Microsoft Media increases assurance to clients that ads appear in brand safe environments

mmn.jpgThe Microsoft Media Network has increased its assurance to clients that ads are appearing in brand safe environments, by implementing new cutting-edge ad verification technology across all third party sites from today.

comScore validated Campaign Essentials (formerly known as AdXpose) enables a holistic view of campaign delivery and a verified assessment of ad-exposed audiences via a single, third-party source.
The service looks at where and how ads are appearing in compliance with brand guidelines allowing un-safe content to be blocked in real-time. It enables the network to pre-emptively prevent ads from being served next to unsafe content by using keywords and setting both whitelists and blacklists.

Says Marc Barnett, general manager of Microsoft Media Network and Advertising Exchange: "We've invested in this technology to provide assurance to our advertisers that ads are appearing only on safe sites. The rollout of this technology across 100% of MMN's third party inventory demonstrates the focus and investment Mi9 is putting behind delivering quality assurance and brand-safety to our advertisers and agencies. He added: "This is a vital step in the online ad delivery process and we believe this technology gives us a real point of difference in this space."

Says Amy Weinberger, comScore vice president for Australia and New Zealand: "comScore vCE helps premium publishers like Microsoft Media Network provide assurance to advertisers that their content is delivered in a brand safe environment, helping to support further transparency and accountability in the digital advertising ecosystem. Verified campaign delivery and in-flight optimization is a win-win for both publishers and advertisers."

The Microsoft Media Network is a premium display adverting network combining the reach of Mi9's owned and operated sites with up to 150 quality partner sites. The network can scale efficiently reach almost the entire online Australian audience. Spanning beyond just performance, the Microsoft Media Network can provide opportunities via video, mobile, and targeting capabilities.

Late last year the Microsoft Media Network was brought into the joint-venture between Microsoft and Nine Entertainment Co. coinciding with the launch of Australia's first premium ad exchange.

Barnett concluded: "We know context matters to advertisers. Our Mi9 owned and operated sites have always complied with our rigid and ethical brand safety guidelines."

The comScore vCE software, now sits across all third party sites Mi9 represents but doesn't operate, adding another layer of protection for advertisers and consumers.

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