Droga5 launches 'Meet Phill Pace' for Unilever

Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 2.55.42 PM.jpgDroga5 Sydney has created a film featuring Phill Pace, a contender for the Mr Australia
bodybuilder title, to launch Domestos' new toilet cleaner.

The film follows a typical day in the life for Phill as he eats his way to the title.

Caroline Gregory, brand manager explains: "Domestos is known for being a hospital grade
disinfectant, so for the launch of Domestos toilet cleaner we wanted to start the campaign with
something that would disrupt and truly engage consumers, with something a bit different for the category."

The campaign, comprising a 90 second TVC and a 2 minute web film, launched on Wednesday night on Australia's Got Talent.

Mindshare Australia who worked on the media placement were able to secure first break, first position on the national programme, driving social media content which prompted over 175,000 hits on YouTube in just 48 hours.

David Nobay, Droga5 creative chairman said: "The Domestos team wanted to approach this
category differently, and that's what we've done. It's our first real content work for Unilever, and
I'm impressed with the courage the client has shown us."

The spot debuted on Bestads on Monday and was picked as Bestads Top 6 of the Week.

Writer/Art Director: David Nobay
Production Company: Goodoil Films
Director: Fiona McGee
Producer: Claire Richards
Agency producer: Paul Johnston
Business Director: Liz Ainslie
Editor: Dave Whittaker, The Editors
Sound: Nylon
Client: Anthony Toovey, Caroline Gregory, Unilever
Media Agency: Mindshare Australia


Creative Director said:

Now let's see the 30 second TV cut.

enough said:

should have been for woolworths

Talking of: said:

Talking of Woolworths, Droga have already started running ads for them, but they're mysteriously not on the blog.

Insight said:

Many of the comments about work on this blog take the position that the work is shit. In this case, it's literally true: There's a campaign in here, straining to get out: People whose diets make for especially toilet-busting poo. Perhaps the next commercial in the series should be about people whose diet consists almost exclusively of KFC or McDonalds.

tom said:

Thats great. Probably the best thing I've seen from Droga Sydney.

what? said:

Why are Droga 5 Sydney using the same style of their sister agency, Droga 5 New York?

So So said:

The whole "that's strong, but this is stronger" formula doesn't do it for me and it takes a long time to get there, so for me this doesn't really work.

That said, I found the documentary part really engaging.

HOO HUM said:

it's so convulted

how many of the youtube hits were purchased in India D 4.99 ?

The Ugly Truth said:

Indeed, 3:27. Work worthy of someone starting out, but not an experienced creative director.

nth sydney said:

What a load of crap , even the story telling isn't very interesting or well done .

Maybe the 30 seconder will work ..lets hope so.

KEV T said:

How did you get the client to buy that?
Well done.

Bad Smell said:

The strategy of 'That's strong, but this is stronger' signifies a new low in the once could've been great history of D5 Sydney.

Having said that, I'm sure the old boys network will vote for it at next years Award.

ted Dibiase said:

If your boyfriend shits like a polar bear you need domestos. S'pose it's a new angle but not necessarily a good one.

Cuts Poo said:

if the idea of advertising is to engage our attention and deliver a product truth then this delivers in spades. Congratulations to all involved.

Who needs ideas? said:

Insight: pour bleach down the shitter.
Solution: pour bleach down the shitter.
Job done. Literally.

jim said:

I know some pseudo strategic view might claim this targets a core truth - but really? Surely a great brand such as Domestos shouldn't need to drag us down to the level of shoveling loads of excrement down the u-bend to ‘connect’ with the consumer.

Huffy McGhee said:

Call me biased, but you guys are dicks.

Poo Bear said:

Brave. Concraps.

Kickin it old school said:

Wow....this nothing but a steaming turd...a pile of shit... a load of crap....droga's creative is really in the toilet. 500 kinds of embarrassing for the the couple in the ad...oh you go out the bodybuilder that shits like an elephant....way to kick it!

Bog standard said:


Matt said:

Boring, such a long wait for so little reward.

Matty said:

Well, it's certainly a different format to sell chemicals to wash the shitter with. Whether or not anyone can be fucked to stick around and see where this spot is going will be is another matter. Well done on pushing the boundaries for a low involvement product, I genuinely tip my hat for it. We'll eagerly wait and see if it shifts bottles of Domestos. I really hope it does.

pfft said:

long walk for a shit sandwich

Cut down said:

The story could be told more effectively in 15 seconds with a good edit.
We don't care how much he eats, tans or how much she food shops.
Agree would have suited woollies much better minus the toilet scene. They could have sponsored him with free food.

