Tooheys 5 Seeds set to put a twist on cider in new campaign breaking this Sunday via BMF Sydney

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 3.45.15 PM.jpgThis Sunday (Jan 8) Lion will launch a new campaign for one of the fastest growing brands in its portfolio - Toohey's 5 Seeds. The campaign, via BMF, has been timed to coincide with the release of a new variant in the range - Cloudy Apple - and will kick start with a TVC that exposes the 'not so sweet' side of the Toohey's 5 Seeds brand. 

Lion Brand Director, Jon Bradshaw, said the new campaign was developed to deliver on the original Tooheys 5 Seeds brand promise - to shake up the old fashioned cider market.
"Since we launched Toohey's 5 Seeds in October 2009 the cider category has become highly competitive and has shown particularly strong growth over the past 12 months. This new campaign showcases Toohey's 5 Seeds position at the forefront of this category by providing a fresh and clever approach that sets it apart from its competitors," said Bradshaw. 
Directed by Ben West of, the TVC follows the journey of the Toohey's 5 Seeds 'delivery girls' from the apple orchard to the local pub. Visual effects are used to bring to life the unique appearance of the two central characters who travel through a world that appears wholesome and idyllic but on closer inspection is 'not as sweet as you think'.
Says Shane Bradnick, BMF executive creative director: "5 Seeds is designed for drinkers who are not into the 'super sweet' world of cider. Bringing a great brand promise like that to life was a lot of fun. Taking things that are all sweet and light on first inspection, and then giving them a less than sweet twist. And if you look carefully 'not as sweet as you think' works on all sorts of levels throughout the ad."

Adds Bradshaw: "5 Seeds is designed for drinkers who are looking for a cider with a bit of a twist - a sentiment that is very effectively captured in this new campaign."
Shot in regional NSW, the TVC is set against the classic 70's 'Pushbike song' by The Mixtures.

tooheys.jpgSydney music company Smith & Western had an intriguing and unique experience recording the legendary gypsy banjo player, Benny 'The Giant' Gogasa from his Romanian hotel via Skype for their re-recording of the Aussie 70's hit "The Pushbike Song" used in the commercial.

Now in his 70's, Benny 'The Giant' (who is nearly 7ft tall) is well-known throughout Eastern Europe and France, and continues to tour with his band of orphans, misfits and mildly deformed gypsy musicians, The Gypsy Tulip Chorus.

Says Dan Higson, EP at Smith & Western: "We were eager to find someone really special to play banjo on our Tooheys 5 Seeds music track and came across Benny via a contact in Paris. We were told Benny was a large, intimidating figure with a fiery temper at the end of a very short fuse but he accepted our invitation with alacrity so with the help of some very helpful hotel staff where he was staying, we hurriedly linked up with him for a recording via Skype and within a few minutes he had his banjo out and was playing for us."

Smith & Western CD, Nick West added: "Benny played the banjo part impeccably then out of the blue he offered to sing for us - which wasn't something we were expecting. He began singing down the line from his hotel room in Bucharest and we were utterly astounded - he sounded like an Eastern European cross between Johnny Cash and the bloke out of the Crash Test Dummies!"

Within an hour, the eccentric Benny The Giant (who reportedly once spent three months trying to teach his dog to read and kept a colony of bees in his sitting room) had recorded all the banjo and vocal parts and the boys at Smith & Western were left with gold.

"Contrary to his somewhat frightening reputation, we found Benny 'The Giant' to be a man of vast and exuberant charm. We're dead keen to work with him again and have already discussed bringing him and The Gypsy Tulip Chorus out to Australia to play live" added Smith & Western engineer Ant Smith.

