DDB appointed to lead Telstra's CRM efforts

Chris Brown-small.jpgIn a significant strategic appointment, DDB Group has been selected by Telstra to lead its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.

DDB Group managing director Chris Brown (left) said the new CRM program would integrate seamlessly with DDB's existing responsibilities on Telstra: "We are acutely aware of Telstra's commitment to put its customers at the centre of everything they do so this is a very significant win for us."
"As Telstra's lead agency for brand and advertising, CRM is an exciting addition to our remit and we're delighted to have been chosen to undertake this critical program of work," DDB Group chairman and CEO Marty O'Halloran said today.
The CRM program will be headed by DDB's existing Telstra leadership team led by Brent Annells, Managing Partner DDB Group Sydney, and will involve people from DDB's Sydney and Melbourne offices as well as some hand-picked talent from the Omnicom global network.
Telstra chief marketing officer, Mark Buckman said Telstra was particularly impressed with DDB's world-class CRM team and their diverse telecommunications experience: "Great customer service means putting the customer at the centre of everything Telstra does. Customers are our most valuable asset, and we're looking forward to working in partnership with DDB to implement a CRM strategy that reflects international best practice."


Sb said:

Well timed after punting their very talented Direct CD. Clearly it's not about creative.

Curious said:

When's Qantas official, Lynchie?

Dn said:

Neil, stop posting comments about yourself.

Also you'd hope someone from RAPP would know what CRM business actually means.

Career Guy said: said:

And that, your honour, is where the trouble started.....

Ex T said:

That's a lot of eggs in the one basket.

Word on the street is that the Big T is being taken to the cleaners across the board - DDB is very very good at what they do.

Conflict of interests said:

Congratulations to Brent and the team, they have worked bloody hard and deserve their success.

Ex T2 said:

All that glitters is not gold.

Ex T2 said:

All that glitters is not gold.

Anonymous said:

It's actually all that "glsters" is not gold. But you are right!

ex DDBer said:

Telstra CRM - is this the worst adland job in Australia?

Smiley face said:

DDB now officially have ALL of the worst client in Australian marketing.

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