Coca-Cola Japan's David Elsworth challenges MADC about the traditional advertising model

Campaign Brief 86.pngIs it right to say that online interactive campaigns are the future of advertising for big, traditional brands?

Last Friday, MADC Presents hosted David Elsworth, Senior Vice-President for Creative Strategy and Visual Identity at Coca-Cola in Japan.
Elsworth, who has years of experience on both agency and client side, spoke about changing the traditional advertising model and writing winning creative with the client's involvement. 

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Passionate about new media, he also spoke about how interactive campaigns can utilise various multimedia so as to supersede traditional mediums in creativity, content and effectiveness.
Elsworth went on to opine that the 'old days' of Mad Men were long gone, with tech-savvy online communications gurus having taken over the helm. As a case in point, he described how at Coca-Cola, focus has shifted so to be seen less as than purveyors of soft drink, but more as a facilitators of happiness itself. 

Coca-Cola curates its campaigns so to highlight experiences of happiness, reinforcing images of joy in traditional visual media, whilst also creating online games, forums and hosting marketing stunts that encourage fans to be seen as celebrating the brand. 
It was a thought-provoking presentation, with debate raging between guests long afterwards regarding just how effective and feasible such projects are, and where it in turn leaves more traditional or small-scale approaches.
In continuation, MADC have opened the debate to comment from you, asking those interested to respond with their own opinions over just how successful interactive campaigns can be, and whether they are truly feasible operations.

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Doom and Gloop said:

Creative agencies get obliterated and clients start in-house creative departments and put them on a salary instead of getting ripped off by uneducated hipsters.

That is the future.

What do you think Junior Art Director?

Uneducated Junior Art Director Hipster said:

Sounds like really boring pre-manufactured power point style advertising that will never stand apart from all the other wallpaper out there.

The future looks great when you think of all our old clients coming back begging, and asking to make their advertising interesting again, which is already starting to happen too.

.ME said:

you lost me at 'creative solution'

Rich Client that Knows the Truth About You said:

Percy Poo,

Firstly, "interesting" ads are a waste of money. It is much more cost effective to have an animator knock up something five minutes.

Secondly, with the exception of a few ironic hipsters that wear converse and 711 T-shirts, the general population have trained themselves to ignore ads. So even "interesting" ads have the same effect as the power point ones.

Thirdly, clients do not BEG agencies. Clients (or clients worth mentioning) are rich multinationals with enough capital to buy your agency five times over and still not even let such modest acquisitions alter their projected annual earnings.

Agencies BEG clients to give them work. (These are called pitches).

A pitch can be described as an attempt by an advertising agency to "win" business from a prospective client.

It cannot be described as a client "begging" a wittle agency to "pwease pwease make me some junk mail oh pweeeeease".

You see Percy Poo, you really should have stayed on and got that advanced diploma because you really ARE uneducated about the way of things.

And it SHOWS Percy Poo. It shows.

Sick of Hype. said:

Coca Cola sound like they are a few years behind Pepsi who, two years ago, put all their money into interactive digital advertising and no Television.
Which failed dismally.
Now they are back to Television.

two years ago said:

what is an iPad?

what is an app?

The iPad was released in april 2010. Wake up morons, two years ago was a whole generation of technology behind.

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