Toshiba launches lightest notebook on the market with new print work via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 2.25.07 PM.jpgToshiba, via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney launches the lightest notebook on the market.



Andy F said:

That's lovely.

Nice and simple. No clutter.

A surprising lack of technical specs for a notebook ad but hopefully that's down to some hard fighting.

Nice one Nags.

SG said:

I see what they did there.

Mike said:

That's a cracker print ad.

Non-CD said:

Not bad at all. Well done.

Non-CD said:

Nice. Well done.

Si said:

Extra Toshiba's sold 0

Ex WCRS UK said:

I like it too however....
BMW did this idea in the 80's via WCRS demonstrating the fine tuning of their parts.
Look through your D&AD Annuals guys.

Admire the simplicity but... said:

It feels very 00's. Or if you're from WCRS Londong, very 80's.

Good for a tech company tho.

bumbag said:

Oh ffs.

There has to be some sort of statue of limitations for an idea.

As far as I'm concerned, if you can passably run a thirty year old now and get away with it. Fucking go for it.

I'm sure the creatives weren't even alive then, so cut 'em some slack yeah?

Sanity prevails said:

Are you Ex WCRS UK because you're a knob, probably!

Ryan Seacrest said:


bob said:

Hang on, the 80's BMW ad did use a butterfly to show lightness, but surely the nice bit they have done here is to use the butterfly to flip the computer making you take a second look because nothing looks wrong at first.

Or didn't you notice?

Andrew Tinning said:

Well done Chewy and Ryan-about bloody time!

old non-wcrs guy said:

I'm old enough to remember the BMW ad.

It's a different concept.

Case (or lid) closed.

DanBradley said:

Good work, well done!

Paul said:

Nice work guys. I'm sure a butterfly has been used in an ad before, and I know for certain that a laptop has been. But not together, like this. Metal.

Disappointed said:

This is real average guys, and something most consumers and in particular geeks will miss. I don't get why in today's world where consumers couldn't give a toss about weight you do such a poor ad with no substance. It also looks really dated, kinda like an old sony ad from yes, you guessed it early 00. If this notebook is indeed the "lightest ever" surely it deserved a stronger piece of communication. Feels like a first thought: it's so light a super light butterfly can tip it over, or maybe a light breeze or anything else that's shit. Why couldn't you exploit the consumer benefit. Imagine what a "good" creative agency would have done with such a single minded brief.
Very poor Clems.

Steve said:

Oh Clems! you try so hard but still you struggle to embrace that retail is who you really are. It hurts watching you try so hard.

Stick a price on it son.

Hmmm said:

@ Nov 15 10.59PM

Well swatted.

Absolute Douchebag said:

What a fucking atrocity. A Romanian Bank used a butterfly in a newspaper ad once in 1968, how do these guys get away with it? Fucking RIP OFFFFFFF.

The Lone Wolf said:

This is great guys nice and simple idea well executed. This will pick up.

Not a student said:

Really lovely work - for this category, in this country it's striking and simple.
Hats off.

Huffy McGhee said:

Nice print ad for the category. If any of you people don't believe me, look out your window at all the horrible Acer and Asus ads plastered over metrolites. One even has Guy Sebastian.

Paul said:

This is so ordinary! and looks like an old ad from an old agency with old thinking.

Justine said:

Lame! Clemenger needs a reset button.

maisie said:

as a kind cd would say when presented with ads he'd seen before- 'Ahh, nice to see an old friend.'

wait for it... said:

so AWARD school it hurts!

1st thought. said:

sorry make that 2nd thought. my 1st thought was light as a feather.

Graham said:

This is so shit I can't believe I'm even commenting. Better the creatives hear the truth and hopefully learn from their mistakes, and not be directed poorly by not one, but two CD's. Joke!

By jove said:

@Not a student

Anyone who writes 'Hats Off' is a ponce.

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