SapientNitro, BCM Partnership and GPY&R lead agency pack at #BADC Awards; BCM takes out Best of Show for Triumph 'The Art of Shaping'

which shape are you.jpgScreen shot 2011-11-05 at 10.59.47 PM.jpgScreen shot 2011-11-05 at 10.58.35 PM.jpgSapientNitro and BCM Partnership were the big winners at the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Awards tonight, hosted by Adam Spencer and held at the Victoria Park Golf Club in Herston.

The entries were judged by a panel of 16 judges from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and chaired by Julian Schreiber, creative director of Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

BCM took out Best of Show for 'The Art of Shaping' mixed media campaign for Triumph, in addition to two Gold, four Silver and two Bronze awards.

SapientNitro bagged the most most metal on the night, scoring three Gold, five Silver and four Bronze. GPY&R won five Silver and seven Bronze, while Publicis Mojo scored three Silver and seven Bronze.

Junior walked off with two Silver and seven Bronze and Clemenger BBDO scored a Silver and a Bronze.

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COMPANY LIST: Medals by Company Final 2011.pdf

VIEW MEDAL SUMMARY LIST: 2011 Medals Summary.pdf

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Jim S said:

Thanks Campaign Brief!

Frozzy said:

Well done to the kings of Mykonos.

Matt Dye said:

It was great to have you along for the night. Thank you very much! Plus, well done Brisbane! Another great year.

Matt G said:

Well done to Crawfy for being named into the Hall of Fame. You're a legend.

ASS said:


Newby to BAD awards. said:

Had a fab night, met so many great people, Nick from BCM, Greg Crawford and especially Nancy Hartley, she was so nice !.

Very tough judging I was told, there were a lot of people upset with lack of awards, especially in the TV & Print craft categories. Charlie Ferguson was the only one that shined through with a silver.
I'm a bit annoyed that Mark Toia does not enter into these local awards any more!. A couple of his old staff that I met said he snubs BAD these days, but I think we need the level of his work back in Brisbane.
He was the reason why I joined a Brisbane agency hoping to use him some day. If your reading this Mark please come back.

Other than ripping my dress on the way home and some idiot from Patts spewing on my shoe in the cab on the way to the valley, I had a great night.

Thanks everyone for welcoming me to Brisbane.

Abs said:

Oh! Congrats Crawfy!! Hall of Fame : )

Jim Strachan said:

I agree with Matty. Congrats Crawf. You're a class act and a legend.

Chucky said:

Hall of Fame – formalised. Congrats Crawfy!

Nickopoulos said:

Well done Crawf. A very deserving Hall of Fame inductee! Great to see you smiling on stage.

It was also wonderful to hear fellow Hall of Famer Ian 'Jenno' Jensen's name live on at BAD. He would have been a very proud man to see Triumph in the limelight 10 years after his big medal haul of 2001!

Cristian Staal said:

Are my ears really that big? Thanks Lynchy for joining us on the night. Great to see you and Patsy in Brisbane.

Marz said:

What an awesome night it was!
Big congrats to Crawfy too, well done good sir.

Jose said:

Yes cristian. They were actually blocking the screen.

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