Back to the 80s as Mariner announces Industry Sailing Regatta - set for February 29 at RSYS

ad regatta - announcement-HI-RES.jpgRemember the annual B&T Sail Day in the 80s and early 90? Well, something like that is set to return in 2012 with the Industry Sailing Regatta, organised by Mariner Boating.

In typical 80s style, the event is being promoted by a long copy ad created by Kastner & Partners.

The cost is $150 per person, which includes welcome cocktail on arrival back at RSYS, followed by post race drinks (beer, house white/red, juice and soft drink), BBQ and Entertainment compliments of Errol Renaud and The Caribbean Soul.

VIEW THE AD: ad regatta - announcement(3).pdf

The date: Wednesday 29th February 2012 at Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, 33 Peel Street Kirribilli.

To book, email:
MORE DETAILS: Ad Regatta Information.pdf


yes said:

Sounds bloody awesome

really? said:

Is it true it's only ad people who read long copy?what boat do you go on for $150? on a tangent Sydney is now more expensive than Hong Kong or singapore to live. At 150 a ticket I can see why.

90s guy said:

Haha... great. Haven't read a long copy ad in its entirety in years.

really really said:

Hey @really? - your comment makes about as much sense as a 90s ad guy after lunch.

Pseu Pseu Pseudio said:

Yep.. well written. And true. Bravo. Now just have to get the finance guy and MD to commit money to an event happening next year.. unlikely. It's tough enough to get them to pay for Award.

Just saying. said:

People will read anything if it's well written, engaging and interesting. Unfortunately this isn't.

MD said:

Wow.. an actual ad. Not a promo. Not an activation. Not a Facebook group. A proper ad... remember those?

GM said:

Great ad. Love it.

80s AD said:

In the 80s we wouldn’t have allowed a headline that wasn't visually centred out of the door. As for the actually quality of the typesetting? Times have changed since the 80s. Craft has faded.

sea dog said:

loved the copy, nice idea, see you out there,
and may the wind at your back never be your own.

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