Canadian Club hires comic legend John Cleese to poke fun at 'beer fairies' in new campaign set to launch tomorrow via The Works, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 11.30.58 AM.jpgCanadian Club is set to launch an extension of its 'Over Beer?' strategy with a campaign via The Works Sydney  - launching tomorrow - parodying beer guzzling Australians, dubbed Beer Fairies.

Monty Python and Fawlty Towers writer and actor, John Cleese, will feature as voiceover in the television commercial and will spark conversation about the predictability of beer and beer drinkers.

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 11.38.12 AM.jpg"When I was approached by Canadian Club to be the voice behind the new advertisement, I jumped at the chance because the adverts were visually hilarious. I have in fact noticed on recent visits to Oz, a growing proportion of Beer Fairies among the male population. These smelly, overweight vulgarians represent the lumpenproletariat of beer drinkers - sad, dysfunctional creatures. It is therefore, in the interests of all decent Australians, to cull them. Let the slaughter commence!" said Cleese (left).

Developed to leverage consumer insights that beer is boring, Canadian Club have personified the predictable nature of beer by creating the Beer Fairy; a dirty, unappealing creature who embodies all the negative traits associated with beer drinkers, positioning its own brand, and drinkers, as a refreshing alternative.

Not afraid to take an aggressive stand against beer, Trent Chapman, Brand Director - Beam Global Australia, believes that Beer Fairies is another edgy and provocative campaign that challenges consumers to refresh their drinking choices: "We feel the current trend of Australians moving away from beer is only going to continue, and it's important for Canadian Club to position itself as a refreshing alternative.

"Canadian Club has again been named Australia's fastest growing spirit and RTD trademark, and we attribute the brand's success to being both a fantastic product, and also inspiring Australians to think differently about their drinking choices. The Beer Fairies campaign parodies the negative insights that unfortunately the big beer companies face with their brands and we're confident the new campaign will portray our brand as a brave challenger to beer," said Chapman.
Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 11.31.14 AM.jpgDamian Pincus, creative partner and founder, The Works Sydney, believes that Beer Fairies takes Canadian Club to the next level in its already meteoric growth: "We have continued the successful strategy of Over beer? and built on previous executions of the campaign. The future growth potential of Canadian Club is about broadening the audience and increasing trial of CC and Dry.

"This campaign has all the hallmarks of a great campaign. It's a simple, considered idea that has been executed brilliantly. We have worked with tvc director Steve Saussey to make this campaign visually exciting and extended the idea through many forms of media. The campaign will go out in phases and will take the consumer on a journey. Beer Fairies has massive cut through and there is nothing out there like it," said Pincus.
Canadian Club Australia's Facebook page will house a promotion asking consumers to Join the Hunt and search for codes across outdoor, in-store and online advertising properties, with the page declaring hunting season open with $100,000 worth of instant prizes available. The Canadian Clubhouse promotional team will take to on and off-premise locations with iPads, inviting patrons to "Join the Hunt", leveraging the Beer Fairies campaign through as many consumer facing channels as possible.
The Canadian Club brand has included many innovations throughout its 158 year history, from subscribing to an ageing process up to five times longer than any other North American distillery in the late 1800's, to creating a special short-necked bottle in order to minimise breakages during transport - an idea conveniently formulated at the height of prohibition.

In recent months, the brand has taken another leap into beer's traditional heartland, by releasing draught Canadian Club and Dry in a number of venues around the country. The move comes as the brand further positions itself as a refreshing alternative, with the comfortable and recognizable aspects of the tap making it easier for Australians to switch from beer to Canadian Club.

Agency: The Works
Creative Partner: Damian Pincus
Creative Director: Kevin MacNamara
Creative Team: Guy Patrick and Nathan Bilton
Digital Creative: Shelby Lane Brown
Agency producer: Craig Bolles
Director: Steve Saussey
Production Company: Film Construction
Online video production: Contently
Public Relations: Burson-Marsteller Australia
Media Agency: Unity Communications

Brand Director: Trent Chapman


john said:

nup. not good. you could have saved money on the VO too. Doesn't add anything.

From DDB said:

Every time someone watches this ad someone dies.

And what a waste of one of JC.

BK said:

WTF is a beer fairy? Wait ... I don't care.

Marcie said:

Ha ha he farted!

Marcie said:

I think what John Cleese meant to say is, "I jumped at the chance to do this ad because I have to pay my ex-wife millions blah blah poor millionaire me and these suckers were going to pay me loads for a few seconds! Let the slaughter commence!"

John's ex said:

Just bad.

From DDB said:

Every time someone watches this ad someone dies.

And what a waste of one of JC.

Bud said:

What were they smoking when they came up with this? What was the client smoking when he approved this?

Monty's Python said:

So many great things could be done with Canadian Club's anti-beer strategy; how have The Works managed to do something so bad?!

