Hoyne Design rebrands Hudsons Coffee - embraces spirit of popular independent cafes

hudson1.jpgHoyne Design Melbourne has repositioned and rebranded Australian franchise Hudsons Coffee.

The new brand embraces the spirit of popular independent cafes, and moves away from the pedestrian aesthetics of large coffee shop chains.

A new mindset around quality and perfection is projected through the strapline 'A little love in every drop'.

The brand's pilot store can be seen at Melbourne Airport's international terminal.
hudson  6.jpghudson 4.jpg
hudson 7.jpghudson9.jpg
hudson 8.jpg


Coffee lover said:

wow - this is gorgeous...and soo overdue for that brand. now to see if the coffee actually lives up to the rebrand....

me said:

Now all they need is decent coffee .... can't see that happening

Truth said:

My God Hoyne, lets be honest, you only redesigned the logo! Everything else was commissioned elsewhere. And you have used examples of photos that don’t belong to you, not created by hoyne...naughty!

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