Miami Ad School set to open in Sydney with two study programs: Art Direction and Copywriting

Screen shot 2012-01-28 at 7.56.07 AM.jpgMiami Ad School, the global advertising college, will open its doors in Sydney on 2 April, with two study programs: Art Direction and Copywriting.  

Sydney will join other world cities Miami, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, to be the 11th  city to host a Miami Ad School.
The school has been ranked by the Gunn Report as 'the best advertising school in the world' for the past four years. Its students win more awards than graduates at any other top advertising school, the Clios, One Show, Andy's, One Club, One Guns and many more. Its success is due to a cutting edge curriculum shaped and taught by leading advertising agencies.

Its graduates leave as digital creatives and strategists who can execute briefs, create copy or visual art for any media. They learn to understand and to shape culture and because of global teaching, they are able to offer real business solutions to clients. The school offers a network of educational options and cultural experiences in most major ad and design capitals in the world. Students have the chance to study advertising in  11 different cities, learning the trends and styles in each culture. They also have the opportunity to study with Creative Directors across continents by Skype. Internships with leading ad agencies around the world are available to the best performing students.

Says Iain McDonald, Creative Director and Founder, Amnesia Razorfish, Sydney:  "Having our own Miami Ad School here in Australia is fantastic news for the industry and anyone wanting to kick start their career. There is certainly a shortage of world class courses of this kind that produce high calibre work-ready graduates that we know Miami Ad School produces overseas. Their students tend to clean up at major awards and I hear nothing but high praise from employers who take on graduates. As the world becomes more digital we are seeing other markets being more aggressive in their attitudes to training so I believe the school will play a significant role in helping Australia step up to the challenges ahead."  

Thumbnail image for Matt-Eastwood.jpgAussie expat Matt Eastwood (left), Chief Creative Officer at DDB New York, has recently appointed a former Miami Ad School student, Menno Kluin, as his Executive Creative Director. He said from New York: "Quite simply, Miami Adschool graduates are amongst the best in their field. They are holistically and rigorously trained to understand what it takes to be a successful creative in today's modern agencies. They seem to perfectly balance the two most important qualities that I look for in a young creative; the ability to generate great ideas, and the ability to produce them. I've had a formal relationship with Miami Adschool for over six years. Their graduates are always the first place I look when searching for young talent."

Agencies who have already pledged teachers include  Naked Communications, Amnesia Razorfish, Droga5, JWT, The White Agency, Whybin\TBWA, McCann Erickson, One GreenBean and Starcom.
Thumbnail image for Bob Isherwood 2007 Clio Accepting Award BW.jpg'Industry Heroes' who will give one off lectures, include Tom Moult, Chairman of Ogilvy Australia, and Bob Isherwood (left), former Worldwide Creative Director of Saatch & Saatchi and now Adjunct Professor... at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. (Isherwood has
this year introduced a new course into the college which is a Vanderbilt Miami Ad School combined program for advanced students wishing to couple a fast track program through MAS.)
Miami Ad School was founded in 1993 by Pippa and Ron Seichrist and is managed in Sydney by Helga Diamond who was Professional Training Director with the Communications Council in her previous role.  Miami Ad School Sydney is offering 10 places in its first quarter. Helga is looking for applicants from all walks of life, who are interested in becoming fame generators, trendsetters and game changes. AWARD and AdSchool students are eligible for credits.

Applications close on 12 March 2012. Visit
Contact: Helga Diamond, mobile 0406 754 745. 

Course details

Students take a core of classes that prepare them for the work in agencies. Some of these classes include Ideas First, Thinking Strategically, Digital Photography, Interactive Concepting, Interactive Media Production, Motion Graphics, Video Storytelling, Flash: Design and Sound, Everything Is Interaction, Social Media, User Experience and Gaming Concepts. Students also take concentrations for their chosen course. For example, copywriters take Stand-up Comedy and Word Smithing, while art directors take Visual Impact and Vector Imaging.
The two Diploma courses, Art Direction and Copywriting, run over two years. There are  eight x 10-week 'quarters' with two-week breaks in between. Classes are held over four evenings, Mondays to Thursdays from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.  A quarter costs $4,400 incl. GST.

Miami Ad School Sydney is located at 2-12 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills.  


just wondering said:

Personally I think we already have too many advertising schools in Sydney, pumping out grads that our industry doesn't have the capacity to hire.

