Cadbury launches 'Marvellous Creations' in next stage of Joyville campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi

Campaign Brief 70.pngUPDATED TO INCLUDE TVC - Cadbury Dairy Milk has revealed the next chapter of the Joyville story with the launch of its new product from Joyville - Marvellous Creations.

Two weeks ago Cadbury Dairy Milk shared some of the first glimpses of Joyville, with the release of a television commercial demonstrating where and how Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate is made.

Campaign Brief 71.pngThe Marvellous Creations launch is the next major Australian amplification of Cadbury Dairy Milk's Joyville platform and is supported by an integrated marketing campaign that includes advertising, experiential, PR and digital elements.

In the new television commercial we learn that in Joyville, there is no end to the inventiveness of the chocolate chefs who are seen enthusiastically creating the Marvellous Creations block. Unexpectedly playful ingredients (jelly bits, beanies and even popping candy) are dropped into a bowl of delicious molten chocolate via chefs on trapezes, whilst their roller-skating buddies spin the bowl into which the iconic glass and a half of milk is pouring. All this culminates in the creation of a wonderfully unusual looking block, with irregular 'paving stone-shaped' pips, and a candy-like, carnival wrapper.

The take out? A chocolate product made with fantastically fun ingredients, and boundless energy, passion, and lashings of joy. Indeed, the more joy that goes into the making of it, the better it tastes!

Campaign Brief 72.pngThe television commercial, a global execution developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney in conjunction with Saatchi Fallon UK, for use in Cadbury Dairy Milk markets across the world, including the UK, is rolling out this weekend in Australia.

Initially, the Marvellous Creations TVC will screen prime time across all networks as part of a major campaign. Digital, out- of- home and experiential executions have also been developed and will feature across a wide range of Australian websites and locations.

Ben Wicks, general manager marketing chocolate for Cadbury Dairy Milk, has described the launch of Marvellous Creations as the most significant innovation for Cadbury Dairy Milk in 2012.

Says Wicks: "Through Marvellous Creations, we are bringing fun and excitement into the way Australians enjoy their favourite chocolate, with the combination of unusual ingredients and flavours that literally tantalise the taste buds with every bite."

Wicks continued: "We know Marvellous Creations will surprise and delight consumers. Many years of research and development have gone into this range and we believe it is a category breaker that will be loved by Cadbury fans across the country. Since launching Joyville, Australians have been eagerly awaiting the next instalment and we're delivering it with a deliciously new tongue-tingling Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate experience. The Joyville campaign builds upon Cadbury Dairy Milk's long-standing 'glass and a half' brand promise, with an even more optimistic message."

The first glimpse of Joyville was offered at Easter, where the purple chickens from the Joyville Easter Egg farm bobbed up online as part of a four day experiential activity in Sydney. Over the coming months, Australians will get more sneak peeks into Joyville as the concept is brought to life via experiential activities and further above-the-line communications never seen before.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Production Company:
Post Production: Heckler
Experiential: Traffik / Saatchi & Saatchi
Media: Carat
PR: Royce


I think I can see where they're going. said:

Joyville work is kinda fun and gets things back to cad choc which previous work didn't do (although a couple of them were brilliantly entertaining). I actually fancy a bit of chocolate now. It's a smart way to pull all the brands together.

Dave said:

Awful, terrible music ,terrible idea and what's with that v/o?

Pyrmont Janitor said:

Dave is just jealous they turned him down at S&S.

Cadbury is chocolate and chocolate is awesome. Period. They could show pigs having group sex in everyone's favorite glass and a half and people would still buy it.

So who cares If you don't like the execution?

It still reminded me that Cadbury is there when I'm hung over.

I like chocolate said:

My wife saw it then ate some chocolate. Job done. Nice work S&S.

ouch said:

that hurts. I miss good productions. Where did all the love of craft go?

felicity said:

how far back do we have to go before we can go forward again? more regurgitation going on here than a cow in a paddock. sad and pathetic. no insight. no flair. no idea. no respect for consumers.

gorilla said said:

fun and approved.

Mr Logic (he's a pain in the arse) said:

Enforced fun. I hate enforced fun.

Port Punter said:

Really?? A tenuous rip-off of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? Is that the best you've got Saatchis? Hahn did it much better in their beer ad.

Moneybags said:

When will you silly little art/copy guys learn?

I'm a big fat rich client that comes on here every once in a while to watch you bitter young hipsters deliver your malicious, yet quirky, ironic, and, conveniently anonymous insights on the content and tear strips off each other because you're all so miserable and underpaid.

In doing so I am reminded of the atmosphere of absurdly large egos and pathetic attempts at moral high ground when you all see some young upstart trying to get ahead in life.

We have yet to see if this campaign proves to be anything more than brand awareness for Cadbury. So whether it is "good" or not has not been quantified. Yes my young oompa-loompas: MONEY is what advertising is about. Thank you.

