Commonwealth Bank launches 'Everyday Settlements' with new 60" TVC via BMF Sydney

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 7.02.03 PM.jpgCommonwealth Bank, via BMF Sydney, has launched its first TV commercial for Everyday Settlement, a new service improvement for businesses customers that means card sales are settled into business accounts, the same day, every-day, 365 days a year.

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 7.16.04 PM.jpgIn an effort to bring this concept to life and demonstrate just how slow other banks are at settling card sales by comparison, the TVC depicts a cheeky speed challenge issued by a Commonwealth Bank Business Banker to a non-Commonwealth Bank Merchant customer.

Martin Whelan, General Manager, Marketing Business & Institutional Banking says: "We know that people are more willing to engage with brands that don't just say, but demonstrate how they are different. Challenging our competitors and demonstrating our technological leadership with a little sense of humour was the best way to bring this concept to life."

The TVC's are supported by press, radio, online and in-branch.

Agency - BMF
Executive Creative Directors - Carlos Alija and Laura Sampredo
Creative - James Pash and Carlo Mazzarella
Client Lead - Alex Caredes
Planning - Rob Chandler
TV Production - Whitney Hawthorn

Commonwealth Bank
GM Marketing Business and Institutional Banking- Martin Whelan
EM Brand and Advertising - Andrew Campbell
EM Cross Segment Business - Cecilia Fitzgerald
Manager Business Marketing - Belinda Goldberg

Production Company - 8com
Director - Nicholas Reynolds
DoP - Geoff Simpson
Producer - Helen Hendry
Editor  -Gabby Muir
Post Production - Fanatic
Music - Eclectic Music


Alan said:

Great , love it. Best TV our of BMF for a very long time.

Dude said:

Feels good. Nice.

Old mate said:

Best bank spot for some time.

Glad it came from bmf.

Thought they lost the pitch though?

spotted said:

Loved the glimpse of the NAB branch. Fleeting but oh so memorable.

About time said:

Much better than the meaningless gumf the banks have been churning out lately. Obscure but in a funny way that gets across the message a. See, you don't have to crap work just because you work on a crap bank! Now, how about those ATM fees back please?

Gone South said:

Nice work, only let down by that staple copywriting fallback 'Introducing...'
Original work merits an original voice over.
Leave 'Introducing' to those lazy car ad makers.

Right back at ya said:

Cheeky NAB drive-by.

Red and black tractor.

Subtle stabs.

pseudonyous said:

very nice. let's see what m&c does

grade said:

why's it look so washed out and dull?

Regrade said:

My thoughts exactly grade. Didn't this sought of thing die a natural death years ago. There's an idea in there somewhere but it's let down by sloppy casting , bad writing and a terrible voice-over.

Color Blind said:

Looks good to me.

Student said:

Student film...

Don said:

Great promo idea. Even better than the TVC. Go digital.

jealous said:

funny ad, good job Nick and the BMF team.

if you watch on youtube you get this ad next in line:

Commonwealth Bank Small Business Case Study: Bay Tree Retail

amazing double feature!

AMI said:

Is it just me - this is way too long. it's not an ad, it's a mini series.

Looks like the agency or director's version perhaps?

Like the idea, just feel it's not an ad when I want to switch channels.

Agree the grade looks like crap.

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