Cut down said:

The story could be told more effectively in 15 seconds with a good edit.
We don't care how much he eats, tans or how much she food shops.
Agree would have suited woollies much better minus the toilet scene. They could have sponsored him with free food.

backing one out said:

wow. old school. long build up and reveal. always ends in a toilet gag. respect you for your style. but this ad is rubbish.

Me said:

Seriously. Loved it. Gets proposition across and is entertaining

two minds said:

Nice, but did get the punch line/twist about the first couple of seconds in.

I train and I crap heaps too, maybe that's why. Or, is it too obvious??

Won't make me buy domestos. Maybe my girl will now though.

So the question is, is it shite, or a shit hot idea?

Occasional cleaner of poo said:

There is a lot to love about this ad. It's lovely story telling beautifully done. And well done to the client for agreeing to it.

However, it’s also 1950s advertising, dressed up in modern day clothing.
The portrayal of women and her role in the house is insulting. The man's the hero for his muscly hobby, while the woman has to indulge this hobby while coming across as a doormat.

It’s the poo-icing on the poo-cake, that the twist is about his hideous shits… but thank goodness! Not only does she shop and cook for him while he is working out, she knows how to get those hideous shits off the side of the loo.

Wow. Way to make the target market feel like they matter.

This is a missed opportunity. How about heroing a woman – the target market of the product? For once you had more than 30 seconds, and the chance to not show a woman in house-wife mode. How about telling her story?

I am sure this will be celebrated at award shows- all judged by men. However, as a previously loyal user of this product – I am regrettably switching.

Emperor's New Clothes said:

I don't generally post negative comments on this blog, but this work demeans our industry. It's an ad for the ad agency. And a bad one at that. It confirms clients' worst fears; that we are a bunch of self-serving, glory-hunting, indulgent creatives. If this idea had come from anyone but the ECD, it would not have ever happened.

Seriously? said:

Hmm let me see:

Sexist - Check
Misogynistic - Check
Toilet humour - Check

Well, it's certainly ticked all the boxes for a classic australian ad.
Lets see what this steaming pile picks up in the local award shows.

Seriously? - I love you. said:

I agree with Seriously.

len said:

pretty shit.

So said:

SlooOOOOWWww. BoOORing. Give it to me and I'll cut amgood 15'out of it.

Derp said:

No ad is worth this much attention. Get real lives people.

long way for nothing said:

Dated style. Old. Too long. Terrible pay off.
And yes, it's shit.
Expected a tiny bit better from Droga5.

Circling sharks said:

Lovely bit of film. Shame it will sell precisely zero product. Craft without clear purpose in this business is just wank.

is the follow up joke about weeny weenies? said:

Surely a poo joke will be followed up by a dick joke!

Camilla said:

My name is Camilla and I'm so happy that Domestos promotes the idea of women dedicating their lives to their man. Shopping and cooking for him all day long. Even cleaning up his shit. That's just what the modern girl lives for. Must skip down to Woollies and get some now, after all, I have nothing better to do.

Musashi said:

I love doing protein shits.

len said:

Toilet humour is sad.

Charles said:

My name is Charles. Camilla, I think I love you. I just have to check with mummy.

Him said:

D5 just made the perfect ad..... For D5.

Wife said:

Can someone let me out of the cupboard? I promise not to express an opinion this time.

Doug Watson said:

Fantastic direction and editing. I reckon Fiona McGee will be one of our next great movie directors.

Insulted said:

What a pile of sexist shitte. And not one of you thought of this when you were approving and working on this? Anthony, Caroline, I won't be buying your product now.

Old CD Guy said:

Yes Doug, generous words indeed, but poo jokes aside, what about the lame concept 'This is strong, but this is stronger.'? Hardly ECD stuff.

the agency deserves a Bondi Cigar said:

thought this was excreta good work

holysteamingpileofshite said:

Here's a message for the clients that approved this deranged idea - I'd be dusting off those CVs and hitting the road. And if you run fast enough, maybe the smell of this spot won't follow you.

mb said:

It's like a long joke with a bad punchline.

ByFandG said:

Brilliant first piece of work from Droga5... the competition is on. Literally! We review ads, and this is our view on Mr. Phil Pace...


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