Naked Communications crossed the ice for Sony in world-first Antarctic attempt with Bloggie

sony1.jpgCB Exclusive - Sony Australia and the Sony Foundation's You Can program "Share Your Journey" campaign saw home grown adventurers Cas and Jonesy attempt a world-first Antarctic adventure.

The campaign focused on Sony's Bloggie social network camera product range and is the first for Sony with Naked Communications as its lead agency.

The campaign invested in content to drive PR and online word-of-mouth and is also supported at retail. In support of the campaign, five dollars from every Bloggie purchased will also be donated to You Can - to help create a better future for young Australians with cancer.

Says Simon Hovell, head of brand marketing, Sony Australia:
"When we examined the audience for Bloggie and what the You Can initiative is setting out to achieve, it became clear that a content strategy was needed to lead this campaign, with the creation of opportunities to interact and engage. Cas and Jonesy are set to tell one of the most remarkable stories of 2011 as the duo bravely pushed their bodies to the limit, and Sony has an important role in helping them tell this story."

Cas (James Castrission, 29) and Jonesy (Justin Jones, 28) transported everything they needed to survive for the three-month trek in two 160kg sleds, which they dragged over 2,200kms through one of the Earth's harshest environments. The expedition coincided with the 100 year centenary of Scott and Amundsen's race to the South Pole and for Cas and Jonesy, the ever-present risk of yawning crevasses, piercing cold, hypothermia and frostbite were challenges the team needed to deal with on a daily basis.

The challenging yet stunning journey was captured and shared using Sony's latest range of Bloggie cameras, which delivered high-definition video from the remote, icy Antarctic environment.

Hovell added: "The Bloggie category shares more than just the same target audience with You Can. Bloggie has been designed to let users share a story - whether you want to express an emotion, capture a memory or attempt a world-first."


Joe said:

WoW that's what you call a powerful start to a video

Gunner said:

Nice one guys.

PM said:

Hats off to Stan and Will for the web component of this campaign too. Well done, lads.

dan said:

nice film, the only thing is, i can't see what makes this bloggie thing any different to a smart phone that can shoot video and upload to the net? no real point of difference. Other than that, great achievement man

Jburg said:


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