Strike Bowling Bar's new venue promoted with world's first social media powered flight

Screen shot 2012-04-26 at 6.18.13 PM.jpgIn what is claimed to be the world's first social media powered flight, Melbourne-based Loud&Clear Creative has launched its client, Strike Bowling's social media manager 40 feet into the air in the middle of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre using the power generated by likes, tweets, Instagram and Facebook shares.

With the aim of promoting Strike Bowling Bar's new venue, every social interaction was rewarded with a squirt of helium in a stunt designed to engage the public and reward them with seeing a human take flight.

Loud&Clear streamed the event live over Facebook. By liking Strike's Facebook page, viewers were rewarded by being able to watch the stunt take place via a webcam, ensuring that fans all over Australia, and the world could take part, by adding 'one small squirt for man' to the balloons.

Says Joel Beath, Loud&Clear's producer: "We were pretty sure we had got our maths right, we thought we were going to run out of helium at one stage, but as it was, we had just enough. You can never be one hundred percent sure stunts like this are going to work, so we were relieved to get the interaction from the public and see him go up!

"There were obviously a lot of elements that needed to fall into place to make this happen, and we were lucky to have a client with a good sense of fun, and that Melbourne Central came to the party as well."

After 8 hours of balloon filling, a very nervous Strike social media manager was successfully floated to the delight of several hundred strike fans watching via the live feed, and on on the ground at Melbourne Central. 


School boy said:

Never use your client in their marketing campaign...FACT!

spence said:

Sounds awesome to me!

Worlds first comment said:

Stop saying it's a worlds first.

Ben said:

WFC, can you point to another campaign where helium was added to balloons for every like, share, tweet and instagram post?

Ben said:

I thought not. Now shushy.

How'd ya like them Apples said:

Nice video...

Sceptic said:

Not possible. A pulley and winch will have been used.

barf said:

more shite than strike.

Simdog said:

Sceptic and Barf, don't hate, celebrate... They didn't use anything other then helium balloons because I actually attended the launch!

Kudos to all involved for a visually fantastic and innovative stunt.

Observation said:

The video is nicely produced. But it has EVERY advertising cliche know to man.

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