XXXX Gold leases island on the Great Barrier Reef to turn it into a place for mates to call their own in new campaign via BMF Sydney and Holler

XXXX2.jpgXXXX GOLD, today unveiled details about its recent acquisition of a 15-acre island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef - XXXX Island.

The campaign has been developed through BMF Sydney for creative, Holler on digital and ZenithOptimedia and Newcast handing media. Other agency partners include Res Publica and Octagon.
It will launch with tv partnerships with Seven and Nine through a website and social media channels. The campaign offers consumers the chance to win a trip to the island which will officially open in October.

The island ambassadors include tv and radio personality Gus Worland, former rugby league star Andrew Ettinghausen, adventurer Matt Wright and Duncan Miller and Mark Bowyer (better knows at the Two Fat Tradies from The Block tv series).

Additional ambassadors include tv and radio personality Jules Lund, Better Homes and Gardens DIY expert Rob Palmer and cricket legend and current Queensland Bulls coach Darren Lehmann.

XXXX marketing manager Anna McMillan said the island concept was created to inspire Aussie mates to get together for some genuine 'mates time'.


XXXX YEAH! said:

That's GOLD! I love it.

Rob said:


ilovejamespash said:

I like this a lot. Particularly the video.

Grass skirt wearer said:

Now that i a BIG idea. Well done love it!

Ben said:

Freakin' love it.

Pity about the beer.

hmmm... said:

1st person not from BMF or Holler said:

Fix the vid loading fail (I'm in chrome)


Not hmmm said:

Diesel island isn't an island. It's a slightly convoluted advertising idea. Xxxx have actually done it for real. Just cos they've used the same word doesn't mean they've ripped it off.

GK said:

Best island ownership since that smiling tossbag Richard Branson.

Nice work.

hmmm... said:

Diesel Island was convoluted, but that's not the point.

Kudos for actually buying an island.

Creating a 'destination' then a tribal set of rules, a culture around it, creating 'live' social events from it, being able to become an inhabitant of 'it' was all part of what Diesel did as well.

It's not entirely original as a construct if ultimately you do the same things - and justify it by saying ours was real, theirs wasn't.

Question: said:

Can hipster mates take their Fixies? And then bum eachother?

I hate everything said:

I really like it.

Not hmmm said:

Fair point. I guess the difference is it seems to me that xxxx island is not only a bigger commitment by a brand but also makes more sense for the brand to do it - qld, mates away etc. vs diesel having a made up place called an island because they thought that would be creatively interesting although it doesn't really extend brand in a meaningful way. Without getting too wanky about it.

Fromthesidelines said:

Re first person not from BMF or Holler.... Interesting that you assume the idea came from one of Lions traditional agencies....

Jacko said:

Who was the genuis that killed Jacko off? Average at best. VB and XXXX Gold have had their day. Very lazy

And the best job in the world said: winning the chance for you and your mates to look after this little island for a little bit.

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