DDB Sydney creative director Simon Veksner departs to complete second ad industry book

simon_veksner.jpegDDB Sydney creative director Simon Veksner has departed the agency to take a short career break to complete his second book on the ad industry.

Veksner joined DDB from BBH London in December 2010, re-uniting him with former colleagues Dylan Harrison and Chris Brown, now ECD and group managing director respectively.

Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 4.44.12 PM.jpgVeksner's first book, 'How to make it as an advertising creative', published in 2010, was a best-seller within the field of advertising books.
Veksner told CB: "My second book is called '100 Ideas That Changed Advertising'. It is part of a series that this publisher is doing, which also includes '100 Ideas That Changed Architecture', '100 Ideas That Changed Fashion' etc."

Veksner spent seven years at DDB London, during which time he co-created the Cannes Grand Prix winning VW 'Cops' ad with Harrison followed by a four year stint at BBH in London, where he was responsible for the creative direction of the Vodafone and Gordon's Gin accounts.

One of the most highly-awarded creatives in the UK, Veksner boasts a haul that includes a Cannes Grand Prix, two D&AD Yellow Pencils, six pencil nominations, over 40 D&AD in-book entries, plus several Cannes Gold Lions, One Shows and Clios for high profile brands such as the Guardian Newspaper, Volkswagen, Channel 4, Vodafone, Barnados and Levis.


Fred Mercury said:

Another one bites the dust.

i miss scamp said:

dear simon -
please, please, please, please start the blog again.

Oh no. said:

a blow for DDB

Anton said:

Good luck Simon, you're the man.

Good eggs should be poached, not scrambled said:

A blow for Australia. Poor bloke is probably very disillusioned.

Hope you stick around mate!

A Copywriter said:

I worked with him at DDB. Awesome CD. Some other agency will snap him up quick no doubt about it

copyranter said:

Good luck, Scamp!
Love copyranter

Eric Clapton said:

They got the song wrong.

Sam said:

I heard he's going to D5. Hope so, they look like they need help on Woolworths. First work is crap. Also why not shown here Lynchy? If it had been done by Ogilvy you would have put the boot in.

Max Brenner said:

Let's catch up for a strawberry float sometime mate.

What's going on over there? said:

I hear there's several high profile creatives in that dept trying to get out.

OldMate said:

Loved every minute working with Simon at DDB. Fools for letting him go. Bloody legend!

100 Ways To Leave Advertising said:

Another genuine talent, obviously sick of trudging through the wasteland of the Australian ad industry. Best of luck out there Scamp.

Joe said:

An absolute legend. Sorely missed.

Fashionista said:

where do I get one of those turtle necks?

Roland of Effingham said:

Nice bloke. Suitably vague at the right moments. Too smart for Sydney.

New York Times best Seller said:

"....was a best seller within the field of advertising books"


Updated? said:

@New York Times best Seller

Didn't the article say 'moderately successful' the other day? Guess the editor got on that one quick.

Don't get me wrong, he's an awesome creative but why, oh why, is he writing another book about advertising? Surely he's got the brain to write something else?

Before people jump on me; no I haven't had a book published, yes I'll go back to my catalogue.

Curly said:

Loved working with Simon! Absolutely brilliant creative and all round top guy.

I'm lovin' it said:

Next book should be 'Best of Scamp'.

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