But as far as sales are concerned where on earth do "insight, flair and ideas" fit into the picture?

If it has been proven that breasts, legs and fart jokes can move units well enough then what on earth do we need you guys and your insight, your well-crafted junk mail and your oh-so-original free to air television pollution?

Furthermore, I don't even watch television. Ever heard of streaming? Sheesh.

Respect for consumers? Um, your JOB is to convince consumers to buy useless items that they don't need. And frankly most of the people on this blog obviously aren't spending nearly as much time on communicating with consumers on behalf of their clients as they do scrutinising every little spot that pops up on CB.

And you all wonder why you're so broke...(Sigh).

Anyway, I'm off to the bank.


Back to basics said:

Hire creatives that can win awards.

Dave said:

After watching it I actually drove to the shops to buy some.
I've managed to avoid chocolate for weeks - so stuffed up my diet/healthy eating plan big time. I don't think the tvc is particularly good, or bad - jees it tasted good though!


10/10 for the glass & a half device
incredibly strong piece of branded communication

We're not stupid said:

Saatchis have obviously briefed a few of their own people to make some positive comments after their last effort.

so sad.

Douche-patrol said:

If Moneybags (@1:34pm) were an ice-cream flavour, he'd be Praline and Dick.

Moneybags strikes again said:

Sorry Douche Patrol I didn't hear you because I was busy enjoying all my money.

But if I'm not mistaken you have attempted to issue in my direction some of your bitter vitriol in the form of a non-original insult that has been around for at least five years.

So not only have you proved yourself to be unoriginal you have also shown that you are way behind the times and perhaps you should find another career.

Perhaps you should get a job at the Downing centre since I see you there so much while I'm cashing in on my career change.

Maybe you could get a job as a janitor?

From what I hear you're quite good with shit.

Grow up said:

I'm with you moneybags.
It's abut money.
Money and ads.
Not hipsters.
Or attitude.
And here it's all about money.
Chocolate money.

Chocolate money said:

Money fight!

Even richer than Moneybags said:

It's getting nasty in here. How entertaining!

Matt said:

There are some genuinely nasty people floating around in marketing. Their contempt for agency-folk know no bounds. Save it for Machiavelli's.

Oh, the spot's nice by the way. It's fun and it'll sell.

Deborah said:

The whistling music in the background is the theme song from a TV show years ago ... Anyone know what show?

product demo said:

i hate product demos but i have to admit that this is quite a fun and human execution. was it necessary to sell these ingredients so god damn hard?

Pop Culture Fiend said:

The theme song is from The Andy Griffith Show, Deborah (or is very similar)

Not Quite as rich as Even Richer Than Money Bags but Richer than Money Bags said:

I know I come on here for my afternoon laughs twice a week!

Confused... said:

You know what's interesting. This Blog smashed the daylights out of the Vanish sponsor The White House work. It went on to get in the book at D&AD.
By that logic this Cadbury work should win an Oscar next year.

Whitey said:

I looooooooooooooooooooooooove this chocolate it is heaps nice. Abel is cooler though

Money and taste said:

Old moneybags seems to forget that he's living off the reputation and revenue earned from the good cadbury ads made overseas. Kind of like a 50 year old still living off his families inheritance he's never thought about actually having to work for his money and thus his fat little children will end up paying their way via blow jobs to some younger hungrier version of their father.

This ad like old moneybags will be forgotten like so many other poor creations.

House wife said:

Where di the money go?

mayberryfred said:

stole the andy griffiths show theme for the music huh?

hey babes xoxox said:

To all those babes out there who absolutley love 1 Direction there babes!!!!!! xoxox

bigger dick than all your dicks said:

Chocolate makes me horny

Anne said:

When is this coming to South Africa!! I want some!!!

Chocolate Lover said:

Moneybags - you are an arrogant douche and probably on the dole!

Cadbury Chocoholic said:

Love the ad campaign but couldn't care less about the new range. Don't you people get it? Your chocolate would keep walking off the shelves whether you advertise or not, simply because people love it!

We all love the traditional block flavours so why mess with a good thing? The few good products that you introduced last campaign are all gone again, so what was the point of that? Are you going to do the same thing this time? You may have lost customers. Last time because their favourite flavours were taken off the shelves in favour of the new ones. Are you trying to make your customers nervous?

The one thing we could always count on was Cadbury's consistently good product. Stop messing with it! You can't improve on perfection, so stop trying!

Brett said:

At least it's there for me when I need to eat my feelings. Can't say the same about humans.

bahahaahha said:

AHAHAHHAAHA WHAT THE FUCK :') yous are so stupid,
fighting over a friggen chocolate bar, that tastes delicious.
fuck sakes people. grow up.

you mug said:

if you want some ill blady givvit ya

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