Cadbury Dairy Milk launches global 'Joyville' campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

sat3.jpgIn a mythical and magical land just on the edge of our reality lies Joyville, the place where Cadbury Dairy Milk is made in abundance.

Joyville is a special place that lives in the imagination of chocolate lovers the world over, where workers whistle to chocolate, milk is stored in hillsides and chocolate is transported via purple pipelines and delivered by purple vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

It is a place that, at times, reveals itself to us, bubbling into our lives and helping us see and spread more joy in the world. Cadbury Dairy Milk has this week opened the door to this magical world with the launch of its new   global brand platform Joyville.

The launch is the first major Australian amplification of Cadbury Dairy Milk's Joyville platform, and is supported by an integrated marketing campaign including advertising, experiential, PR and digital elements.

An intriguing television commercial, a global execution developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney for use in Cadbury Dairy Milk markets across the world, including the UK, is rolling out this week.    

In the TVC, we learn a little about Joyville. First, we are introduced to the most important part of Joyville - its workers. These cheery folk have but one goal in life, to spread joy via Cadbury Dairy Milk.    

This is the first of the many joy-distributing missions we will see them undertake through the coming years. We also learn Joyville's most important secret: that joy is the secret ingredient  that gives our Cadbury Dairy Milk its unique taste, making it the most delicious and most loved in Australia.        

Initially, the Joyville TVC will screen prime time across all networks in the coming weeks as part of a major campaign. Digital and experiential executions have also been developed and will feature across a wide range of Australian websites and locations.        

The first glimpse of Joyville was offered at Easter, where the purple chickens from the Joyville Easter Egg farm bobbed up online and as part of a four day experiential activity in Sydney.        
Over the coming months, Australians will get more sneak peeks into Joyville as the concept is brought to life.


anon d said:

cute ad, but not shareworthy at all...they will be seeding the shit out of it to get youtube views up...

Oh C'mon! said:

You're kidding me!! Willy Wonka meets Coke Happiness

Incredibly non-progressive.

Oh Dear! said:

It's amazing what sort of crap research throws up.

res said:

You can smell the research group additions.

Oh Dear! said:

No, 3:04, I'm talking about the whole thing. Scenario: Somebody distilled hours of focus group gobbledegook down to one word: Joy. Chocolate brings/creates Joy. Brilliant! Let's get that over to the agency immediately! 'Joy' became the brief. Agency presumably was bullied into a literal execution of that brief. Somebody stop me if I'm guessing incorrectly. Nice pictures don't hide a lazy, vacuous strategy or a meaningless creative execution.

A Glass & a half of Emptiness said:

Brilliant music,
Rubbish ad and it is nowhere near as good as the Gorilla TVC.
What's the idea?

Hrrumph said:

Bit cutesy, considerable dull, and terribly unoriginal.

Am I missing something?

reg said:

glass half coke happiness factory, half bad post production. Keep it simple. Eyebrows and gorilla were just that. Trying too hard.

Misleading said:

Joyville is Fallon's idea/creative platform.

It launched a few months ago with a Willy Wonka-esque experiential piece in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre...

A uk tvc has been kicking around for a while too...

hmmm... said:

The biggest problem with this is they've simply forgotten the difference between giving joy and trying to sell it. Gorilla was break through because it was about sharing something joyous - not trying to persuade us that the brand is about joy.

The spot's ok, better even, but to build it up like they have as something to topple the previous work is just asking for it.

It's fine, nicely produced, but no biggie.

Wow said:

Is this Saatchi's new creative direction?

I'm with 3:26 - terribly unoriginal.

really? said:

Totally woeful....where's the delight, the magic and come on what's with the post.....dull dull dull and amateur....

shame said:

it looks unfinished....must have run out of time or talent....

Oh dear said:

No point comparing to Gorilla - it's bad whether gorilla was done or not

Augustus Gloop said:

Now I get it, it's the CHOCOLATE that creates joy.

I hope there's more to this as it doesn't quite stand on its own two feet.

Umm said:

Happiness factory

An Englishman living in New York said:

Isnt this just an executional carbon copy of the Joyville work Fallon did a few months ago for Bubbly? The client has just asked for the same again but to get it closer to the dairy milk masterbrand.

seen better said:

from the originators...

Luck said:

I loved that Luck Factory stuff out of Melbourne also. Didn't feel the need to make it again with purple instead of Orange.

john McEnroe said:

you cannot be serious....

Wonka Wants His Ideas Back said:

Horrible storytelling.


a gorilla said:

it's not as good as me.

S said:

fuck this is embarrassing

Uncle Dolan said:

gooby pls

Same old story said:

Isnt it amazing, after all the hype surrounding the shiny new ECD and this is all his team can come with.

Hmmmmm said:

So is it "Cadbury Dairy Milk launches global 'Joyville' campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney" or is it "Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney adapt global 'Joyville' campaign from Fallon, TV spot may air in other countries"?

Not knocking, just trying to figure out the truth.

really? said:

so....a local agency gets to do a worldwide campaign and we end up with this.

The production values are unbelievably poor - the direction is very average (the choice of director??) - the talent is w.o.o.d. - also the final post - of all the post companies to choose from??

Sorry guys, but this is completely average work....

Someone who knows said:

The rights to the Wonka story came up recently and Cadbury bought them. The brief was 'Joy' but had to be built around the Wonka story.


Wake Up Charlie said:

If @radical wasn't already dead in this market then surely this cements it.

What? said:

Fallon came up with the Joyville campaign not Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney.

X said:

LINK TO THE PRODUCT?? Waste of money.

Lighten up folks said:

it's a chocolate ad that's fun. love the music

Link above said:

I completely wholeheartedly agree with russel howcroft no wonder he runs the best creative agency in Australia and my mum understands him.

Say What? said:

Hey 'What?'. You're right. The word from London' is that this spot was written by Fallon for their UK 'Global launch' and Saatchi's simply produced it for the launch over in Aus.

No big deal there - they're sister agencies after all & their global client are probably just sharing the production costs around.

But why are Saatchi's Australia too proud to acknowledge their London creative colleagues in the credits!This would have at least given them the opportunity to share the blame. Missed a trick there!

? said:

To be honest I just don't think this idea is any fun.

It's trying way too hard to be 'quirky' and is still based around shots of chocolate porn (which any regular person would find ridiculously boring in comparison to something like a gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins).

purple haze said:

surely this is an ad for weight watchers in disguise.

the thing is russ said:'s shit mate.

Dear oh dear said:

Regardless of what we think, Saatchis thinks it's great. It's a huge deal to them and they're all patting each other on the back.

Overpaid ad person said:

Proof that all the money in the world can't buy talent or creativity.

Dg said:

The leaders at saatchis are delusional

Consumer said:

I think I get it - 'cadbury is joy?' maybe you could be more obvious

Fact is... said:

Anyone who thinks this is good work should be questioned.

Client said:

Listen, I wrote it. The Saatchi guys just made it.

Toyota said:

What a load of rubbish! And saatchi and saatchi axe the creator of glass organs to deliver that pathetic commercial joyville
What a joke!

Katelyn said:

I just wanted to ask when will the joyvill train true and iff it is when will the joyvill train come back? I would love to see it because I haven't seen it before.

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