CB Exclusive: Spiller set to depart chief creative officer role at Fallon to return home to Australia

Darren Spiller 2.jpgCB Exclusive - After 17 years with the Publicis group, 14 with Publicis Mojo in Australia and New Zealand, and three with Fallon in the USA as Chief Creative Officer, Darren Spiller is leaving the agency today - and will soon be returning home to Australia.

As this report goes live the staff of Fallon has just been informed of his departure.

Spiller joined Minneapolis based Fallon as Chief Creative Officer in 2009 after working his way from Senior Art Director to become the Regional Creative Director of Publicis Mojo and a member of the Publicis Global Board.

When asked why he and his wife would want to travel halfway across the world with five children in tow to Minneapolis, a city known for its brutally cold winters, Spiller smiled and said, "For the adventure of it, and because Fallon is a true creative icon of the industry. To have been a part of it will always be an honour."
Spiller's mandate when he arrived was to help rebuild Fallon's creative credentials, help boost its market presence and win new business. Since taking the reins three years ago and in a time of one of America's deepest recessions, Fallon is successfully well on its way again with a massive increase in revenue from new business, multiple staff hirings and a number of Lions in the last two Cannes seasons. Spiller said "there's nothing more gratifying than leaving a place in better shape than when you arrived, it makes it all worthwhile."

Spiller says there is absolutely no rush to find the next position, instead the Spiller clan are planning to return to their property in rural Victoria where he will spend a lot of time with his family and pursuing his interest in organic farming. Says Spiller: "I am looking forward to a wonderful sabbatical after three intense years away from home."

Spiller's departure comes five months after fellow Aussie expat head of art Christy Peacock left Fallon to join Us, Sydney as ECD. Spiller says two Aussies who both followed him from Mojo Melbourne - group creative director Leon Wilson and head of integrated production Corey Esse - will remain at Fallon.


Switcheroo said:

Dazza is the real deal. When he's finished with the veggie garden, they should install him at the top of Le Mojo. If anyone can fix it, he can. How about that for brand karma?

Peril said:

Welcome back Kotter.....!!!!

never said:

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Spiller to enter Mojo again while Craig Davis is in charge.

MR MISTER (not the 80s band) said:

It's Adland - anything is possible - nothing makes sense.

Politics is king.

Pete said:

Great news. Minnestota's a bit cold. Although I did like that the Jucy Lucys!

Anonymous said:

Welcome home Dazza.

Mr. Clean said:

Come back home, son, and clean up the shop that's been turned into a corporate shit house since you left.

Bring plenty of loo paper, as there will be allot of wiping to do.

Onedowntwotogo said:

Thank God. We can only hope that Fallon can now begin to redeem itself for 3 years of creative mediocrity.

Home Sweet Home said:

Good onya Daz. Good to have one of the industry's best back on home soil.

Class Act is our Daz said:

Really great news for the Aussie creative market and organic vegetable eaters.

Welcome home Dazza, Donna and the family.

its me said:

we want you back soon yesterday not tomorrow great aussies should been in oz

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