The TVC will first air on January 8th and will run for six weeks. It will be supported by an outdoor, print and digital campaign, as well as a point of sale presence nationally.
Creative - BMF

·         Shane Bradnick - Executive Creative Director

·         Alex Booker - Art Director

·         Daniel O'Bey - Copywriter

·         Nigel Clarke - Copywriter

·         Jenny Lee-Archer - Senior TV Producer

·         David Hartmann - Planner

·         Tony Dunseath - Account Director

·         Renee Kastanias - Account Manager

·         Simon Starr- Account Executive

·         Sarah Thompson - Art Buyer

·         Libby Hams - Print Producer

Production and Post Production

·         Director: Ben West

·         Executive Producer: Ian Fowler

·         Producers: Holly Alexander & Ian Iveson

·         DOP: Callan Green

·         Production Designer: Alex Holmes

·         Editor: Drew Thompson @ Method

·         VFX: Robot

·         Post Production: Method

·         Music Licensing: The Pushbike Song through Level Two Music

·         Music Composition & Sound Design: ,Smith & Western
          Nick West, Ant Smith, Dan Higson

Client - Lion

·         Jon Bradshaw - Brands Director

·         Andy Disley - Marketing Manager

·         Naomi Gavan - Assistant Brand Manager


oranges said:


rah said:

wooo simon

King Willy said:

Wasn't there enough money to pay someone to sing it properly?

We can do better said:

This continues a very bad week for Australian advertising. Has there ever been a worse start to a year?

phil w said:

whingers can whinge, i think it's ace. the rabbit! the rabbit!

Ian said:

Terrible post to go with a terrible idea.

Awkward said:

WTF indeed, but in a good way.

beards said:


They're so fucking funny.

And I love seeing them in every single 'funny' ad in Australia.

Hmmmm said:

Creative wank

Your Mother said:

This my friends - is very good effective advertising and a clever insight nicely dramatised. It will do the job it needs to do very very very well.

This is what I said:

Fantastic! Nice work as usual BMF. Love the ad and the music. Shame cider is horrible.

I laughed said:

End line is a bit ad cliche but I still laughed a couple of times. Go the rabbit!

Wabbit said:

After a case of 5 Seeds I'd fuck the bearded twins............

Rocky said:


Monterrey Jack said:

Brilliant! Thank you for:
1. Getting this idea through the client
2. Creating a unique and funny TVC
3. Getting a great director and music company to see the idea through
4. Pushing the envelope
Well done everyone involved.

Anonymous said:

Love the twisted publican.... Oh so pretty

Hello Barry said:

What's the issue? You people who posted initially have no sense of humor and are probably horrible creatives. I wish I was on that credit list. Punters are already loving this.

desperately seeking an idea said:

Who would want to be seen drinking this now!

Keep it simple stupid. said:

This ad makes Ted look good. At least ted's funny.
This is such indulgent rubbish. And Ted will sell something.
This won't .

Normie Rowe said:

Love it.

Reminds me of me old mucka, Bill Oddie.

Geez I miss the 60's.

George said:

For all it's sins, Teds stuff for Coles will work! It's this indulgent,irrelevant work for a cider brand that really makes me feel ashamed of where our business is going. We are here to sell stuff guys and you would rather knock Ted than that shit I just saw from BMF,grow up,get back to your pad and sell something.

I say said:

I think I've got the horn for Dave Bowman's sisters.

Hello Barry said:

George, you're kidding yourself. You'd rather watch down, down prices are down than this? Please find another industry, you're confusing people in this one.

Like it said:

@george (and others) I don't think you understand advertising - and you therefore probably find it very frustrating. This will work well. Not because it's funny / weird. But because the proposition is very clearly articulated (and it's funny and weird).

It's the best ad I've seen for a long time. Will do well at Effies as the brand is so small at the moment.

enough said:

pure blond rip off

Forgetful said:

The ad for whatever it is with the young dude dating the old biddy which has the same srategy is funnier, but both are trying a tad hard.

And enough with the beards.

... said:


Oh George said:

George are you Henry on the Coles thread?
BMF's spot will hit the core market for the product and it will sell to the demograhic aimed to.
Where as Ted's insults every consumer that unfortunately sees the Coles ad on air. Bad advertising doesn't necessarily mean it will sell something, anything.
And why I ask why would you feel ashamed because of this spot and the direction of the industry? I would be more ashamed for Coles Marketing Brand managers direction and the people that had anything to do with the poor execution of what may have sounded ok on paper but ended up as a joke within and outside of the industry.

jack said:

Not so good. poorly done.

Please not another ad break said:

Weird and wonderful. BMF must be onto something. After that tooheys deer thing and now this, they're actually making advertising interesting. Who would've thought...

