Publicis Mojo Melbourne launches new spot for Cadbury Mini Drops aimed at youth market

Cadbury_grab04 Media release.jpgKraft Foods Australia and Publicis Mojo Melbourne have released a new TVC to promote the launch of new Cadbury Mini Drops - mini teardrop pieces of Cadbury chocolate covered in a light, crispy shell.

Aimed at the youth market and designed for sharing with friends, Cadbury Mini Drops is the latest colourful, fun addition to the Cadbury Bite size range.

In the spirit of Cadbury's recently released 'Joyville' campaign via Fallon London/Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, the commercial is a playful depiction of how Cadbury Mini Drops are made in miniature.

Inspired by kinetic sculptures, this mini fun factory is designed to take the drops on a roller-coaster ride that fills them with joy. An artisan carefully oversees the contraption and keeps the whole crazy process moving along, in perfect sync with the classic 80's track, 'Pump up the volume'.

Creative Director: Michelle Walsh
Art Director: Barbara Humphries
Writer: Lea Egan
Agency Producer: Tuesday Picken
Head of Strategy: Tania Farrelly
Client Services Director: Kellie Lennon
Senior Account Director: Danielle Chapman
Account Manager: Alissa Dinham
Production Company: EXIT
Directors: Chris & Lachlan
Producer: John Sandow
Post Production: lloura
VFX Producer: Steven Kerswell
Head of 3D: Josh Simmonds
Flame Artist & VFX Supervisor: Chris Betteridge
Offline Editor: Jon Holmes
Designers: Nils Gleissenberger, Paul Jakovich, Chris Gray, Pat da Cunha
Music Licensing: Level Two Music
Category Head, Gifting and Bitesize: Shaun Peverill
Senior Brand Manager: Lisa Sinclair
Assistant Brand Manager: Dwayne Hutton


qwertyAgain said:

Really nice spot and Sooooooo Much better than Cadburys recent attempts at a tv commercial.

PS. I want one of those factories!!!!

nojo said:

Oh dear. Someone saw the Hahn ad. And then made a really, really boring version of it.

YES! said:

Really nice work. Kinda makes the S&S creative look pretty naff in comparison.

noiceone said:

good work, quite mesmerising to watch.

Col Joy and the joy boys said:

Good demo. clear message. think it would work better if the "welcome to Joyville' was v/o'd at end. Just seems to end a bit too abruptly and nowhere at present.

SMP! said:

I hear ya 'YES!'. Maybe that comes down to Mojo having a clear brief from the start & delivering a strong creative & executional idea for their bite size range that everyone was onboard with throughout.

From what I hear, the same sure wasn't the case with how Joyville came to see the light of day in this part of the world!

Sandeep Verma said:

Great idea, well executed!


Maybe I'm missing it...

Willy Orbit said:

That's a licensed music track? I though it was done by some old ad guy trying to sound hip and failing miserably innit..
The 80's called, they want their 'pump up the volume' sample back.

twinkle said:

Lots of self-commenting going on here... no idea, derivative, boring.

I like it said:

Really nice stuff guys. As far as i'm concerned it says all it needs to. Fun, new, chocolate candy drops, from cadbury. What else do I need to really know.

Ange said:

Willy Orbit - just because it's an old track doesn't make it lame. Pump up the volume is iconic. I love it. the Ad is fun. It makes you take notice when it screens and the product is hero'd.
The 80's called and they want their "The 80's called" jibe back.
Twinkle - it's an ad targeting kids and people who like chocolate (ie fatties and happy chubbers). Does it really need a "big idea"? Sometimes I think that the agencies go OTT and the Big Idea is lost on Joe Public and Joe's step kids...

Ben Palma said:

The voice over was not very good. Who was the v/over talent you've been using over the past couple of years? he was great.

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