oOh!media makes giant 3D Vespa leap out of Peroni Nastro Azzurro billboard ad in Sydney

vespa 3d.jpgA giant Vespa motor scooter leaps out of a big billboard overlooking Sydney's Taylor Square as part of a national outdoor campaign for Peroni Nastro Azzurro running over the summer period.
oOh!media created the 3D Vespa, sculptured in seven sections and assembled onsite yesterday, to share the huge billboard with the iconic bottle of Peroni - associating two of Italy's most famous style icons - at one of the city's busiest intersections.

vespa.jpgA computerised cutting device has sculptured large blocks of foam into the various Vespa shaped components which are covered in a special rain proof lacquer before being painted in Vespa colours.
To add a touch of realism, the Vespa will have a glowing headlight within the 3D foam extension that automatically turns on with the sites lighting at night.
Says John Purcell, head of production at oOh!: "This is one of the largest 3D foam special builds we've ever done, at four metres and more than 120 kilograms, but the 3D effect will make a huge impact both during the day and at night."
The rigging and assembly of the seven parts on the big billboard frame took more than four hours atop the Oxford Hotel in Darlinghurst and protrudes nearly two and a half metres from the billboard
Peroni Nastro Azzurro marketing manager Jenny Carey said: "It's an eye catching concept, in a high traffic area. Coming into the summer holiday period, we wanted to find an effective and stylish way to get the Peroni Nastro Azzurro brand out there, reminding consumers of the beer's Italian heritage and authenticity, through the interaction with another iconic premium Italian brand."
The special build took 5 weeks to produce including planning, production and install.
The Peroni Vespa billboard campaign will run for one month.
Campaign:                             Peroni Vespa
Creative Agency:                    Kinetic
Media Agency:                       Ikon
Client:                                    Pacific Beverages


Really? said:

Cool thing to make no doubt, but I'm not sure about the juxtaposition of motor vehicle and alcohol. Drink Peroni and crash your giant vespa through a billboard...is that it?

Surely there are different iconic italian products or imagery that would have worked just as well. Trying to leverage Vespa to sell beer is a bit weak imho.

macca said:

The emphasis is on the Vespa and not the beer. The vespa is what is grabbing attention, they must be happy peroni have paid for an ad that works for them.

I agree with 12.28 though beer and motorvehicles over the silly season? i'm suprised they got away with this.

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