That's Tuss Rucker! said:

Since when did Russy Tuckle start acting?

Right Fred said:

Before you slag this ad off, walk a mile in the shoes of the people who toiled over this ad for months on end. That way if they find out who you are, you're a mile away and you've got their shoes. BTW I like it, nuff said.

Not at BMF said:

Any comparisons between this and the atrocious Coles commercial are as amateurish as the aforesaid commercial. This clearly addresses the common fear/perception that cider will bee too sweet and does it in a charming, sophisticated, professional way.

ladyboy said:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


ted dibiase said:

Just ok, could have been great but the 'Hi Barry' and kisses thing feels a bit heavy handed and not that funny. 6.5/10

Anonymous said:

Quirky, slightly amusing and does the message job well for a product in a crowded alcho market. Nice work.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but if you think this is shit work, what are you working on right now that will get everyone wet?

davo said:

just like the nigeasaur - not as sweet as he looks.
nice one bro

no name said:

Um, Bowman doesn't have sisters.

tlcrose said:

lol bit werid but u got me to look at the ad for cider as for me grabbing a bottle no thanks

No said:

I just think it's being weird and silly for weird and silly's sake. Can't find a good enough story. Can't write a funny script. So polish a turd with weirdness.

YES said:

No - what brilliant ads for nappy products have you shat out lately?

Beareded Lady said:

Good idea with clear message but crappy on the CGI.

confused said:

don't see whats funny about this at all sorry

Marcus said:

For all those dissing this ad, you're here, talking about it. Thanks so much for making this a successful ad, and proving that it's quite effective.

No said:

I'd rather 'shat' out nothing than this stuff. Sorry.

The burgler said:

It seems like BMF are forgoing relevant good advertising for just something weird that hopefully people will notice, even though it has nothing to do with the product. This just isn't a good idea or a good script, it's just a substitute for one. What happens in their creative meetings? "we need an idea for electronic banking" "How about a monkey is walking 2 cats on a leash wearing a bowler hat, and a horse passes by and winks then says nice puppies' then we cut to the bank logo?
PS if BMF use that idea I want credit at the award shows.

enough with the back slapping said:

It is bad. the post is bad. the look is bad. the idea is a missed opporunity.
It could have all been much much better.

Good said:

This is a good ad. Simple idea well told and it's funny.

Like said:

First, in the context of popular culture, it's not that fricken weird. Look at the most viewed stuff on the internet. People like unusual things.

Secondly, the fact it makes sense and has a clear message means that it has room for a little weirdness while still making sense.

bob saget. said:

looks like the head creative's unhealthy obsession with Aphex Twin has finally paid of.

Ozymandias said:

This is the best ad I've seen for a long time. It definitely wouldn't be the same without the beards - and "Hi Barry!" has all the makings of a long lived catch phrase. Judging by some of the comments in this thread, it seems creative, witty and intelligent advertising is not universally appreciated.

Perhaps we should go back to all the blatant, monosyllabic sexist drivel from a few years back. (NOT).

Ozymandias said:

This is the best ad I've seen for a long time. It is good to see creative, intelligent and witty ads now, compared to the facile monosyllabic drivel of a few years ago.

The ad makes its point, it challenges perception (which is never a bad thing) and it is instantly memorable. Unusually for me I even remember the advertised product with this advertisement, whereas generally speaking I only usually remember vague details about the ad itself.

I love the beards - it wouldn't work without them, the publican chap and the rabbit in particular - nice finishing touch I thought.

"Hello Barry!" has in my opinion all the hallmarks of a long lived catch phrase.

Sanchez said:

LION has lost the plot led by dumbed down marketers!!!
THe ad is funny and different and it probably meets the brief.....
Hers's a Crazy thought, How about making an ad the creates the want for an actual consumer to pick up the product......

Valcal said:

Worst ad I have ever seen - puts me off ever buying the product

timmy said:


Anne said:

Very very sick puppies. This ad is disgusting - I went looking deliberately to say PLEASE TAKE IT OFF! Certainly will not be buying, or any other Tooheys products.

Mr Ed said:

This ad is golden! Shame the demographic this relates to aren't interested in 'cider'...just sayin?