I'm sure it will be the best, but at $35K we're really just insuring that the rich and well connected get into adverting, which I don't think this industry needs any help in doing.

I thought AWARD school was expensive said:

$35,200. Better hope for richer parents in the next life.

A junior said:

What a total fucking rort. My 3 year degree at RMIT wasn't even that much money.

Great reputation, but will it work in Sydney? said:

If I'm hiring an Art Director I'll head to COFA, UTS or Billy Blue – with AWARD School under the belt.

If I'm hiring a Writer, I'll look to someone with AWARD School and preferably a degree.

And it's bullshit that Miami grads have won more awards than other schools – look at the Alumni of AWARD or Watford College and you'll find more than a few stars – Canning, Furby, Droga, Premutico, Carassco, ... oh fuck it, I couldn't be bothered naming all of them.

To said:

Who needs to study to get into advertising?

Bumblestillskin said:

Kids, save your money.

Do AWARD school and get an internship.


Miami Ad Scam said:


A Ironstyn. said:

I worked out that if they put ten students on even quarter, they stand to make over 4.2 million dollars every quarter. That's not bad.

b said:

Small price to pay for a $300k salary I reckon.

Business said:

Miami Ad School is a business.

It's expanding.

That's it.

Writer said:

Hey great reputation, I actually am really desperate For a junior AD.... What are those other schools you just mentioned?

S said:

COFA is the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales, UTS is the University of Technology Sydney, Billy Blue is the Billy Blue College of design.

I ron ic said:

There are people out there who think they can buy a game? Really?

The silver spooners who can afford to go are raised isolated from the wider world lacking in empathy. When what we are trying to do is connect.

Michael Author Profile Page said:

I've always sort of had dreams of going to Miami Ad School but shit me dead. 35k? Is this going to be available with FEE-HELP or on HECS? With AWARD only costing around a grans, how can they think this will fly with kids?

Luke Chess said:

Great to see a more formal, internationally respected Ad School coming to Sydney. But I share the concerns of those who see $35k as prohibitive, and certainly unlikely to attract the Westies, bogans and other assorted yobbos and yobbettes who help make up a a balanced creative department.

How about a scholarship or two to fix that?

Nick Gower said:

I run a design agency and a small design school, Why are people so afraid of competition? Its great news we are getting more schools. How can that be bad. Obviously at 35k they are going to need to perform well. and i hope they deliver on their promises.
But why would your default position be "fuck off we dont need your kind here, your trying to rip us off and your lying about who you are"

If its not for you, then dont go. Dosent make people who do want to go any less or more committed to their career than you.
If you cant afford it, then do what you can with what you have. Dosent make someone who can any more or less committed than you.

And, the idea that spending money on attempting to learning how to become great at Advertising is some how cheating or against the purity of the industry is hilarious.

@ just wondering - I agree, heaps of graduates that arent worth hiring. Seems like a reason for more great schools not less.

@ A junior - your not buying a degree, your buying an education. lets compare the standards of education not the piece of paper.

@ Great reputation, but will it work in Sydney? - So you hire from the best schools we have in sydney because they have created great students. Isnt that a reason for more great schools?

@ A Ironstyn. - shoot us the P/L you put together for that. ;)

@ I ron ic - The irony of that comment is that your obviously the one thats grown up dissconected. Ive seen great people spend far more on their educations. Automatically labeling someone a "silver spooner" and accusing people you dont know of "lacking empathy" based on the amount they put towards their educations... thats real nice.

Great reputation... said:

Forgot to mention Enmore – great designers. I think it will be a great course, but it's very expensive – and the 300k salary may only happen after 10 years and a heck of a lot of luck, more like 20-25 years, a lot of luck and a fair bit of political point scoring.

oh my said:


miamisydney said:

Yes Miami Ad School looks expensive at first glance. That's because we're a private college, not subsidized by the government unlike unis or TAFE. But if you take a look at what the school actually offers, you'll find it's not that expensive: 32 classes at $1,100 each class. Why so many classes? It's what it takes to produce fully fledged art directors or copywriters.

Paranjay said:


I am an international student and want financial aid to study Art Direction.


jay said:

I will just work for free for half year to learn art directing. that is same cost as paying 35k for the adschool, but defo getting into the industry faster

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