JWT Sydney features plight of the homeless in powerful campaign for Youth off the Streets

jwt dec 81.jpgJWT Sydney has worked with the homeless to launch a powerful campaign for community organisation Youth off the Streets.

Created to raise awareness about youth homelessness in Australia, the TVC airs on free-to-air networks nationally.

Says JWT Sydney executive creative director Mark Harricks: "We worked with a group of homeless people in Sydney who were willing to share their stories and experiences, in an effort to challenge the attitudes of indifference to youth homelessness in Australia and improve the lives of young people living on the streets."


jwt dec81.jpgThe campaign consists of 30-second TVCs and 45-second videos for inclusion on the Youth off the Streets website with the campaign theme line: "They need your help, but know who needs it more."

Established by Father Chris Riley in 1991, Youth off the Streets has assisted more than 50,000 homeless young people to make positive life choices.

Creative credits:
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Hennah and Mark Harricks
Director: David Rittey
Production House: Exit Films
Production Company Producer: Kate Downie
Senior Copywriter: Simon Armour
Senior Art Director: Heather Sheen
Agency Head of TV: Damien Whitney
DOP for 'Pop' and 'Couple': Lachlan Milne
DOP for others: Ashleigh Carter
Editors: Phil Horne and Jesse McElroy
Camera Operator: Jesse McElroy
Post Production: Engine
Sound: Nylon
Significant Contribution: Jesse McElroy
Senior Planner: Mary Perebzak
Group Account Director: Anne Gibson
Account Director: Rachel Kinder
Senior Account Manager: Alana McMillan


Huffy McGhee said:

Clever way in. Really made me think.

Good job guys.

METAL said:

Award time!

SHAME said:

Unworthy creative for a worthy cause.

Groucho said:

Excellent, touching, effective.

Shame on you Shame.

Try the Veal. said:

Give them some headphones. Should sort them out!

Missed OPP said:

Agree, it's lame.

YO said:

Perhaps thinking just isn't your strong point Huffy.

... said:

I think the gentlemen in the video should be the next ECD at JWT, seems fitting.

Hilarious said:

What kind of prima donna takes a credit for Significant Contribution!

Frank Lowe. said:

Where's the empathy? What's the payoff? Where's the shiver down your spine?

Roy said:

Simple. Poignant. I like it.

Me thinks said:

Crap creative off the blog.

here we go again said:

This is just like the work JWT did for Smarties. It falls short in a big way because it contains no actual idea or insight. I guess good creatives are hard to find these days. Keep trying guys, you'll get there eventually.

tedballs said:

Translation: We can't win any awards for kelloggs or any of or real clients, but these guys will let us do wtf we want. However this won't win a thing.

S said:

That's what happens when you play favourites to average creatives. Should've gone with the other guys idea!

Angry said:

I want to punch the agency and creative team but am uncertain which excuse to use.

Is it that they have chosen to exploit homeless youth in a shameless attempt to win awards? That deserves a smack.

Is that they have failed so miserably to do work which in any way justifies their shameless exploitation? That deserves a smack.

Droga 5 are being slagged off for their Iraq stuff, but this is much more evil.

You guys should be ashamed.

Huffy McGhee said:

@YO: oh, it's good at best, just pointing out that is was an interesting way into the problem. Won't work, but a orIginal attempt.

Average said:

If the intention was to win metal, what a wasted opportunity! This is crap, guys!

Tom said:

Must do better. It's for the charity category, not pharmaceutical category. Can't win with this.

getting sleepy said:

That's alright boys, JWT Melbourne will make up for your woeful attempts at creating something award winning. Go back to sleep.

Sadly said:

Work like this proves you don't need to be creative to work in advertising.

Will somebody please think of the children... said:

Wow, so much hate for JWT and one particular creative. Guess he'll be glad to be out of there and the country soon. Give the guy and the agency a break. For the most of it, they aren't such a bad agency. They just make bad decisions.

Agreed said:

@ 9:18


KARMA said:

What goes around comes around.

smaz said:

haters gona hate. well done jesse and the team

Amused said:

Must be that time of year when all you grumpy ass creatives who have done squat all year turn to the blog to bitch on others.. Grow up and get your own work up to be judged you gutless twats

Carlos marx said:

can't we have troll comments displayed in troll font?

Grammar grandpa said:

Good idea @ 12:46.

Even better would be to display the IP address with each comment.

macca said:

This is utter crap, the guy doesn't even make sense. "you gotta get them when they're young it's their best chance" wtf.

This in no way speaks to the target it just shows a scruffy old man with witches hair saying life on the street is shit. Give us some more info, show us something that pulls the heart strings. i praise as much work as i criticise on here but this is just bad.

Levi's Go Forth said:

You stole my typeface!

... said:

terrible. terrible. seems like more trash from jwt.

why said:

do you really need to post this garbage

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