Set The Record Straight said:

Jon Elms was actually the singer on this track, not Benny Gogassa

Liney said:

Wow can't believe all the hate for this ad in the comments. Everyone I know around my age loves it and quite a few (including myself!) have actually bought the product as a direct result of it. Maybe a bunch of the people commenting aren't the target audience? I'm guessing they're going for the 20s crowd (of which I'm a part).

Things that really make the ad work for me:
- direct correlation between the 'story' and the product itself (so often 'quirky' ads don't represent the product well enough, so while you remember the ad, you forget the product. Massive fail)
- memorable and easy to describe to other people (makes it easy to start a conversation about it)
- perfect depiction of the tagline ('not as sweet as you think' works in so many ways. How rare is it we actually see that happen in advertising - seriously!)
- fun song sticks in the head without becoming irritating.
- colours make me think of autumn and apples

Probably the only negative I'd have is that the CG with the faces just feels a bit unnatural. It either needed to be worse (and therefore look deliberate) or better (and look seamless). But I'd say that's it.

So there you go, naysayers, proof that this ad DOES work :)

Groucho said:

Oh c'mon you humourless sour sad fuckerst this is great fun and loaded with subtle tricks. Too intelligent clearly for some, and too threatening for those who realise they fancy the bearded twins. Dress up you sad losers, and have a few. Get lives. It's not this advertisement that shows a lack of creativity, its the dumb wankers dumping on it.

zed said:

I think this is one of the best TVC I've ever seen. It's creative and extr funny. Love it. And... I've just bought the 2nd 6 of it. The most importent tasted just because of this ad. Good work, it came out.

Silky smooth said:

I've been watching this ad since it came out and tonight I decided to Google the few words in the ad to find out that it was an ad for bloody apple cider! It would have to be the only ad ever to be screened that doesn't mention what they are advertising. Might as well be advertising bikes! By the way - is it alcoholic or not?

The Judge said:

This is a fun ad - the only one I have ever bothered to look up on line and only the second one for which I have ever learned the dialogue (the other was years ago for Viscount cigarettes - where we were urged to light up a Viscount the best of them all). I don't drink cider or smoke - but a good ad is a good ad.

The Watcher said:

This is a fun ad - quirky and catchy with memorable dialogue (at least I remember it, which given my memory is saying something). A pity I don't drink cider.

ManBearPig said:

I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as that bloody Coles ad. I don't work in the industry, im just a punter who watches too much TV but I've gotta say i still haven't seen an ad that annoys me as much as any of the self promotion from channel seven or channel nine. Seriously, the bearded twins could kiss at the end & it still wouldn't make me as sick to watch as any of the ads for MKR or packed to the rafters or that other heap or shit they're pushing on ch 9 (think its called tricky business?). The point to all my ranting is that all you guys in the ad game should be happy with yourselves that as yet, nothing (that i've seen) from you guys sinks to these sub-sewer depths, at least its amusing. Just a question though, is the bearded chicks head played by one of the guys from the band "The Beards"? kinda looks like him but can't tell (must be the rack lol). Anyone know for sure if it's him?

add dude said:

ahh, what is the name of that song

emo dude said:

OMG, what is the name of that song

Kevin Shiell said:

I did not know how else to contact you, but you need to be aware the packaging of the 5 seeds 6 pack is a real negative. My wife prefers your product however we have had bottles fall out of the flimsy cardboard packaging on a number of occassions, resulting in breakages at least 3 times. I know others have similar experiences and your good product will suffer if you cant fix this problem. I have nothing to do with packaging, only in the transfer of your product from bottle shop to home. Cleaning up yet another one now is a pain, especially after Manly got beaten. Please do something or it's Strongbow.

Michael said:

What a stupid pointless commercial f*** really annoying
I will make sure not to buy this stupid commercial sack the person who came up
Puts you off as its f queer

Bugs Bunny said:

some young women act more like men these days then men do.

I think the premise of this add is that cider is the drink of choice for girls who want to be men...maybe cider helps with growing a beard?

Anthony Terry said:

Twisted and disturbing add campaign - you've guaranteed I will never try the stuff

graeme said:

best advert ever

hungry said:


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