The Jerks said:

Some of Douglas's finest work....?

Mr Print said:

Doesn't work in print again...come on guys!

The Berks said:

Indeed, super stuff from the Big D.

OMG - That's Peter Vegas said:

Oh look, I can act too.

Interesting said:

Not bad.
Beats past work, made me laugh and by the looks of things will be noticed in a positive light for Canadian Club.
Who is Douglas? It actually looks like a Jim and Cuz idea.

Romano said:

Yeah, not bad.
Although I think I preferred it when West end Draught did the sam idea a few years ago.

Don Draper said:

Great drop with a big idea. The works have done some questionable work but this is quality creative. Beer is on the nose and it is why cider, spirits, wine are on the march.
It does look like a similar idea to West End, just packaged better.

Manuel said:

Hats off to Saussey for polishing that turd of an idea.

RJ said:

It gives me tingles. You to Marcie?

The doesnt works said:

The works keep saying they are taking their clients to a new level...unfortunately it always seems to be a very low one.

not from clems or the works said:

Being objective this is a simple idea executed well. Little brand wants to be positioned as alternative to beer. Pretty easy to work out the brief would have been along these lines and Works have answered it. and yep, well done Saussey. Finished product is great, top talent and shot well.
IMHO good solid campaign.

An opinion from a retailer! said:

Great brand, growing fast and this ad is a nice extension of the brand message.
Finally something that stands out!
Let's be honest, we all hate those beer fairies.
Maybe a bit "close to home" for some of the punters commenting here.

sanchez said:

ha ha ha.... funny stuff. Will diefinitely stand out!
Mr Print, move with the times, alcohol print ads are boring and a massive waste of money (except product and price!).

not a brewer! or someone working for one. said:

Punters are going off regular beer (the volume/profit) sales are down MAT 4.4% total beer.
This won't help the brewers cause!

formerly a beer fairy said:

nice! well shot ad.
message is clear, might put off a few traditional beer drinkers.

Ted Dibiase said:

It's nicely directed. Main problem I have with this is the strategy of positioning the product in direct competition with beer. The reality is that blokes will never start the session with a CC. They will always start with beers and move onto something else which could be this, vodka, etc.
So even though it's done in a humorous way, beer drinkers are not going to feel like the brand is talking to them and will see it as a 'threat' to their idea of a good night out. So it's a fail from me Roger.

The rise of the beer fairy said:

Beer fairies are here to stay. We have all seen them, the bar flys. The ones that drink alone and stick to what they have always know.
CC may just have something here. Will make me use the term beer fairy when out enjoying a beer this week. I might just choose a CC.
This could be a cider advertisement.
Well done.

Mr Print said:

Sanchez you moron!
The above piece of work is print. If it's a waste of time why is it here? When viewed in isolation it makes no sense at all. Try harder mate!

Mr Print the beer fairy said:

You sound like a beer fairy Mr Print. Stuck in the dark ages. Where does it say that is a print ad? Maybe I haven't read the article correctly. Looks like a tv idea from what I can see. Back in your little 1980s box

sanchez said:

Dear Mr Print, no response required!!!

Previously a beer fairy said:

Not bad, will be interseting to see the full strategy unfold (TV, Social Media and dare I say, Print)
The Works have done a better job on this than the Beam ad they produced last month.

erm said:

All the comments from The Works on here are just really embarrassing.

Dreadful said:

A simple idea, poorly executed. It fails to communicate the simple message it intended. I have seen two ads and still don't understand what a beer fairy is.

But it is a marginal improvement on the offensive Beam ads that have been running. They make me want to smash my brand new Sony TV.

Agree said:

Those beer fairies are dreadful. No denying that.
If all the cool kids are drinking it, it will work. They don't relate to bogans.
I am intrigued to watch the campaign play out. To date CC has at on a points decision, but they are tackling a heavyweight.

Doesn't work said:

I'm with mr print...It doesn't work as a print / pos piece.
The Tv is just plain average apart from the production values.
And what is a beer fairy?
Go figure.

Insight said:

Finally a strategy based on a strong insight. News reporting beer sales at record lows and spirits up. Canadian Club the fastest growing spirit would indicate the strategy is sound.
It appears the television spot has high production value which is based on it being a very good television advertisement.

Alice said:

Poor sad ludites some of you...the campaign is brilliant! I'm over 60 & a female and I spend time on social media so I've actually looked at the ads in full on YouTube etc and seen them in all their glory. They're fantastic. It's a pity they're not real!

London Creative said:

If I was a young creative reading all this, I wouldn't bother going into advertising. We all know good work, but clients, budgets, and all the red tape ESP for alcohol make it a real challenge... At times it's impossible job.

Is Sydney is the hub of excellent creative? If it was and this was the one ad letting the country down, maybe I could sympathise for this barrage of turdish comments, common, look at yourselves.

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