Draught cans feature the official post-match team photo along with the final score. Jimmy Bartel's Norm Smith medal award is also noted on the side of the can, celebrating his match-winning performance.

Now in its 11th year, the Carlton Draught AFL Commemorative Cans are a footy tradition, with fans from the victorious team eager to snap up the limited edition products.

A limited run of 50,000 slabs will be available from Wednesday 12th October from bottle shops right across Victoria (Geelong stores will be well stocked). For stockists call 1800 007 282.

Says Andrew Meldrum, group marketing manager for traditional beers at CUB: "Carlton Draught has been the beer behind footy for more than 100 years, with the AFL Commemorative Cans becoming one of the great footy traditions in the past decade. Geelong fought hard for a brilliant win on the weekend, and there's no doubt Cats fans will be celebrating their third flag in five years for a long time yet."


Just askin' said:

Isn't that a bit weird? Like when Victoria Bitter sponsored the NSW State of Origin side?

Ray Sterrett said:

Slab of pure joy.

Linga said:

Carn the Cats!

Jack Russell said:

Shame the beer tastes like what Cameron Ling looks like.

Mooooondog said:

Just like Smiths Chips are doing the same. Awesome! And I got my Herald Sun premiership sticker yesterday and souvenir magazine as well. Amazing!

great moments in advertising said:

Can't wait to see the case study...

Adam said:

There's 50,000 sales... Very smart. I like it.

Please God No... said:

Look, this is fine. But no different to any other kind of commemorative stuff made over the years, going back all the way to commemorative bottles of port.

So yeah, well done. But it's hardly a breakthrough bit of promo.


If this gets turned into a compelling entry video, that somehow manages to demonstrate the fact that an entire army of football supporters were brought into the brand, and these slabs of VB swept the nation, and people painted their faces, and everyone went fucking crazy, and ALL the cases sold out in 5 days, and people are now building little shrines to Geelong with these cans at the centrepiece... and there was a social media frenzy around these cans, and someone (probably at the agency) stuck a slab on ebay for $850...

and it wins an award in some show somewhere because of this compelling entry video

I'm going to shoot myself in the face.

Ad Bitch said:

Why not Carlton Lager waiting for Carlton FC to win then doing a themed carton.

p said:

No the missed opportunity is Four n Twenty not rebranding their Frozen Pies with black and white stripes.

Barb said:

At over 17$ for 6 cans... No thanks!

Cool said:

@ Please god no... Relax dude, who cares, take it as it is- its just a promo go and vent about your negativity elsewhere!!! Smile!

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