Kleenex to share Australia's softest tissue in new campaign launching Sunday via JWT Sydney

Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 6.59.20 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-04-27 at 7.11.06 PM.jpgThis Sunday the Kleenex brand, via JWT Sydney, is launching 'Share the Softness', a fully integrated marketing campaign encouraging people to share the softness of Australia's Softest Tissue by offering a sample box of free tissues for consumers to send to someone they care about.

The campaign includes new 30 second and 15 second TVCs encouraging consumers to create a chain of softness by visiting the new Kleenex Facebook page or the Kleenex website to send the free sample pack with a personalised message about why they want to Share The Softness with them.

VIEW THE SPOT: klx share the softness 30 sec tvc final sample pack.mpg
Says Kleenex marketing manager Valerie Moreno: "The Share the Softness campaign is about making small gestures to make the people you love feel good. Our daily lives are made up of a series of connections with those around us, and each of these connections are opportunities to make someone else and ourselves feel good. By sharing the softness of Kleenex tissues, we are making a small gesture that shows we care."

The two TVC's will air nationally from Sunday until the end of July. The fully integrated marketing campaign will also incorporate online support including online video pre-rolls, advertisements on key sites such as Yahoo and news.com.au, as well as Facebook advertising.

Creative Agency: JWT
Media Agency: Mindshare
Digital Agency: One Green Bean


Wasted flop said:

Why do I see the guys who work here at award shows? Surely they're not entering anything.

omg said:

Who's approving this stuff??

why said:

Tell me why anyone would want to join the Facebook paged to follow a box of tissues?

Captain Obvious said:

I've felt for a while that only in Australia do you see these kinds of campaigns again and again. Share the softness, Add some positivity, Spread the comfort, Give a little freshness.

Creatives are somehow selling in the idea that Aussies are so devoid of meaning in their lives that they will gladly join a campaign to promote tissues if it will make them feel like they are part of something meaningful.

Clients are only too happy to believe it. I always just hope we are not so vapid as to prove them right.

Bless you said:

Sharing tissues is a lovely thought.

Client's dictating creatives said:

Kleenex did a similar campaign via FB for the cold and flu season in the Northern Hemisphere last year, so I suspect rather than a direct copy, they briefed (sorry dictated to the creatives) to Apple V it with "emotional tweaks" based on "consumer insights".

BTW, I see so much slamming of creative (and the creatives & agencies) that gets posted on this blog, that isn't it about time to point more of the caustic comments to the people who pay for our salaries?

Most creative that's being ram-rodded by the client is obvious in the final execution and it stands out as much as the "agency versions" that get posted here.

erm said:

This is everything I hate about "digital" "360" "social media" campaigns in one handy package.

Captain Obvious said:

That's an excellent point, well made 11:09. I stand corrected. You are right, this looks like a client dictated piece of convenient re-used 'creative' from overseas.

A bit like reusing a tissue.

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